Friday, January 29, 2010

Noteworthy Alignments Get On My Wick, Says Author

So, coincidences. It’s no biggie, really, it’s just that I’m being stalked by coincidences.

I usually take a coincidence as a good thing, a sign that the universe is working the way it’s supposed to be, but just in the last few weeks, man, has my life been Noteworthy-alignment-of-two-or-more-events-or-circumstances-without-obvious-causal-connection Central.

It’s not even anything in particular, just an accumulation. the details would bore you (if you really must know, the latest one that made me exclaim in my Facebook status was that the latest issue of Fortean Times arrived through the door, and inside was an article on PRECISELY matched what I was working on - the same thing had happened with the Guardian and the TLS already this week).

One of the first questions they ask when they examine you for epilepsy and related conditions is if you experience deja vu. Hell, yeah. Mister, I’ve had deja vu BOTH times. Well, apparently, paramnesia can be a diagnostic indicator of epilepsy. I mention it because, to me, deja vu and coincidence are very similar things. They feel related. I wonder if coincidence can also be an epilepsy indicator, except I’m not sure if it can be.

I mean, it’s external, isn’t it? It’s not in my head, it’s clearly things out there in the world.

I was going to look it up on the Interweb, but I decided to wait. There’ll be an article about it in the paper tomorrow.

Monday, January 25, 2010

And the winner is...

.. me! Or it could be. My fate is your hands. Here’s how it works. The fabulous comic website The Outhouse ( is holding their first annual awards, and the winners are decided by a public vote. Andy and I have been nominated in two categories: Best Creative Team and Best Mainstream Ongoing (for Guardians of the Galaxy). So what you do is you go along to the website, register as an Outhouser (a free and painless process) and cast your vote. Then we finish on a big musical number, roll end titles.

What could possibly go wrong?

Friday, January 22, 2010

Oh, let's just do another blog!

Yes, let's! I've got a drum kit, your dad's got a barn... we can put the show on right here!

Graham and I are still ruling the roost over at Borders Babel Clash, which is strengthening my blogging muscles and giving me momentum. So I’m back.

My confession about the Imperial Fists got you all over-excited, and condemned the blog forever to a very off-colour running gag. Which, BigWill and Matthew, I will make no effort to encourage (“Up the Emperor!”).

Flekkzo - thanks for the permission to keep writing ;) You put me in mind of the tone of Grand Moff Tarkin (“You may fire when ready”).

HiWayRobry - the Hawk Lords always sound to me like they’ve got a silver machine.

The SGC - As far as I’m concerned, and as far as I’ve been concerned all along, Loken is alive. (*Ming voice* “Loken’s alive!”). Plus, Aaron Dembski-Bowden’s got a cat called Loken, so I can’t let him down. Thanks for the YouTube tip, Adelie and BigWill.

Anonymous - I was wondering just how many people you were. One? Two? Three? Funnily enough, I’m writing Prospero Burns because I don’t like Russ and the Wolves much either, and I want to find out how they tick. The delay in that and the Ghosts has much more to do with my recent problems with epilepsy that have slowed everything down a bit. Sorry for the wait. Oh, I and I think I kill PLENTY of major characters in the Gaunt books. I’m infamous for it. Don’t lose anybody important in 10 books indeed! Honestly!

frieslander - the arrogance level may vary, but they’re all still seven foot high super-humans. It’s not so much a matter of lacking respect, I suppose, it’s more like different habitats, like saying Leopards have no respect for sardines, or eagles have no respect for termites. Or have I lost the plot? I don’t consciously favour Khorn, though I know I have a problem with Nurgle. I’d use Nurgle more, because the concept is the most interesting, but the name makes me laugh.

Philip - “The Space Wolves have kept their links to humanity”. Frieslander not the only one in need of special pills, I think ;)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Babel Clash 2: Electric Boogaloo

Just thought I’d re-remind all of you that Im guest blogger over at the BORDERS sci-fi blog Babel Clash (link in the post below). It’s going well, and thanks to those of you who have already turned up to hurl vegetables at the stocks. In fact, I really shouldn’t draw attention to the fact that I’ve posted there two days in a row AND answered questions, because it will make painfully clear what a laggard I am here. I will do better. I will. It’s one of my New Year Resolutions.

To prove my point:

BigWill - I’m not sure how they compare, but a comparison would necessarily involve tests in sneaking about and hiding behind trees, which the Tanith would obviously win. My favorite chapter (apart from the iron Snakes, because that’s mine) is the Imperial Fists (this is not a lie or a joke, so don’t wait for a punchline). Incidentally, my least favorite was always the Wolves, but Prospero Burns is rapidly changing that.

Willard - thank you, me too, and see my previous answer.

frieslander - David, I can’t imagine what you mean ;)
Yes, I suppose some fair-minded, generous, liberal-thinking Astartes might be quite impressed by the Tanith. a) do you know any? and b) even then, they’d be quite condescending.

Lars - I don’t think so. Then again, Monsters Inc (a fine film) isn’t the first story to use the idea of a magic door either. By the way, it’s a pen AND a keyboard.

Big - yes, yes! Away with the cartoony garnish! Big, these Wolves are so ****ing mean and tough, they are going to ****ing come round Horus’s crib and **** him up so ****ing nasty, he won’t be able to ******* without a **** and two sturdy ***** ****. Actually, they are so ****ing ***** and ******* ***** *****, they don’t even like being called Space Wolves. THAT’S how hard they are!

Matthew - I know, but this is big and bright American Borders, where dreams still dream to be dreamed. Plus, you never know, you might get yourself a lovely taupe portcullis thing.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Babel Clash

So, as part of a serious New Years Resolution-y effort to get my blog-a-rhythms pulsing along at a more regular lick, you are hereby given notice that as of the 19th of January, which is this coming Tuesday, I will be the latest guest blogger on Babel Clash, the BORDERS sci-fi blog. This can be found at

I’ll be in the driving seat there for the next two weeks, posting at least something every day, so pop along and take a peek. And comment. You know how to comment, don’t you? You just put your cursor on the link and click...

“Will there be a theme to your ramblings?” I hear you ask. Is there ever? Honestly? How long have you known me? Do I ever stick to a point? Nominally, I will be talking about (and taking questions about) writing in someone else’s Universe (which is, of course, what I do at Marvel and Black Library). But I may digress. You all know I am very easily distrac... oh look! That dog’s got a puffy tail!

Where was I? Oh yeah... I was on Babel Clash, the BORDERS sci-fi blog. Let’s go!