Sunday, September 11, 2011

Where the hell am I?

Good question, because I haven't blogged much of late. My apologies for that - I've had a bad attack of Being Very Busy. Which is no excuse, I know.

This post doesn't really remedy that problem, though I do intend to publish a nice Q&A video blog soon (watch this space). But I did want to mention that my Doctor Who novel (the Christmas Doctor Who novel!) The Silent Stars Go By is out pretty much no, as is the new Gaunt's Ghosts book, Salvation's Reach. So, you know what to do. Oh, and the paperback edition of the Sabbat Worlds Anthology is out too. Oh, and the trade paperback collection of my Judge Dredd-verse series Insurrection (with art by the astonishing Colin McNeil).

Me, I'm currently hard at work on Know No Fear, the story of the Battle of Calth, for the Horus Heresy series. Comics-wise, I'm busy with New Mutants, Villains For Hire, Annihilators: Earthfall (Annihilators vs Avengers!), and - of course - Resurrection Man, reborn as part of DC's New 52. Resurrection Man #1 is out this week!

Anyway, to try to make up for my lack of bloggage, I'm making myself available in person. You can come and find me, you really can, at any or all of the following events:

On the evening of Thursday 22nd of September, Mr Lanning and I will be at Forbidden Planet in London, signing the new hardback collection of Legion Lost (and anything else you'd care to have us sign (like the first issue of Resurrection Man?). Details here.

Two days later, Nik and I will be at Games Day UK. Can't wait for that - it's the biggest GW day of the year. Hope to see you and your copy of Salvation's Reach :) Details for those that need them here.

A week later (October 1st), all being well, I'll be attending the FantasyCon 2011, though just for the Saturday. FantasyCon is in Brighton and looks like it's going to be packed to the rafters with fabulous people to meet and listen to. Details here. I think they've roped me into some panels. Looks like fun.

A week after that, I'll be signing at my hometown GW store, Games Workshop Maidstone. Details to follow.

In mid-October, Andy and I will be attending Comic Con in New York, which is an awesome event by anyone's standards. We will also be hitting the Lille Comic Festival as guests at the start of November.

On the 12th of November, I'll be at the Fortean Times UnCon in London, and then on the 26th, I'll be signing at Waterstones in Plymouth.

So, that's where the hell I'm going to be... for starters, because I'll get more details up when I know them, and there are other signings planned. A busy winter.

See you somewhere soon.


Greg said...

Can't WAIT To see you at GDUK, and get my hands on Salvations Reach and Thorn and Talon. Claire looks very much forward to hopefully meeting you as well so that she can give you a big hug for Triumff and then badger you for a sequel :)

Unknown said...

Can't wait to get the new Gaunt's Ghost novel. Hardback, as has been the usual for the last five or six books :) I'm excited!

Too bad you'll not be anywhere near Nebraska :( might have to meander on over to New York if finances permit.

David Wright said...


Would it be wrong of me to bring comics to Games Day for you to sign? ;-)

Nik Vincent said...

David - Of course you can bring comics. He'll be happy to see them.

Anonymous said...
guest blog on writing on the founding fields!!!

Big said...

GDUK hell yes!!! u got Cambridge on the list sometime??

Matthew Churchill said...

See you at Forbidden Planet! And at Games Day! That's if I've completed checkout for Aurelian by then, the Black Library website is taking rather a long time...

Gavin Forbes said...

Psyched about the signing at FP next week. I know its for the release of Legion Lost, but is it OK if I bring some Gaunt's Ghosts/Horus Heresy stuff as well?

Jonathan Green said...

Hi Dan

I'll probably see you at Games Day and FantasyCon then this year.

You going to the SFX Weekender in February?