Friday, November 05, 2010

Gunpowder Plotting...

I'm thinking of getting Adelie to film me again for a weblog - it's been ages since I did one. I'm therefore going to need some questions to answer. They can be about 40K, Marvel, 2000AD, Angry Robot, cloning for pleasure and profit, whatever you like, really. Post them here and I'll see what I can do to answer them. There may even be a prize for the most imaginative query.

Thinking caps to maximum.


Madclaw said...

I always love to hear about the 40k or maybe the future of the Marvel Cosmic range?

Henry said...

Here's a Marvel question, what was the biggest draw of taking on the Heroes For Hire gig? Which were the characters or concepts that really ignited your passion for the job? And what villains can we see the Heroes tangling with? (come on Batroc!) Okay, that was more then one question.

Dan said...

Are we likely to see more of the Iron Snakes or your investigators from Fear The Alien?

Xhalax said...

Dear Mr. Abnett.

I am currently thinking about getting some clones to help me with the mountain of things I have to do so it will free up some of my time so I can do something like learn to joust or actually kill a Balrog or just sleep in more often. However, having clones makes me wonder about one thing, which I hope you may be able to answe to satisfy my worries about clones.

Do you and your clones share a collective consciousness?


Also why did you choose Gol Kolea to become the Vervenhive Major?

Boom said...

Hey Dan, couple of questions :)

1) Given that Marvel seems to be heading towards the cosmic universe in their movies with both Thor and Cap't America having cosmic easter eggs in them, do you see them making a Nova movie or a Guardians of the Galaxy movie? And given the addition of script writing to your resume and the fact that you and AL have basically saved the cosmic line for Marvel, would you be interested in writing the script for either of those movies?

2)Just finished the Sabbat Worlds Anthology(which was fethin' great!) and was wondering if we'll ever see Milo and the Saint ever again?

3) What's the progress on Young Gaunt and Eisenhorn vs Ravenor?

Thanks Dan. Keep up the great work! Can't wait for what's next!

Jon said...

I'd like to back the questions of the possibility of more Eisenhorn/Ravenor-esque novels or stories. Even though I absolutely gnaw the skin of my knuckles waiting for the next Ghosts/Heresy books

I think the Inquisitor/Blade Runner(?) style is very refreshing and brings the whole W40k universe to a whole new level of immersion.

Oh and a mind-bender I haven't been able to shake; how many actual Tanith are left in the First-and-Only?

Opec said...

Are we going to read more about the Emperor of Mankind? Will he keep his elevated position to the reader or will we get some insight on him?
His feelings, his daubts? Sure, he´s a superhuman beeing, but all of his sons show some human traits after all

Kier Sparey said...

Hey Dan!

I've always wondered about a number of your characters names and their references. I've noticed some names fit the character or regiment, like Larkin the Tanith and Larkin the Poet or the Volpone's being 'Bluebloods'.

Do you name them for the characters mannerisms or do you form them around the names?

Matthías Páll Gissurarson said...

Hey Dan! I always wondered how one makes the sign of the Aquila? Could you show us?

Regards, Tritlo

David said...

Hello Dan,

When you're naming characters, do you try to come up with consistent-sounding names for different cultures/factions (i.e. the Tanith, the Luna Wolves)? Do you ever take inspiration from real-world cultures?

Jesus said...


Of all the characters you've written about, which do you feel you have the closest attachment/ similarities to?

Jonathan D. Beer said...

Dear Dan,

Can you talk any more about your work with Magic Leap Studios and The Hour Blue? Their website is delightfully cryptic but has hints of greatness, and perhaps a steampunk-themed offering?

Many thanks,

Anonymous said...

While I'm excited to hear that Graham has taken on the Apostles for the Sabbat Worlds anthology, I'm still eagerly waiting to hear when we might expect Interceptor City - or frankly, anything else about Interceptor City other than the title.

Unknown said...

Hi Dan,

I'm always impressed by the vast descriptive lexicon you draw from when setting the scene in your 40K novels, particularly the Eisenhorn and Ravenor trilogies (speaking of which, any hints on when the next Inquisitor series is coming out?).

