Sunday, March 26, 2006

Thanks a lot Dept.

I just wanted to thank everyone who came along to the signings yesterday at Forbidden Planet in Shaftsbury Avenue and GW at the Oxford Street Plaza. The turn out was fantastic, and I really enjoyed the feedback. So thank you to Harry, Harry, Harry, Baldrick, Jee, Antonis and everyone else. We must do it again. Thanks too to GW at the Plaza, the very nice people at FP, to Steve Savile and Lindsey Priestley for coming along to keep me company, and to the entire Snyman family for efforts above and beyond the call of duty. As soon as I've got his permission, I'll blog all about Jason's next job. Jason Snyman is a effects animator who has worked on Kong, LotR etc. What he's doing now and what he's about to do are just very very exciting.

Monday, March 13, 2006

What was that book you were recommending?

This Monday's "what was that book you were recommending?" is Monster of God by David Quammen. Maneaters, in the wild, and in folklore and culture. More of a (great) travelog than I was expecting, but full of extraordinary detail.

What are you doing right now, Clones?

Glad you asked us.

Finishing up Gaunt #10, The Armour of Contempt (my, that’s nasty) and working on a fun project we hope to be able to blog openly about soon. Andy Lanning and us are having great fun finishing up the Nova mini-series for Marvel, the first issue of which launches soon as part of Annihilation.

Writing our first blog, but you knew that.

Out (ish)

Out now...

The big new release in the next few weeks is Horus Rising. Gorgeous cover. For those who don’t know, this is the first of a cycle of novels in which I and other BL scribes tell the mythic backstory of the Warhammer 40K Universe. It’s Warhammer 30k, if you will. Graham McNeill tells me much confusion has been sown by the extract of HR put up on the BL site.

Also out now, Fell Cargo - Warhammer, pirates, the undead, monsters. Most fun I’ve ever had writing a book. I felt like a 20’s pulp writer. In a good way.

Also got to mention Let The Galaxy Burn. Great big doorstop publication from BL, a ‘best of’ their 40k short fiction. I mention it particularly to alert Ravenor/Eisenhorn aficionados to the fact there’s a brand new Patience Kys novella in there. Not quite sure why the book’s not be advertised as containing new stuff. Anyway, I remember last Games Day when I met a nice couple who were big Rav fans, and they had no idea that the Thorn Wishes Talon short story existed and went dashing off to find a copy of What Price Victory. I hope they found one. And I hope they read this tip.


Oh, news. It occurs to me there are a few ‘news’ type snippets I can relay. First of all... Dan sightings.

Saturday 25th March, 12.30... Dan (why am I referring to myself in the third person? Am I pretending to be my own secretary?) I will be at Forbidden Planet, London, signing whatever people thrust under my nose. Thanks to FP for the invite. Later the same day, I’ll be at the GW at the Plaza. Times to be confirmed.

Sunday 9th of April... Guest at Paris Games Day. Looking forward to that.

A week later... 15th - 17th April, Glasgow, for Concussion. Marc Gascoigne and myself, back to the location of last year’s splendid World Con.

There’s more lined up for later in the year, including Games Day, of course. Dates as they’re confirmed.


BTW - thanks to all who have visited in the first few days of operation (an incredible number, it seems to me), and thanks to those who posted a comment (Hi, Tim! Hi Xhalax!). Yes, we’re trying to get the message thing fixed and yes, a forum might be a good idea. Let’s get some posting chatter going here first, and find out how often I managed to blog you, bloggees, before we get all overexcited. Clones or no clones, I have deadlines. I might expand or revise stuff in time, to add new features or ideas. Depends what comes up. Oh, and thanks to Si Spurrier for the lovely email and no, Si, it wasn’t me. Which makes the rest of your story even more embarrassing.


Is this thing on?

Hello. Thanks for stopping by. I’m not quite sure what I’m doing yet, but ta for coming along to watch.

For a good while now, I’ve been approached at conventions and games days by, literally, some people, who have asked me why I haven’t got a website. The answer was I never seemed to have the time to get one properly sorted out, even though someone had been kind enough to provide the framework. I wanted it to be, at least, slightly amusing, and I discovered that when you write about yourself in a jolly way, what you’ve written tends to make you cringe about ten minutes later.

For this reason, I finally got someone else to be particularly silly on my behalf. Matt Snyman took photos and borrowed stuff from my workroom and generally made me look like a very odd person (“You mad bugger” Marc Gascoigne, 2006), and all I had to do was put some words into some balloons.

What’s going to happen now? Well, it’s my intention to natter here as often as I get the chance, and to invite you to natter back, comment, and otherwise add your opinions. Some restraint would be welcomed, as there will be children in earshot.

You might have questions. I might have information on latest publications, convention appearances, or something I saw on telly last night. Or something even less specific than that. Like the fact that my daughter Lily came home from school the other day and sang “I need the toilet” to the tune of “We are the Champions”.

Let’s just see what happens.