Saturday, January 06, 2007

Off we go again

And a Happy New Year to all.

Well, I had a great holiday. I hope you did too.

Ten high points:

1) Making my daughters laugh (in a good way) by getting very slightly loaded on Christmas Eve (better known as my wife’s birthday).

2) Getting a bright red, radio-controlled dalek from Lily (thanks, Lils).

3) Crackers. Gotta love the old “Universal Calculator”. And the fickle fish of destiny.

4) Winter Pimms. Thanks for introducing me to that, Paul, even if recommending it makes me sound like a seventy year old retired colonel.

5) Singin’ In The Rain. Best movie EVER.

6) The Rockford Files. Jess bought me season one on DVD, ‘cause I went on and on about James Garner while she was watching 8 Simple Rules on ABC. Rockford Files is cool (as Ben Folds said). Really cool. Dubba-dum-dum, dee-waaaah dubba dum dum, dubba dubba dum dum, dum etc. Best THEME ever.

7) Boxing Day Panto with the family (22 members). Aladdin with a dalek. No, really, a dalek. No, really.

8) The annual game of Monopoly.

9) Stopping for a moment.

10) The fact that neither of my cats attempt to scale the north face of the Christmas tree this year. For a change.

So, what did you get?