Saturday, January 06, 2007

Off we go again

And a Happy New Year to all.

Well, I had a great holiday. I hope you did too.

Ten high points:

1) Making my daughters laugh (in a good way) by getting very slightly loaded on Christmas Eve (better known as my wife’s birthday).

2) Getting a bright red, radio-controlled dalek from Lily (thanks, Lils).

3) Crackers. Gotta love the old “Universal Calculator”. And the fickle fish of destiny.

4) Winter Pimms. Thanks for introducing me to that, Paul, even if recommending it makes me sound like a seventy year old retired colonel.

5) Singin’ In The Rain. Best movie EVER.

6) The Rockford Files. Jess bought me season one on DVD, ‘cause I went on and on about James Garner while she was watching 8 Simple Rules on ABC. Rockford Files is cool (as Ben Folds said). Really cool. Dubba-dum-dum, dee-waaaah dubba dum dum, dubba dubba dum dum, dum etc. Best THEME ever.

7) Boxing Day Panto with the family (22 members). Aladdin with a dalek. No, really, a dalek. No, really.

8) The annual game of Monopoly.

9) Stopping for a moment.

10) The fact that neither of my cats attempt to scale the north face of the Christmas tree this year. For a change.

So, what did you get?


Anonymous said...

Let the Galaxy Burn
A Ciaphis Cain novel (heretical, I know)

Anonymous said...

Three watches. Two of which were identical.

Anonymous said...


Toymachine said...

A.O.C - Ive been careful to avoid the spoilers in previous blogs, and ta to all who warned when spoilers were comming in their messages, and now i that I look bak i see what they mean. Its amaizing so far, why did people not like it as a 40k book? They say it could have been set in any time, but so could every other gaunts ghosts book!
(I mean that in a nice way, Dan!)

It was more 40k minatures fer me.
Do you collect any 40k yourself, Dan?

Im right there with you, Dan, getting hammered at Chrastmas.
Mind you, santa didn't want it. That or he didnt make it down the chimney quick enough.

Anonymous said...

Inquisitor Gideon Lorr, a new, big showcase, an old John Wayne western... oh, and BL's late again with my order... well well, I wait till it's here, before my preorder of Tactica goes out ;)

Well, I read too much, studying comes kinda short that way, I fear... I blame you, Dan :D And Ravenor Rogue's not far away...

Hope, y'all had happy candlemas ^^

Mark Richard said...

Lies! Benny Hill has the best theme ever.

I received the first few series of the medical comedy show “Scrubs” which I wanted to start collecting.

Neverwinter Nights 2. (PC game)

The next book in the Gaunt’s Ghosts series and The Eisenhorn trilogy.

Lee Evans Shows.

Numerous chocolate, candy and biscuit boxes.

A comfy fleece complete with shirt and jeans.

£100 (For my new computer soon)

And... Socks! Noooooooooooooo!

Anonymous said...

oh yeah, socks. how could i forget? 4 pairs, no less. being an atheist (as well as a lazy jerk) i keep telling people not to send me christmas gifts, but i think buying and wrapping socks must be some kind of reflex action for grandmothers.

Anonymous said...

I got money for the three torchwood books

Anonymous said...

I got a gift card to finally order Armour of Comtempt, but those bums at the local book store still cant get it for me. I may have to drive my car through their front window in protest if I dont get it soon

Anonymous said...

Take a pic of that then, please.

Anonymous said...

I got Flashman at the Charge... you've gotta love the misadventures of the greatest anti-hero the British Empire never had.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Christmas was boring and uncomfortable and I ended the day loathing my older sibling for being insufferable and much less savoury things.

Got very little for christmas. And what I did get was either useful or edible.
But did donate a load of money to charity for my friends instead of buying them useless junk.

I saw in New Year....or at least I did when I realised that it was after midnight playing Kingdom Hearts and going 'Squeeeeeee!'

And so far 2007 has been a real let down.


Toymachine said...

Your not a pessimist by any chance, are you Xhalax?

Mark Richard said...

Naw he just hasn’t been drinking his apple juice lately, lack of appley goodness makes people grumpy, proven fact or something I just made up? You decide!

Anonymous said... juice.

*sits back and revels in the thought of drinking apple juice*

2007's been ok for me so far...gotten a bad cold, which caused me to miss two days of work, but on the upside, finally switching from AOL to a decent internet provider at home :D

Anonymous said...

Actually toymachine....I'm not.

I'm an optimist. Always starting the day with hope. It just seems life twarts me at every turn.

*shakes her fist*

Anonymous said...

twarts? that's a new one. Have to add that to the dictionary.

Right now I'll be happy if I dont start the day with a blocked nose and a cough...perhaps I need more apple juice.

Anonymous said...

There should be an extra 'h' in there.


Anonymous said...

AAAH Right. because I wasn't being sarcastic and didnt really know how to spell ;)

still think 'twarts' should be in the dictionary though. All it needs is a meaning.

ideas anyone?

Anonymous said...

I wasn't trying to be nasty or anything, thinking you were being sarcastic. Just making sure this new word that you seemed to like is correct for your use.

Words are marvellous.

Ooooh. Spotted Mr. Abnett's Torchwood book in the shops. It's very pretty. Though lamentably I didn't buy it....yet!

Anonymous said...

I did. I got the whole trilogy (it is a trilogy right?), even though the only author I'd heard of was Abnett. And I don't like Torchwood, so it'd best be good.

Anonymous said...

Well there's three books out at present, but I don't know if they're a triology or not.

I enjoyed Torchwood for its naffness. But the books.....well we'll see.

Toymachine said...

Heh heh...

I wonder does any other black library blogger have a site where people get down into the itty-gritty of spelling t(h)warts.

P.s the difrence between a pesimist and an optimist is you should amlays borrow money from a pesimist. They won't expect it back.

Anonymous said...

That might depend on if I post comments on them or not!

Anonymous said...

well lets see a nice watch and athe only kinda of book that can beat one of urs sir the "Semper FI"-The Complete History of the United States Marine Corp.
I had to by Armor of Contempt on the 27th and seein as I finished it in under was awsome lol.
Hopin u had a very happy Christmas and excellet new year thus far.
Semper Fi and keep'em comin

Toymachine said...

Has anyone realised?

...(Listens to tumble weed)

Christmas has been over with a month! No, really, its true. check your calendars and it will say january twenty-fifth. No, really, it will.

Anonymous said...

Just got my hands on the latest Darkblade book - I hope it lives up to the others.

Which I expect it will.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on another Malus Darkblade just keep em comin Dan. It was fast paced and as wickedly evil as ever .I hope the series continues on to the other Malus stories.U an Mike Lee are a winnin combo.

Anonymous said...

The last Dan Abnett book I bought was Horus Rising all those eons again.

Aren't I shameful

Anonymous said...

Aye, you should crawl and cry for mercy.

Waitin' for Tactica now. I hope, the order arrives tomorrorow, I'm stuck here at home with a bad foot and have nothing more to read... Ravenor Returned is nice, but not good to be done more than once a month, and the 3 Horus Heresy are due too...

Anonymous said...

Was tempted by Tactica when I saw it in Forbidden Planet the other day.....but didn't get it, despite the fact there was a lovely '£3 off' sticker on it.

Money be tight, despite the fact I can and do spend like there's no tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Sounds... frightening familiar...