Friday, September 30, 2011

No Con Do

A word of apology - Nik and I won't be at Fantasy Con in Brighton tomorrow after all. She fell down stairs and fethed up her ankle. Don't worry, she's okay, but it's put paid to the trip.

Sorry to anyone we may have inconvenienced as a result.

On the plus side, news of London, Bluewater, Lakeside and Greenwich Village signings soon!


Anonymous said...

I hope Nick recovers quick! Health is the most important part of our lifes!

In the meantime thanks again for Salvations Reach!

May i ask you for a favor? Please write me some Chaos Space Marine vs Guard battle in next GG book! Iam hope that its not in the way of your plans=)

Will Wright said...

Finished Salvation Reach,like I said last topic,these books get better with each one.
I think it is fair to say you have the knack of writing transhumans now.
I hope Nick recovers soon too,but Nik you stay off that ankle and use this as a good excuse to have one of Dans Clones wait on you and and foot :)

James said...

I hope she is okay.