Friday, November 26, 2010

More weblogs are go

Adelie has been as busy as a busy thing, cutting and posting more sections of my recent weblog question-and-answer session. Along with the two listed in my previous post, you can now also enjoy the following:

Me discussing movies.

Me discussing the outcome of certain match ups.

Me on writing for the Black Library.

Me on the subject of writing generally.

Me on the Horus Heresy.

Me on the Inquisition trilogy of trilogies.

Me on comics.


It's the weekend, so let's finish by taking a peek in the note book.

Idea for a one panel cartoon #322
We are looking out of the wings onto the stage of an old time music hall theatre. A stage hand is looking very surprised as a drop hatch opens underneath him and he plummets from sight. In the foreground, Admiral Ackbar turns to us and cries out in alarm.
Caption: "It's a trap!”

Idea for a one panel cartoon #323
A plumber clambers out from under a sink, holding the U-shaped pipe he has finally disconnected. In the foreground, Admiral Ackbar turns to us and cries out in alarm.
Caption: "It's a trap!”

Idea for a one panel cartoon #324
Liesl comes running across the Bavarian Alps towards us, about to break into song. In the foreground, Admiral Ackbar turns to us and cries out in alarm.
Caption: "It's a Von Trapp!”

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Weblogs are Go!

The first of the promised weblogs are now up, thanks to Adelie High (thanks, Adelie!). If you'd like to hear me talking about Prospero Burns, click here, and if you'd like to hear me talking about the Ghosts, click here.

Adelie recorded about two hours of me rabbiting away, so there will be more to come, and I honestly did work through every question that appeared here or on Facebook (though my answers to some queries may have been so incomprehensible that they ended up on the cutting room floor).

In case it does get snipped, I'll just go on record here and say IN A LOUD VOICE how much I recommend The First Heretic by New York Times Bestselling Author Aaron Dembski-Bowden. See the man himself talk here. I knew him when he was all fields, you know.

Also of gigantic excitement is the unabridged (yes, una-fething-bridged) audio book of Graham's Thousand Sons. Can we contain ourselves? No, I don't believe we flippin' well can, actually.

Thanks to Nathan Long, I discovered the following four pieces of genius. Enjoy.

Xhalax - a prize was awarded for the most compelling question, and the asker knows who they are. Your questions were splendid, and much appreciated, however. And the knitted Ghostie has indeed got a name. You know what it is, don't you? It's Ban. Of course it is.

Our Hussar ghostie is very active right now, BTW. Maybe Halloween shook him up. I'm not sure what he's up to, but the cats are really bothered by something. Maybe it's because they're building a new library across the road where the original barracks was sited in 1797. Maybe they've dug up something they shouldn't have. Maybe there's a spooky story in that. Maybe it's a real life spooky story, and I'm in it.

It's Saturday, so let's finish by taking a peek in the note book.

Idea for a one panel cartoon #12
A very inebriated wine maker is showing some guests around his winery, gesturing towards the vast wooden vats.
Caption: "But it was when we fell into the vat of red wine that we started to see things with greater clarety.”

Idea for a one panel cartoon #23
In the dark and claustrophobic confines of a U-boat, a chiseled commander in a white polo-neck retracts the periscope and looks at his smartphone.
Caption: Subtext.

Idea for a one panel cartoon #641
We are looking in through the cockpit windows of the Millennium Falcon as it accelerates into hyperdrive and the stars go stripy. Han glances casually across at Chewbacca.
Caption: “I like what you've done with your hair.”

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Mentioned in Despatches

Forgot to add yesterday what a great time I'd had on my visit to Folkestone Library last Saturday. They made me feel very welcome, and I didn't appear to bore anybody too much. I'll also be doing a little comics workshop at Faversham Library on the 27th.

