Tuesday, September 13, 2011

VLOGS! As promised!

Here's me answering some questions, courtesy of Adelie. Yes, I be vlogging.

The first one's on the Battle of Calth.

And so's the second one.

More to come. She couldn't shut me up.


Blitzspear said...

Zing......LOL i read it as VOLGS and thought Abnett dose retro ABC Warriors huzzar but no just me being dyslexic lol.

Colonel Shofer said...

Enjoyed very much TY.


Anonymous said...

Nice video :-) btw, while translating one of your novels, my friend noticed you use the word grin almost on every other page. We checked some other novels and it seems your characters are prone to grinning despite grimdark :-D perhaps a signal that the Imperium is up for a lucky break? :-)

Anonymous said...

Is that the new office? If so - liking the bright and shiny view rather than the dungeon. If not, it sounds/looks like a 'me' kind of room - sparsely decorated with blocks of colour.


Say 'hi' to Nik for me.

Doghouse said...

Very interesting video, totally agree with the decision to tell Calth from the perspective of the Ultramarines. Looking forward to reading that.

Do you ever plan to explain a little more on the organisation of the Legions so that when the Codex change is made there is a clear distinction between the two?

Stuff like how squads were organised, details of the platoons mentioned in the Artwork books and how they marked squads would be great for us pre-heresy modelling fans.


Boom said...

The Legion of the Damned idea is brilliant!

I'm surprised no one asked about another Alpha Legion book. The last ended in such a cliff hanger and Age of Darkness leaves the question of which side they are truly on. Any possibilities of seeing the twins again?

Anonymous said...

We have asked about the Alpha Legion before. At least I did. They have cropped up in various short stories (very nicely done, too.) and I'm hoping that someone gets to write a second Alpha Legion book.

Nik Vincent said...

Tim - That's one of our many rooms in progress, but it will be the dining room; the print behind Dan's head is actually one of mine, so I'm glad you approve.

Anonymous said...

You don't fancy coming over to Canada once we've relocated to help us decorate do you?

And 'Hi!'