Saturday, November 20, 2010

Weblogs are Go!

The first of the promised weblogs are now up, thanks to Adelie High (thanks, Adelie!). If you'd like to hear me talking about Prospero Burns, click here, and if you'd like to hear me talking about the Ghosts, click here.

Adelie recorded about two hours of me rabbiting away, so there will be more to come, and I honestly did work through every question that appeared here or on Facebook (though my answers to some queries may have been so incomprehensible that they ended up on the cutting room floor).

In case it does get snipped, I'll just go on record here and say IN A LOUD VOICE how much I recommend The First Heretic by New York Times Bestselling Author Aaron Dembski-Bowden. See the man himself talk here. I knew him when he was all fields, you know.

Also of gigantic excitement is the unabridged (yes, una-fething-bridged) audio book of Graham's Thousand Sons. Can we contain ourselves? No, I don't believe we flippin' well can, actually.

Thanks to Nathan Long, I discovered the following four pieces of genius. Enjoy.

Xhalax - a prize was awarded for the most compelling question, and the asker knows who they are. Your questions were splendid, and much appreciated, however. And the knitted Ghostie has indeed got a name. You know what it is, don't you? It's Ban. Of course it is.

Our Hussar ghostie is very active right now, BTW. Maybe Halloween shook him up. I'm not sure what he's up to, but the cats are really bothered by something. Maybe it's because they're building a new library across the road where the original barracks was sited in 1797. Maybe they've dug up something they shouldn't have. Maybe there's a spooky story in that. Maybe it's a real life spooky story, and I'm in it.

It's Saturday, so let's finish by taking a peek in the note book.

Idea for a one panel cartoon #12
A very inebriated wine maker is showing some guests around his winery, gesturing towards the vast wooden vats.
Caption: "But it was when we fell into the vat of red wine that we started to see things with greater clarety.”

Idea for a one panel cartoon #23
In the dark and claustrophobic confines of a U-boat, a chiseled commander in a white polo-neck retracts the periscope and looks at his smartphone.
Caption: Subtext.

Idea for a one panel cartoon #641
We are looking in through the cockpit windows of the Millennium Falcon as it accelerates into hyperdrive and the stars go stripy. Han glances casually across at Chewbacca.
Caption: “I like what you've done with your hair.”


Xhalax said...

Awesome sauce, sir! And congrats to the winner, whoever you are!

And I do hope that the naming isn't an evil, Tyranid-shaped, limb-ripping portent of Doom!

Nick Sharps said...

Best part?

"Kill Larkin and Dorden."

That was pretty sweet. Thanks for the update!

Anonymous said...

1) Thank you for answering my questions about CSM IN SERVICE of Anarch whose words draws all the others!

2) Ty about the Salvation reach - some fleet action - hurrraaayyyyyy!

3) And yes kill Larkin and Dorden - just splendid!

Will Wright said...

Just saw the vids.
I feel so bad,
Non Alcoholic Ale :0
You are the Space Wolf from legends past who was banned from drinking Ale

Anonymous said...

Well, i think we must tell you thanks for answers! Ghost video was really fantastic - especially in the end with your note=)

But could we see some Sons of Sek?
And what about the personality of the enemy - like in Blood Pact?

Big said...

Another great weblog from you and Adelie well done! really cheered up my evenings...fookin winner!

Adelie High said...

Comic talk over here, weblog-wise:

Das said...

Loved the comic ideas as always. Out of curiosity would it be at all possible to get a transcript of those web blogs for those hearing impaired amongst us?

Adelie High said...

Here we go again:

Adelie High said...

First batch of Horus Heresy questions answered over here:

Nick Sharps said...

Just finished Blood Pact, I can't wait to see more of Mabbon. I don't know why but I kind of liked him. Hurry up and write Salvation's Reach! please :)

Anonymous said...

I HOPE that Mabbon charged the Ghosts with the Sons of Sek encounter on the chaos Despoiler battleship =)

Pack_master said...

@ Xhalax & Dan, concerning the interview on "Prospero Burns":

You mentioned the Fenrisian Year lasting 3 standard years, but that's wrong. It's only 2 years as written in "Chapter Approved" and at least 2 Space Wolves codexes (what's the plural of this word?). Also, Bill King stated that Ragnar was approx. 7 or 8 Fenris' years old when reaching manhood, what supports this.

Nick Sharps said...

@ Pack_master

Codices :)

Anonymous said...

AC said.....



didn't know that about the losing of the Honour Guard draft then Lijah Cuu was introduced in the re-write. not content with spiriting away Primarchs, the chaos gods prey on the actual writers....

Blitzspear said...

Bugger i forgot about the questions for the weblog thingy.
On a different note Ultramarine comes out on my sons birthday, is it suitable for a 4 year old?

Pack_master said...

So, finally watched all the new interviews that to this point of the night are released by Adelie.

But I have a small request: could you speak a bit slower next time? As a German, I pride myself on my good english and good hearing, but I was stretched to my limits there ;)

cor said...

hopefully the next inquisiitor trilogy will be done before the apocalypse in 2012 actually happens.

mmmm maybe the trilogy will be the catalyst for this predicted apocalypse it will be so awesome it will cause the universe to implode just a though :)

Big said...

Pack master - well said, 2 years it is!
How did i let that slip past me

Snufkin said...

John Grammaticus! Definitely one of my favorite characters of yours. Kill him again please!
Also good to hear the snipers are getting some more action in Gaunt's ghosts. Is Larkin going to meet his angel again??

Finally, Daur is an awesome character, but a tyranid limb-ripping would be a classy way to go XD

Boom said...

Just came up with a great question which would be both ghost and HH in nature.

Which expeditionary force/legion found Tanith?

Anonymous said...

Mr.Abnett i regret that you haven't answered my question.

But at least could you tell me - is there a big space fleet battle in Salvation Reach?
(I waiting for it the last 5 years)

And have you already began writing the book? And when could we hope to read it - next November?

Adelie High said...

I sat for a good few of hours interviewing Dan, and I haven't cut all the interviews yet, so keep watching out for the answers to your questions, if they haven't appeared so far.

I'll keep you all posted, but the films are pretty easy to find on YouTube. There are now seven posted, representing about an hour of questions and answers.

Adelie High said...

A little more of what you fancy, with another to follow tomorrow.

Zecharius said...

Well that's a shame about The Emperor. Seem's Chuck might be a better father if he gets the chance.

While I'm on it: Mr. Abnett, do you happen to listen to any music while writing fabulously, whether it's 40k or other endeavors? And if so, do you have a favorite artist in particular?

Adelie High said...

Dan talks about movies

Lee B said...

Top videos Dan, But the four pieces of genius caught my eye. Tintin in Innsmouth! Can i continue to read Lovecraft without imagining the narrator as Tintin?!! Still the artwork is great.
P.s. If your into Lovecraft checkout the H.P. Lovecraft archive. Excellent

Anonymous said...

Hey, I really enjoy all of Dan's books. Especially Titanicus and the Ghost's series (I have all of them). I have two questions:

1)Will there be a sequel to Titanicus?

2)Is MkVenner really dead in the Ghost's series because it doesn't seem like it?

barlu said...

Dear Mr Abnett

Malcador the Sigillite
he is a very compelling and complex man.
i just want to thank you for the lighting tower
Malcador's command over rogal dorn wile forcing him to work through his... "fears"/ apprehension was fantistic
will we see more of him? and not just in the garo novels
i know that he is a very large character but his use of ornate objects to prove a point makes for a great read (persional opinion)
thanks barlu