Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Toronto Bash

I’m busy as a very busy thing on National Let’s Be Extra Busy Day, but there are a couple or three things I just wanted to mention. The first is Games Day Canada in Toronto this Saturday (already?!?), and I’m looking forward to seeing you there, though I acknowledge that Toronto may be a long way for some of you to come unless you’re Canadian.

Because of Toronto and the other busy things (see above), my next round of You Tube ramblings has been slightly delayed. My apologies. I will gather up all the questions put forward both here and on Facebook and get on with it as soon as I’m back. This, of course, means there is still time to get extra questions in. Feel free.

Finally, a big slap on the back recommendation for, which I suggest you check out. Pat’s Fantasy Hotlist is one of the best genre blogs online, and has the added bonus just now of offering signed copies of the sexy new Ravenor Omnibus for five lucky winners. Go on, you know you want to.