Thursday, November 11, 2010

Stuff, some of, various.

Thanks for all the questions that have been pouring in via this blog and the Facebook and Twitter feeds. Lots of juicy things to answer there. Keep them coming, but be advised that if I can get Adelie to set up, I'll try to record the weblog this weekend. Seems like ages since I did one.

I also need to take a quick moment here to mention Thought Bubble. This is taking place in Leeds on the 21st of the month, and I was due to be attending as a guest. I'm sorry to say I'm going to have to miss it after all. Please accept my sincere apologies for this. It's simply that I've got a lot of deadlines to meet right now. I should, however, be coming to Leeds in the new year to promote Prospero Burns, so it's not like I've got anything against the place. I urge you to head along to Thought Bubble whether I'm there or not: it's going to be a great event, and there will be some fabulous people to meet. See?

Now is probably also a good time to mention that Titan is about to publish a paperback edition of Extinction Event, the Primeval novel I wrote a little while back. Oh, look at the lovely cover! The book was a lot of fun to write. Come on, stompy Tyrannosaurid death-kill. How often does a guy get to write that in his career? Baba Yaga, the big black She-Rex, is still one of my favourite bad guys.

Speaking of bad guys, I'm delighted to say that Sinister Dexter is back in 2000AD at the moment, in a six part story called Are You Being Severed? Gigantic kudos to Anthony Williams for the wonderful art. The Mighty Tharg is also about to start publishing Insurrection II in the pages of the Judge Dredd Megazine. This is the follow up to (a-duh) Insurrection, which ran a little while back to some acclaim. Story by me, art by Colin McNeil. That's ART BY COLIN McNEIL. See for yourselves.

We all understand why this is exciting now, right? It starts in Judge Dredd Megazine 305, on sale 8 December.

Our Marvel Editor Bill Rosemann forwarded me a picture earlier today. It was a commission done by Jeff Lemire, and he thought he'd share it with us. With Jeff's kind permission, I thought I'd share it with you too.

I've been a Lemire admirer since I read Essex County, and I urge you to go look for that, or Sweet Tooth, or his new run on Superboy. Check out Jeff's website here. Thank you, Jeff!

Anyway, it isn't Saturday, but let's have another one from the note book anyway. This one's not mine, it's from the demented mad of brain-man Dan Hart, but he says he's prepared to take the blame.

Idea for a one panel cartoon #84
In a haberdashery, Jean-Luc Picard is impatiently thrusting one of the machines at an assistant.
Caption: “ Make it sew!”

And scene.


cor said...

*looks around nerveosly surely this cant be right a dan abnett blog post with no comments, my big moment is here*


ah that felt good

Will Wright said...

Sweet Bejesus you have a Judge Dredd story out there.
How do I get that?
What book and issues?
Judge Dredd is my Favorite comic character ever.
I would be thrilled if you started a run on Dredd.

mcahogarth said...

Speaking of art, Mr. Abnett, I hope you'll forgive me for having committed fan art of a style unabashedly romantic of Eisenhorn and Alizabeth. >.>

I left it here:

Jonathan Green said...

"Story by me, art by Colin McNeil."

Love it! Can't wait.

Dukeleto said...

that's story by Dan and art by Colin Macniel of BLOODQUEST fame!111!1 Looks like I may have to buy my first 2000AD in a while...

Dukeleto said...

scuse the double post, but mcahogarth that's an awesome sketch. Are you on Deviantart?
If so (or you feel like joining) pls check out our Dan fan club

Matthew Churchill said...

Insurrection II?! I was a stroppy little skinflint and stopped buying the Meg a couple of months ago over a matter of pennies, but I'm not going to miss this one!

I have missed Ole Stony Face. And the first Insurrection series was superb.


mcahogarth said...

Oh, cool! Yes, I'm there as mcah (though I only post sporadically, when I finish big paintings). I'll go check it out right now. :)

McKennsy said...

@Dukeleto. Insurrection will be appearing in The Judge Dredd Megazine. The monthly spin-off from 2000AD, not in 2000AD itself.

Dawfydd said...

It's been great to have Ray & Finny back in 2000AD. Looking forward to seeing where this arc goes, and just what's up with Charon...

Also, picked up issue #6 of The Thanos Imperative yesterday and Dan, you and Andy are a glorious pair of SOB's, in the nicest possible way of course ;p. Maybe it was the fact it hit on Armistice Day, but it brought a genuine tear to the eye.
And whilst I hope we see more from DNA playing with Marvel Cosmic (looking forward to Rocket Raccoon & Groot!), if this is how the journey ends, what a way to go.
Guardians of the Galaxy indeed....

Anonymous said...

Please Dan give some juice info about Salvation Reach! I so long waited for it from the time i bought hardback of Blood Pact last year!

Anonymous said...

I concure with anonymous! We beg you Dan - give us some info about Salvation Reach! We need some ghost stuff! And a suggestion from your funs - please killed some major Ghost character in your next book! It was 2 books from the time when we cry about ghost X who died not glory but simple stupid death! You are best in that!

Anonymous said...

1) Please some info about Salvation Reach?

2) When does we saw Sons of Sek against Gaunt Ghosts?

3) What legions of Chaos Space Marines serves under Anakwanar Sek? Is he a simple human? Amd why CSM served him?

4) Interceptor city planed for what year?

5) Dont give up on Gaunt Ghosts fans we always support you!

Dukeleto said...

@Anon re. Uexkull's Chaos marines that hunt the mission team in Traitor General could originally be from any of the renegade legions, altho some are more likely than others.

They're probably from an Undivided legion. They're not Berserkers, Noise Marines, stinking Plague Marines or mindless automata, slaved to a sorcerers will. They're not incredibly stealthy or cunning, so Night Lords or Alpha Legion seem unlikely. They're not fanatically loyal to their legion, since they follow a once human champion, so they're not Black Legion, and since they chafe at being garrisoned on Gereon, they're not likely to be Iron Warriors. They do mention praying for a worthy challenge, particular devotion to the dark gods is a mark of Word Bearers, so that's a possibility.

The other is that they are just a warband of renegades, possibly from a post-Heresy traitor Chapter, like the Astral Claws, possibly deserters from a loyal Chapter, there's no way to know for sure, and it doesn't really matter.

As for the reason they would serve a "mere" human master, the Anarch is no mere human. He may once have been, but a fully fledged Chaos Lord is a much more formidable being, a worthy liege-lord even for mighty Traitor Marines.

The main lesson of Traitor General is that the politics of the Archenemy are complex. At least as much so as those of the Imperium. Just as Astartes can be found under the command of Inquisitors, Army commanders and planetary governers when the occasion demands, so their fallen brethren serve the will of their gods, however feeble the vessel that conveys that will.

Matthew Churchill said...

Argh! I think I saw the word 'Thanos' just then! Nobody spoil issue 6, please - I'm still waiting for my copy to arrive! Thought I had it in the post this morning but it was a Batman. I've never been so disappointed to see a Batman comic!

Wendy said...

Is it bad that I'm a little glad you aren't coming to Leeds next weekend? It's my boyfriend's birthday and ever since I saw the Thought Bubble flyers I hadn't had the heart to tell him you'd be there because I'd already booked tickets to whisk him away to Bruge. Now my concience is squeaky clean and we shall see you next time.

Dukeleto said...

awww damn, the MATCHES are called Lucifers. For a while there I thought Lucifers were the Black cigars and got very excited ;-)

Xhalax said...

Duke Leto - Did you put your hand over you mouth when you mentions the Anarch, who name drowns out all others, name?