Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Toronto Bash

I’m busy as a very busy thing on National Let’s Be Extra Busy Day, but there are a couple or three things I just wanted to mention. The first is Games Day Canada in Toronto this Saturday (already?!?), and I’m looking forward to seeing you there, though I acknowledge that Toronto may be a long way for some of you to come unless you’re Canadian.

Because of Toronto and the other busy things (see above), my next round of You Tube ramblings has been slightly delayed. My apologies. I will gather up all the questions put forward both here and on Facebook and get on with it as soon as I’m back. This, of course, means there is still time to get extra questions in. Feel free.

Finally, a big slap on the back recommendation for, which I suggest you check out. Pat’s Fantasy Hotlist is one of the best genre blogs online, and has the added bonus just now of offering signed copies of the sexy new Ravenor Omnibus for five lucky winners. Go on, you know you want to.


The Gerg said...

Zing!!! Mwa ha ha ha!!

Ok, question time.. in the upcoming omnibus of short stories you will be doing regarding the lesser characters in the Eisenhorn/Ravenor Saga, will there be a story about mine and my mates favourite showboating gunman Bex Begundi? As we love that cat and we don't think he got enough "air time" as it were.. also will there be any more spin offs from the Gaunts Ghost series? as Titanicus and Double Eagle were awesomeness on toast!

Cheers dude

The Gerg

Recalcitrant041 said...

No, the man whom many chapters of this omnibus will be devoted to is none other than Trooper Luclus, isn't that right, Monsignor Abnett?

davetaylor said...

I'm disappointed I won't be able to make it to Toronto this weekend Dan. I was hoping to show off some of my Blood Pact toy soldiers (and pressure you for info on the next book!), but it is not to be.

Have fun with those crazy Canadians, and punch Dave Noyle in the shoulder for me ; ) - he'll be expecting it, honestly!


Fantomex said...

Oh me oh my, questions!

Just to follow on from the Mkvenner vs Nayl, another battle to the death question:
John Grammaticus or Zygmunt Molotch?
I'm actually totally unsure of the possible outcome..

Anonymous said...

Hi Dan, those videos are fantastic! I was just wondering, if the world doesn't end with the end of Gaunt's Ghosts (and i'm not convinced it won't) will there be life after the ghosts, for you?
I mean, could you ever start a new epic about a completely different set of Imperial Guard characters, seeing as how the ghosts are quite a big part of your life?
(Sorry for the long question)

Christopher Meyer said...

Games Day Toronto is great and all, but when are you going to come to the States? :) would love to get a handful of books signed :D

My questions for question time on YouTube:
1) While I thoroughly enjoy the Gaunt's Ghosts series (and, being a scout myself, that's two fold) when are they finally going to get a planet to themselves? Or will they?

2) When are you going to write a wrap up story (short or novel) to Darkblade? Or are there even any plans to?

Anonymous said...

A YouTube question:

Will we ever learn what happened to the two 'missing' Space Marine Legions? There are a few hints in the Horus books, but will there ever be a straight answer?


Anonymous said...

Toronto, Eh? (could not help myself.)
Im a 45 minute drive, going to come and probably harass you for killing off Corbec! WHY!
I am looking forwards to Game Day.


Nash said...

Ok, I have a question I've been longing to ask for a while but never got the occasion to before:

Is there a plan for a "The Sabbat Worlds Crusade: The Later Years" background book?

Boom said...

Hi there Dan, another question...

Have you ever thought about reviving the Necromunda series? And are you allowed to expand on why they ended that line of novels?

Reid Denton said...

One of the greatest things that creates the depth of the culture of chaos forces is their language. My question is what is the inspiration and source of the chaos language used by the blood pact and sons of sek in your books? Also what is the inspiration of the language used by the Until dwellers in Gereon?


whosthechamp said...


I was wondering how I could contact you, and man.. Have to say, Wikipedia really pulled through for me by giving me this blog!

Anyways, just wanted to drop in to heap praise on you and Andy for all the work you've done with the Cosmic Universe of Marvel. I Can not WAIT to see what you do with the classic GoTG team you two have revived, and I am highly intrigued with Monark Starstalker... I've done my homework on him, and am very interested to see what angle you two take.

One last thing... I see you love to bring back forgotten characters, and so I BEG you to bring back one that you two
created years ago who would work amazingly well for the cosmic landscape: Century! Please Dan... PLEASE.

lol, thanks for all your work. You two are easily my favorite creative team.

Big said...

Oh yes this year is my year, Games Day here i come...MMUUWWAAHAHAHAA.
I still owe some people a dance!

Xhalax said...

We'll see Big. We'll see!

Anonymous said...

What About Double eagle 2?

Anonymous said...

Ok, I have a question I've been longing to ask for a while:

What about the future of Sabbat Crusade and another great books: "The Sabbat Worlds Crusade: The Later Years" and Double eagle 2?

Anonymous said...

Really, i hope that someone will kill the mighty apostles! And the question - Double eagle 2?

Anonymous said...

How many arcs the Ghosts story would have? And what about another background book about The Sabbat Worlds Crusade?

Big said...

New and Goucci home page love it!

Anonymous said...

Hi Dan

Just watching your videos on youtube and a thought hit me.

Ever thought of bringing Lijah Cuu back as a Daemon?

Anonymous said...

I want to apologies from the begining, but...
Mister Abnett i beg you dont tell me that you dont have Chaos Space Marines and loxatls in Blood Pact!
Where are the real challenge? The blood pact troopers are so dead when they meet the Ghosts, that at least at Armour of Contempt and Only in death i dont feel any real danger for the ghosts. Or and what about the personalities of the enemy. At the last 3 books the enemy has no face. We have no fellings for chaosits, they are weak and pathetic! Make another Saggitar Slaith, show us Anakwanar Sek, Word bearers Dark Apostle, loxatl brood command, something!
Do something before we dont slip from the Tanith serie.

Or at least show us Double eagle 2 - Interceptor city!