Monday, March 13, 2006

What are you doing right now, Clones?

Glad you asked us.

Finishing up Gaunt #10, The Armour of Contempt (my, that’s nasty) and working on a fun project we hope to be able to blog openly about soon. Andy Lanning and us are having great fun finishing up the Nova mini-series for Marvel, the first issue of which launches soon as part of Annihilation.

Writing our first blog, but you knew that.


Anonymous said...

intresting to see that the clones work as a collective rather then each individual clone being given a specific task to do, no wonder killing one clone doesn't diminish the ability to write or hit deadlines of any project.

Anonymous said...

Actually I wanted to post this into your guestbook, but that didn't work right I'm afraid...

Hey Dan!

I'm Thomas from Vienna / Austria (you know the country that is "ruling" the EU at the moment ;)) and I LOVE your Gaunt's Ghosts Series!

I just read about Gaunt #10 in your blog and just wanted to know how long I'll have to wait for it? Please tell me it won't be too long ;)

(My brother bought Gaunt #3 und #5 in last November... his christmas present was the rest of the series... actually he's only done #1 and #2 so far while I didn't do anything else over christmas than read the whole series ;))

For the time being I guess I'll have to do with Horus rising part 1 until Gaunt #10 comes out, hm?

As I won't be able to come to one of your signings, maybe there's another way to get an autograph of yours? I'd be in your debt!

Anyways, thanks a lot for your books they give my fantasy new input for daydreaming ;)

One of the many fans of yours,


Anonymous said...

Hello Mr. Abnett, I'm Jordan Allen and I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your work (Although I didnt quite get into Double eagle, well that could be that I'm a guard junkie)

Your works have inspired me (and thousands of others) to write my own 40k stories. Even before I read your books I had a knack for creating characters and stories, massive war is great fun.

I'm sure many a fellow has approached you and asked you to read their plot-hole and spelling error filled stories, but if you're bored and there's nothing else to do but sit at your nice little mac, I hope that you would have a gander at my two in-progress stories; a full lenght novel, Heretic's Hour, and a short story, The Tragedy Of Corben Dreller. Both of these can be found on the Black library forum under 'fan fiction'.

Hope you enjoy them, just shows how you can inspire others.


Anonymous said...

I'm just another random fan who happens to love reading your 40k books...and well, like many others, I'm just curious as to when the next Gaunt's Ghosts read will be out and in the States. I've read roughly twelve (not sure) of your books and I'm just bouncing up and down for another one. If you could post a guess or e-mail me at, it'd be much appreciated!