Monday, March 13, 2006


BTW - thanks to all who have visited in the first few days of operation (an incredible number, it seems to me), and thanks to those who posted a comment (Hi, Tim! Hi Xhalax!). Yes, we’re trying to get the message thing fixed and yes, a forum might be a good idea. Let’s get some posting chatter going here first, and find out how often I managed to blog you, bloggees, before we get all overexcited. Clones or no clones, I have deadlines. I might expand or revise stuff in time, to add new features or ideas. Depends what comes up. Oh, and thanks to Si Spurrier for the lovely email and no, Si, it wasn’t me. Which makes the rest of your story even more embarrassing.


Anonymous said...

Anyone else desperately wants to know what was in Si's email. If it has the phrase "pile of arse" in it it'll live up to Si's greatest work to date (BL forum goers might know of this if not ask about a link to the famous post someone will dig it up)

Dan Abnett said...

I couldn't possibly comment, schaferlord. That would be up to Si.

Anonymous said...

Fair do's didn't expect it to be told, although I do dislike you adimently for throwing that snippet of info and leaving us blog readers curious about what its like, this isn't a book you know Dan, you get no money from us reading this (although now that I think of it, why did I get asked for my credit card details) no need to intice us to keep coming for more.