Now, to be a little shameless, the frankly cataclysmic final part of The Thanos Imperative came out from Marvel yesterday (Wednesday, in the US) and, to paraphrase Tess, the scores are in:

“Architects Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning have made Marvel’s space-faring heroes the cream of the publishing crop.” –

“The Marvel Cosmic Universe is the most entertaining portion of Marvel's U, and DnA have outdone themselves this time in creating a story so epic that it dwarfs their previous efforts. Kudos, guys.” –

“The Thanos Imperative has made a name for itself as being one of the most epic and thrilling books on the stands. Thanos comes out of this story receiving exactly what he deserves…DnA have made the most of their storytelling potential…DnA pay off on years of buildup and deliver a satisfying conclusion to various character arcs. Fans of the Guardians of the Galaxy will find this issue to be extremely bittersweet, doing justice to the quirky…Miguel Sepulveda's art is impressive once again…this series has seen Sepulveda rise to a new artistic level…we could be looking at the end of a long, memorable saga that began humbly with Keith Giffen's Drax the Destroyer mini-series. And while The Thanos Imperative is a fitting end to that saga, how many readers won't still be craving more after this issue? Let's hope next month's epilogue paves the way for more cosmic goodness.” –

“The heroic catharsis this band of galactic adventurers reach made for a very satisfying, even moving, conclusion…a sweeping saga.” –

Just to prove this isn't all me, me, me (or DnA, DnA, DnA), I'd like to recommend once again Matt Forbeck's novel Amortals. Go git it!

Stuff, some of, various.

Thanks for all the questions that have been pouring in via this blog and the Facebook and Twitter feeds. Lots of juicy things to answer there. Keep them coming, but be advised that if I can get Adelie to set up, I'll try to record the weblog this weekend. Seems like ages since I did one.

I also need to take a quick moment here to mention Thought Bubble. This is taking place in Leeds on the 21st of the month, and I was due to be attending as a guest. I'm sorry to say I'm going to have to miss it after all. Please accept my sincere apologies for this. It's simply that I've got a lot of deadlines to meet right now. I should, however, be coming to Leeds in the new year to promote Prospero Burns, so it's not like I've got anything against the place. I urge you to head along to Thought Bubble whether I'm there or not: it's going to be a great event, and there will be some fabulous people to meet. See?

Now is probably also a good time to mention that Titan is about to publish a paperback edition of Extinction Event, the Primeval novel I wrote a little while back. Oh, look at the lovely cover! The book was a lot of fun to write. Come on, stompy Tyrannosaurid death-kill. How often does a guy get to write that in his career? Baba Yaga, the big black She-Rex, is still one of my favourite bad guys.

Speaking of bad guys, I'm delighted to say that Sinister Dexter is back in 2000AD at the moment, in a six part story called Are You Being Severed? Gigantic kudos to Anthony Williams for the wonderful art. The Mighty Tharg is also about to start publishing Insurrection II in the pages of the Judge Dredd Megazine. This is the follow up to (a-duh) Insurrection, which ran a little while back to some acclaim. Story by me, art by Colin McNeil. That's ART BY COLIN McNEIL. See for yourselves.

We all understand why this is exciting now, right? It starts in Judge Dredd Megazine 305, on sale 8 December.

Our Marvel Editor Bill Rosemann forwarded me a picture earlier today. It was a commission done by Jeff Lemire, and he thought he'd share it with us. With Jeff's kind permission, I thought I'd share it with you too.

I've been a Lemire admirer since I read Essex County, and I urge you to go look for that, or Sweet Tooth, or his new run on Superboy. Check out Jeff's website here. Thank you, Jeff!

Anyway, it isn't Saturday, but let's have another one from the note book anyway. This one's not mine, it's from the demented mad of brain-man Dan Hart, but he says he's prepared to take the blame.

Idea for a one panel cartoon #84
In a haberdashery, Jean-Luc Picard is impatiently thrusting one of the machines at an assistant.
Caption: “ Make it sew!”

And scene.

Friday, November 05, 2010

Gunpowder Plotting...

I'm thinking of getting Adelie to film me again for a weblog - it's been ages since I did one. I'm therefore going to need some questions to answer. They can be about 40K, Marvel, 2000AD, Angry Robot, cloning for pleasure and profit, whatever you like, really. Post them here and I'll see what I can do to answer them. There may even be a prize for the most imaginative query.

Thinking caps to maximum.