Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Babel Clash 2: Electric Boogaloo

Just thought I’d re-remind all of you that Im guest blogger over at the BORDERS sci-fi blog Babel Clash (link in the post below). It’s going well, and thanks to those of you who have already turned up to hurl vegetables at the stocks. In fact, I really shouldn’t draw attention to the fact that I’ve posted there two days in a row AND answered questions, because it will make painfully clear what a laggard I am here. I will do better. I will. It’s one of my New Year Resolutions.

To prove my point:

BigWill - I’m not sure how they compare, but a comparison would necessarily involve tests in sneaking about and hiding behind trees, which the Tanith would obviously win. My favorite chapter (apart from the iron Snakes, because that’s mine) is the Imperial Fists (this is not a lie or a joke, so don’t wait for a punchline). Incidentally, my least favorite was always the Wolves, but Prospero Burns is rapidly changing that.

Willard - thank you, me too, and see my previous answer.

frieslander - David, I can’t imagine what you mean ;)
Yes, I suppose some fair-minded, generous, liberal-thinking Astartes might be quite impressed by the Tanith. a) do you know any? and b) even then, they’d be quite condescending.

Lars - I don’t think so. Then again, Monsters Inc (a fine film) isn’t the first story to use the idea of a magic door either. By the way, it’s a pen AND a keyboard.

Big - yes, yes! Away with the cartoony garnish! Big, these Wolves are so ****ing mean and tough, they are going to ****ing come round Horus’s crib and **** him up so ****ing nasty, he won’t be able to ******* without a **** and two sturdy ***** ****. Actually, they are so ****ing ***** and ******* ***** *****, they don’t even like being called Space Wolves. THAT’S how hard they are!

Matthew - I know, but this is big and bright American Borders, where dreams still dream to be dreamed. Plus, you never know, you might get yourself a lovely taupe portcullis thing.


Will Wright said...

Zing Zang ZooM.
I love the Fists too,wait that sounded wrong.
I love the Imperial Fists too,I'm trying to put together ad-hoc force of 1st and 10th.
The Alphas and Omegas if you will :)
I cannot wait to read what you do with them come siegetime.

Flekkzo said...

Here's to more fists love, ehrm, I mean Imperial Fists love! Got me a mash of first (Lysander and Termies), third (because I wanted something else than red/black), and fifth myself being in various stages of done.

Also love those wolves. Prospero Burns sounds like a buy for sure:)

Mr. Abnett, you got good taste. You may write more books if you wish:)

Matthew Churchill said...

You wait ages for one blog and then two come along at once. And now you've come out of the closet, I'm with you about the Imperial Fists too. And it sounds like I'm not the only one.
Fisting all the way,
Matthew Churchill.

HiWayRobry said...

I was always partial to the Hawk Lords, because I love their color (or colour if you wish) scheme!! Plus, they had no real GW background so I could make up any ol' shite that pleased me! Cuz I'm like that.

TheSGC said...

Dan-I've really really been a huge fan of Garviel Loken since the first HH book. I know that he really is past material, and that you have been asked Q's about him in the past, but here's the question anyway: have you just put him in the past, or can he play a distinct role by "surviving a few virus bombs and Abaddon and co."? Because I really can rest with the fact that he is a dead hero, but this really has been nagging at me for quite some time.

Will Wright said...

@ theSGC you may want to check Dans Interviews on You Tube for the answer to that question and so so much more.

Adelie High said...

Youtube videos are over here somewhere. Once you hit one you shouldn't have any trouble finding the one you're looking for.


Anonymous said...

good questions - nice answers!
But i hate f.....g Prospero burns/
Because of that Leman Russ freaks, Iam waiting for New Gaunt Ghosts Warmaster book till autumn!
I really hope that mister Abnett dont forget about them - yep and us their fun-club

Anonymous said...

Iam not a writer but even i knew about the space for books!!!!

Please mister Abnett at last kill someone of the popular Ghosts!
Like Hark or Daur - Rawne or Banda:
Kolea or Criid; Dorden or Mkoll; but better ugly Brostin (in flames please) or Larkin (that small one has to die)
And for real from 10 book we dont lose someone important - and that feels like Gaunt Ghosts are immortal! If thats the case make them necrons!

About Guard - from all Black library stuff - only Aaron-Bowden in Cadian Blood makes it fill like real tension - Guard vs Chaos Space Marines! Even if on only 3 pages - it feels real!

And for God sake, dont rush your ending in books!

Anonymous said...

1) Yeah, I really wonna see liberal-thinking Astartes - maybe in Salvation Reach they would be fighting with Ghosts - Iron Snakes i think!
Thats good - because in 13-th book of the serie we shall see the real threat to the Ghosts -combine army of CSM-Sons of Sek-Loxatl and some new bizarre chaos threat.
Thats my dream!

And Dan make the real personification for chaos - Baltasar Eyl - its something that was missing in serie from the Traitor General book!

frieslander said...

I know of a few Astarte who aren't utterly arrogant. A few Ultramarines and Imperial Fist as written be a certain Scotsman of your aquaintence.
And the Salamanders, both in the fluff and in Nick Kyme's Novel.
Also the Spaced Wolves respect any one who can fight. Actualy thinking about it, the Space Wolves's Chapter Master's reaction to the aftermath of the First Battle for Armageddon (when the hive world was invaided by the World Eaters and Khornate daemons) is a case in point as to what a Space Marine may think of normal Humans who go abouve and beyond what can be asked of them.
It also may be worth looking at Anthony Reynalds most reacent Word Bearers novel to see what the White Consuls think of the Guard regiment involved, once the ground war starts.
So there is infact many instances of Guard being well thought of by the Astarte. And with 1000(ish) Chapters good scope for other's to think the same.

frieslander said...

oh, and my mention of Khorn in that last comment has reminded me of something. Even though at on time or another (in one form or another) you've written about all 4 Chaos powers. However Khorn seems to crop up the most (and Slaanesh and Nurgle the least). Do you consiously favour Khorn the most, and is there a reason for this?

Phillip said...

You tell him Frieslander! Space Marines are not all barely restrained psychopaths who look down on humanity. The Space Wolves & Salamanders are two chapters who seems have kept their links to humanity.

Though to be fair Dan did ask if you knew any...and if you do, personally, it may be time for the special pills :)