Saturday, February 24, 2007

The Doctor is out

Well, what a gratifyingly broad response my needy whining produced. Well done, everyone. May I compliment Xhalax in particular for her wonderful remark about unresponded blogging and quality conversations. Also, Sredni - Gadget Gaunt made me laugh.

I just got back from the signing event at Tenth Planet, and I'd like to say thank you to every one who came along to see us. Apart from the Torchwood books (my fellow "best-selling Torchwood authors" Peter and Andy were there), we were promoting the new Dr Who audio production, Nocturne. Written by yours truly, it features Sylvester McCoy, Ace and Hex, and guest stars Trevor Banister, an actor probably best remembered as Mr Lucas in Are You Being Served? Trevor had come along to the event, and it was real pleasure to meet him.

Also a pleasure was actually listening to Nocturne for the first time. I hadn't yet heard it (my copies arrived in the mail only yesterday) so I made use of the journey to and from Tenth Planet to play it in the car. I'm very pleased with the results, and I hope you like it too. Compliments to all actors and technical personnel involved, especially director John Ainsworth.

As we chatted aimlessly during the signing, Peter and Andy reflected (don't ask me how we got onto this topic) that as the slogan for Highlander was "There can be only one", surely the slogan for Highlander 2 should have been "There can be only another one." Or possibly "It appears we may have miscounted."

On the subject of movie slogans and tag-lines, I mentioned the poster tag from the new Hannibal Lector flick, which wins the prize for ultimate stupidity. It reads "It started with revenge".

Think about it...


Anonymous said...

I've always found the film title 'Final Destination 2' rather amusing. That and any slogan that misuses the word 'ultimate'.

Looking forward to Nocturne! It's been a while since I bought a Big Finish CD (damn that shiny new television show) but I'll always have a soft spot for the spoon-playing, ferret-stuffing and umbrella-twirling maestro.

Finishing Ravenor Rogue enticed me back to the first Ravenor book. I'm now even more impressed with how well-crafted the series has been, with all the hidden pieces of foreshadowing and scheming. The stuff you know.


Toymachine said...

Everyones conspiring against me!
I turn my back for a week and theres five new blogs. Not blaming you, Dan, im just groveling in my own weird way...

I loved Rouge and cant wait (No really, i cant wait)for the last of the lost (And whats to come after...?)

narrativium said...
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narrativium said...

The classic would be "The Never-Ending Story 2", wouldn't it?

lordy said...

And there's always Final Fantasy 1,2,3,4,5 ect. Up 13 now I think.

Anonymous said...

I think the fact that there's a new Hannibal Lector flick AT ALL wins the prize for ultimate stupidity

Anonymous said...

Lordy....technically there are 13 Final Fantasy games in the series....but there's only 12 numbered ones (X-2 doesn't really count as it's a sequeal). Though that's not counting the FFVII compilation games that are appearing (Dirge of Cerberus, Crisis Core and Before Crisis)....or those that have FF affiliations (namely Kingdom Hearts).

For the most part, movie taglines are inhertantly stupid. They go with the deep, gravelly, over dramatic and painfully butch American voice over that seems to go with them too.

Plus, sequeals are nearly always flawed anyway and nine times out of ten are just cash-ins on what was originally a good concept.
Series on the other hand are something different since they're meant to run on into another film/book.

And yes Mr. Abnett....there are times when ranting to ones self and having a conversation with thin air have it's advantages. IT's just when you start getting a response that you have to worry about your sanity!

Nick said...

Ravenor Rogue isn't out in the U.S. for a bit.. can't wait to read it though!

And Dan, your doing an xfire chat, thats awesome!

Anonymous said...

I always preferred the tagline "Highlander 2: The Sickening:There should only have been one."

-Captain Haddock