Friday, September 23, 2011

For those of you who...

haven't seen the vlogs, yet, here's the full line-up of the latest batch of interviews with Addy... Don't let that put you off looking at some of the older videos too; hindsight is a magical thing.


Will Wright said...

Great stuff Dan
Any way I can get you to kill my 40k dopelganger in the upcoming Bequin books,it would make my year ;)

James said...

Just watching your blogs (and can't get twitter to send message so posting here) I got to say Prospero Burns is by far one of your best books. It's also one of the best sci-fi I've read (I own 50,000 ish books, I'm not kidding, I can't bring myself to throw a book away! So I've read a lot of sci-fi). I think you give the HH something other than 40k geeks only. My friends who can't stand 40k liked Prospero Burns a lot, some have even gone and brought it for themselves now they have poured coffee/tea and god knows what on mine!

Will Wright said...

Just downloaded Salvation's Reach.
Damn as a yank I just love the download option.
It always burned my britches that I would have to wait a month later than the UK.
Then I would have to troll the boards carefully not to catch spoilers.
The reenforcements from Belladon Kick Ass,they better get thier own spinoff

Anonymous said...

Spoiler alert

Mister Abnett reread Salvations Reach and again it awesome but i cant attend to GDUK in person soo have questions here

Dan please explain to me your 4 points in Salvation Reach:

1) Why Tormaggedon doesnt kill the Armaduke - explain of Silver Guard is bullshit - the battleship doesnt even need to stop to put 1-2 volleys to annihilate a frigate - its fething battleship!

2) Again this Tormaggedon watch and listen all Imperial attack on fortress when it could simply come side by side to Armaduke and blast it to atoms stranding the Ghosts? And after the Ghosts run it began to pursue?

3) What an idiot Anarch would be to believe that story about Blood Pact attacking his Sons - when they have ghosts bodies and video footage from camera identifying attackers as imperials? And the ghosts doesnt even have the scars to convince that they are Blood Pact?

4) Really iam in total loss now about Mabbon Etogaur - the Blood Pact want him dead, The Sons of Sek want him dead, Demon Ship spared him, he working with imperials but smiling the evil smile in the end! Is he working for Quick the Eyeless or for tyranids?????
And you remember that except Gaur and Anakwanar aslo Quick the Eyeless is alive - and he have great support after his colossal victory at Parthenope! Third power?

Anonymous said...

Hi Dan!

I think i have your writer life settled for 5 years at least. You need to write =):

1/Double Eagle 2 (The first and most important book from you=)
2/Gaunt Ghosts books 14-15
3/ Bequin Trilogy (3 books - gaking trilogy)
4/Know no fear
5/Book about Narmenians or Pardus tankers
6/ Book about Imperial Navy in Sabbat Worlds Crusade
7/ Titanicus 2
8/ New Sabbat Worlds crusade background book (later years of Crusade)
9/ Book about Milo and Sabbat
10/ Little Gaunt 1-3 books!
11/ Lone Wolves 2
12/ New 2 Malus books

See! I have your life settled =)

Will Wright said...

Dans writing list is starting to look like the hundreds of models I have that I will never paint if I live to be 100.
And yet I always seem to be buying a new model every few weeks go figure.
You forgot the last Horus Heresy book ;)
McNeil might be bigger but like Jamie Madrox he cannot handle 100 Dan Clones.
I see Dan winning the Honor Duel no sweat.:)

Ren said...

Okay Dan,
what's the deal with no info the the audio of the Keeler Imagage. We were teased then there's just a Black Library page that reads:
Thorn and Talon?
I want a Vlog about these, especially since you talked about Eisenhorn and the Trilogy.

Duke_Leto said...

What REN said (stop teasing - what happened to the Keeler Image).

I second the list of books by Anonymous but would add:

2 x short story anthologies linking up the Eisenhorn-Ravenor-Bequin trilogies (along with a series of audio books). In effect the whole lot becomes an "Inquisition Series" ala Gaunt's Ghost series!

Anonymous said...

Dan hello to you! I have 6 thoughts about what are you planning for Ghosts - hehe:

1)Cant would be one of the main characters because he is the last one saved by Dorden!
2) Meryn would saved the regiment in the last book of this ark as atonement and Didi would die in the manner of Cuu!
3) Spika and Eadwin woyld die=)
4)Chass become adjutant for Kolea
5) Blenner will find his courage and will save Gaunt!
6) Mabbon is the first genestealer hybrid=) Joking! Mabbon is a tripple agent and working for Anarch really destroying Blood Pact and making place for Sek as Archon!

Have i won a price ?

Big said...

And how did i miss these..watching now!!

Big said...

You danced merrily through those questions like a Ninjabread man! wicked stuff!! i personally see the Tanith going the way of the Lucifer Blacks , becoming individuals of some renown being prized as great scouts and vets, even by Astartes!
Will we see the Lucifer Blacks again or ever here there story?? what about there descendants in 40k? great vlogs keep em comin Dan.

Will Wright said...

Good Call Big!
A Lucifer Black story in the next HH anthology mash up would be awesome.
Halfway through Reach right now,
Damn Dan I do not know how you do it but each Gaunt book is better than the next.
Pretty soon you will not even be able to read them they will glow like the briefcase in Pulp Fiction.

Unknown said...

Awesome videos! Love hearing about Gaunt's Ghosts and some of your other writings. That 10,000 hours thing is a bit disheartening :/ but true, I suppose...more writing for me, then.

Also found it interesting you put fans in your books :) I may have to throw my request in there sometime.

I just ordered my copy of "Salvation's Reach" and I can't wait to get my nose into it!

Marco said...

Hi Dan,

I think I have a question for your next Q&A Video session:
Why does the Black Library produce abridged audiobooks? They are not producing abridged books, are they? ;)

It feels a little like getting cheated...


Matija Tomljenović said...

Pozdrav Dan!

I am a great fan of your Eisenhorn and Ravenor series, and can`t wait for the Bequin trilogy. Now with that little bit of sychophancy out of the way, I have a few questions about Know No Fear, specifically about some Ultramarines stuff.

Question 1: Will there be some deeper insight into the Ultramarines cultural background, specifically the Roman and Greek influences and theme of the XIII Legion, and the pre-Imperial Ultramar society? OK, that was more like 2 questions.

Question 2: Will Marius Gage make an appearance?

Question 3: Will the Codex Astartes be mentioned in any way?

Question 4: Final question; do you have plans on defining the organisation and structure of the XIII Legion? Specifically the names of the commanders, numbers of Marines in each company and stuff like that?

Matt said...

Cheers, Dan, I really like your vlogs. Will have to have a watch when things calm down for me life-wise (in about 6 years!)

Oh, and I've emailed these to potentially interested folk.

Matt Badham

Anonymous said...

Hi Dan,

Whens the next ghost book coming out? Also whens double eagle 2 (interceptor city???) getting penned?

Seriously love the ghosts though, i love characters, hate others and wish i was as cool as Rawne or MkVenner and im 24!!

Anyway would just like to say thankyou for all the awesome literature over the years.

Sean Waller