Monday, March 13, 2006


Oh, news. It occurs to me there are a few ‘news’ type snippets I can relay. First of all... Dan sightings.

Saturday 25th March, 12.30... Dan (why am I referring to myself in the third person? Am I pretending to be my own secretary?) I will be at Forbidden Planet, London, signing whatever people thrust under my nose. Thanks to FP for the invite. Later the same day, I’ll be at the GW at the Plaza. Times to be confirmed.

Sunday 9th of April... Guest at Paris Games Day. Looking forward to that.

A week later... 15th - 17th April, Glasgow, for Concussion. Marc Gascoigne and myself, back to the location of last year’s splendid World Con.

There’s more lined up for later in the year, including Games Day, of course. Dates as they’re confirmed.


Anonymous said...

More on the Glasgow Eastercon - Concussion here:

Dan Abnett said...

Thanks, Marco.

The GW Plaza store signing on the 25th of March will be at 3.30, I've just been told.

Dan Abnett said...

As it stands at the moment, I'll be doing UK Games Day, Paris Games Day, GenCon in Indianopolis and Conflux in Canberra. Baltimore next year, maybe. I do love the Baltimore Games Day.