Monday, January 18, 2010

Babel Clash

So, as part of a serious New Years Resolution-y effort to get my blog-a-rhythms pulsing along at a more regular lick, you are hereby given notice that as of the 19th of January, which is this coming Tuesday, I will be the latest guest blogger on Babel Clash, the BORDERS sci-fi blog. This can be found at

I’ll be in the driving seat there for the next two weeks, posting at least something every day, so pop along and take a peek. And comment. You know how to comment, don’t you? You just put your cursor on the link and click...

“Will there be a theme to your ramblings?” I hear you ask. Is there ever? Honestly? How long have you known me? Do I ever stick to a point? Nominally, I will be talking about (and taking questions about) writing in someone else’s Universe (which is, of course, what I do at Marvel and Black Library). But I may digress. You all know I am very easily distrac... oh look! That dog’s got a puffy tail!

Where was I? Oh yeah... I was on Babel Clash, the BORDERS sci-fi blog. Let’s go!


Dan Abnett said...

And while'st I'm at it... ZING, baby!

Will Wright said...

Wow a Zing from the man himself,nice.

I had a wierd thought the other day How would you compare the Tanith compare as scouts to Ultramarine Sgt Tellion?

Also what is your favorite Marine Chapter?

Forgotmytea said...

Sounds good, going to be watching that blog now =)

Will Foxton said...

Can I just say I absolutely loved your teaser for A Thousand Sons / Prospero burns?

I have a long time loathing of Space Wolves. I've always thought they were silly. I mean Space Vikings, come on? I've always hated how they've often been portrayed in the tabletop game as "just like Space Marines, but better".

And now, that trailer has made me excited about a Space Wolves novel . Not just excited, more excited about that release than almost any other GW release this year.

Well, gush of praise over, but really, really, excited. Thanks!

frieslander said...

You know sometimes I honestly get the feeling that you don't take any of this seriously :)
On a serious note though, and with reference to one of the abouve comments, hoe would the Astarte view the Tanith, they are beter than average guardsmen and have faced down deamons, Chaos Space Mariens at only 2:1 advantage in the Tanith's favour, spent time (relatively) unchanged on a highly spiritualy Toxic chaos world, seen through chaos ruses, and have had the blessings of a Saint. I can almost imagin a Captain/Chaplain/Libraian/Chapter Masters's eyes bulgeing as there exclam "they've done what? And in only how many years?
Looking forwad to Prosporo.
David :)

Lars said...

Heh, I have a little question. During the weekend I was slouching on the couch, enjoying the Ravenor Omnibus, while my wife was busy correcting some homework from her students. All the while, the Pixar animation Monsters Inc. was running in the background.

As I was reading the passage in Ravenor Rogue concerning the "magic door" where our heroes get stuck on the tyranid-infested world, and I mean at the exact same time, the two main characters from Monsters Inc are going through a somewhat similar experience, getting dumped in the Himalayas through, you guessed it, a magic door.

Where you in any way inspired by this movie, consciously or subconsciously, or did you just pull the idea about the magic door out of nowhere? :)

Anyway, I enjoyed the read immensly, and I'm looking forward to more action from your pen/keyboard.

- Lars

Big said...

Yeh i think we are gonna see some real purpose behind the Wolves, and hopefully some of the cartoony garnish is going to be Torn off!
Sounds like we are gonna be given at least a reason why they are the way they are.If you think that the Blood Angels at this time havnt got a screw loose,it makes the Wolves all the more exceptional for the time!

Matthew Churchill said...

Heading over there now...
Although I may shed a tear. I haven't been the same since Borders Cardiff closed down.