Thursday, February 15, 2007

Note to self... more!

Sorry, after a good show of regular bloggery at the back end of last year, the wheels have really come off. I will make amends, mainly by following Marc Gascoigne's advice and trying to blog a little every day (yeah, that'll happen). So please get ready to excuse what may be twenty or so words of pure drivel every day from now until I hone my blogging muscles.

What's new? I'll be joining in the Dr Who/Torchwood signing at Tenth Planet in Barking next Saturday (24th of Feb), and the following Saturday I'll be at GW in Epsom from 2 - 3, signing copies of Ravenor Rogue (yes,the third one is now here!). I'll also be doing an online chat on Xfire at 9pm GMT on Thursday 8th of March.

Thanks to all of you who've been buying the Torchwood novels, by the way. There must be an awful lot of you, because Andy, Peter and I have spent five weeks in the top ten hardback fiction list.

Just finished redecorating the bathroom (like you need to know that, just hang on, there's a joke coming) and I had to get rid of the rubbish, so I rang up a local builder and said 'I want a skip outside my house'. He said 'I'm not stopping you'. (copyright Tommy Cooper, 1803).


Anonymous said...

Must be the British humor. Anyway good to see that you're still alive.

Anonymous said...

twenty or so words of pure drivel every day? isn't that, like, the whole concept behind blogs?

Anonymous said...

Hi Dan,
what about one of the 'unamed' First founding chapters for your next Horus Heresy book - im sure Black Library and GW wont mind ( I can hear the can of worms opening now!!!!). Keep up the good work

Toymachine said...

Dan's not dead.