Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Would I lie to you?


Well, I'm not sure if I WAS fibbing the other post or not. Like I'm going to give stuff away just like that. But I know what the rumours have been, and it's fascinating to hear your various comments, suggestions and reactions to the possibility. Keep 'em coming. They feed the brain (that's the brain of number 4 clone, who's on duty this week).

If you're attending the comic con in New York this weekend, please be sure and say hi to my partner in crime, Andy Lanning, the A of DnA, who's over there to appear. The Marvel panel on Saturday night is sure to bring some interesting announcements from the House of Ideas.

Meanwhile, the second issue of the Warhammer 40k comic from Boom! is due to ship this week. Look out for it at all good comic retailers, including the Grinning Demon in Maidstone. See what I did, there?


lordy said...

Woo - first post.

So the second Damnation Crusade isn't out yet hmm? That does explain why my local store still hadn't got it in.

And I think I might come up to Epson - though I don't have many books that need. Just Warpsword and Ravenor Rouge.

Soapy said...

The way Gaunt and the chaps have been carving their way through the Anarch's leiutenants I wouldn't be suprised if there wasn't a fairly big price on his head!

Not sure wether he sould die though. The strength of the series is the team. High command need a job doing and Gaunt's there to do it. He's the go to guy and the Ghosts back him up. Take him out and the chain breaks. Sure they're good recon and stealth troops but they loose the big feather in their hat. Rightly or wrongly the Ghosts were noticed and remembered for their Colonel-Commissar, take him away and they're the eighty first-first. Skilled troops, probably still well motivated and lead but pushed aside as new favorite commanders float into high commands notice.

The only way forward for the Ghost's without Gaunt is as the Honour Gaurd to the saint. Either that or they can look forward to forty books (we can hope) of hard fighting and attrition until the last man of Tanith dies of bordom whilst assigned to administrative duties on some backwater armpit.

Or maybe not, who knows...

Anonymous said...

I dunno folks; i think you're expecting an awful lot if you're imagining the Ghosts series continuing without Gaunt. history has taught us, as readers, that it's always better for an author to quit while they're ahead: it's far preferable to have a great series *end* as a great series, rather than have to watch it slowly founder and drift into the murky depths of contrivance and mediocrity (off the top of my head, Frank Herbert's Dune series would be the archetypal example in sci-fi). as an enormous fan of the series, i can't help feeling that Gaunt's death *should* bring about its conclusion, even though that means there'd be no more Ghosts stories (*sob*).

I mean, it's certainly not that i don't think Dan *could* write good ones without Gaunt, or even that there aren't any other existing characters interesting enough to have their own stories; it's just that, if there ever are any of those, i'd much rather see them stand alone than have them tagged onto what will certainly *feel* like the END of the Ghosts series.

Anonymous said...

Ok Clone number 4....listen to me carefully.



KILL HIM!!!!!!

Not that I'm mean or anything, but I just want Gaunt to really bite the big one at the end of the series.

Personally, I just had the feeling he was going to snuff it at the end from the very beginning. Don't know why, it just seems right for him to....and I'll be somewhat miffed if he survives the last book.

On the other hand.....if Ban dies (and I don't care if it's themost glorious, bestest death EVERY)....well needless to say I'll be less than impressed.