Can you give any hints or tips for aspiring writers on how to amass the kind of vocabulary that you use when writing for Inquisitor?

Jason said...

Dear Mr. Abnett,
With regard to the upcoming Bequin Trilogy (sub. Ravenor vs. Eisenhorn), will Eisenhorn have a better solution to his injuries than the clumsy (and quite frankly for this reader painful to read about) exoskeleton he adapted at the end of Hereticus, and was still using in Thorn wishes Talon? I know that the exoskeleton fits very well with the feel of 40K. Just as I realize that his decision to press the fight at the end of Hereticus was taken with the knowledge that he would never be able to fully recover with flawless cybernetics, and I would not want to see that sacrifice reduced in value. I am even aware that you were writing to a fixed end point as Eisenhorn was a character in the Inquisitor game. But given that your novels have transcended (and outlasted) that game, it would be nice to see Eisenhorn’s perpetual suffering reduced (at least somewhat).

Also, and hoping that you can answer this probably falls under the category of wishful thinking, assuming that Medea Betancourt left her shipbuilding business (with, I would assume, a mighty fine ship in the tradition of the Eisenhorn’s beloved Guncutter) to once again adventure with the Inquisition, who will we see her teamed up with, Ravenor or Eisenhorn, in the Bequin Trilogy?

I hope this finds you well,

Anonymous said...

Reading Blood Pact at the moment, Will the Ghosts ever meet Warmaster Macaroth? and is the Victory arc the last arc?. Will there every be a sequel to Double Eagle?

Thomas said...

Greetings Mighty Dabnett!

Could you tell me if you will be doing an audio commentary for the Ultramarines DVD? Ive enjoyed your interviews in the past and think it'd be aces, thanks!

Somnicide said...

Do you enjoy writing comic books or novels more?

Which is more satisfying to see on the shelf?

Have you ever broken a mirror and then made a clone stand on the other side while you brushed your teeth to make sure you got each one?

Brother Richard said...

Great to hear your interview on 40k Radio. Your comment on CGI use in Ultramarines movie reminds me of the Starship Troopers Series. The first movie was good, the second used a bad script from aliens and the third lost the fan base and lacked a good budget. Yet I became a big fan of the CGI/Cartoon Series they came out with later. I look forward to viewing your work and wonder if you get to work on the next movie?

Aegis said...

Mr Abnett,

First a big thankyou from everyone at the serpents lair alpha legion forum for writing legion.

second is the question (can you guess what its about?).will we see another alpha legion book from you in the heresy series?.

and just to settle a side bet, how tall is alpharius? mesured in inches or centermetres you can decide.


Sean said...

Firstly thank you for writing 40K, you are my hero.

Now my question: What is your favourite colour of M&M and why?

ian said...

You wrote the screenplay the upcoming Ultramarines movie.

If any of your 40k work could be made into a movie what would it be and why?

I'd love to see Eisenhorn myself.

Matthew Parody said...

What's the difference between the UK and US Editions of your book Triumpff?? And which do you suggest I purchase?
Thank you.

James Nicolaou said...

Can you tell us a bit more about your plans for the heresy series in the future?


Anonymous said...

Do you ever feel like you're failing to meet the "vibe" of 40k fluff with your portrayal of the Imperium as flawed, but ultimately righteous - instead of the older portrayal of a psychotic galactic dystopia? Or do you, as I do, consider it an evolution of the canon, adding more depth to what was once a somewhat one-dimensional aspect of the universe?

Anonymous said...

What is a pinch of peck? Is it snuff?

frieslander said...

I would also like to know how many Tanith are left in the 1st and Only.
I would also like to know if you'd want to write a second Iron Snakes novel perhaps a book or series of Hammer & Bolter shorts covering their Undertackings during the Sabbat Worlds Crusade (they are after all mentioned on a few occasions).
Some interplay between the "Codex" Imperial Fist and the "Non-Codex" but well ultimatly meaning Iron Snakes would be brilliant :)

Pack_master said...

Hello again, Dan.

As having read "Regicide" (and, of course, greatly enjoyed it), do you know of any plans to build on that? To maybe further support the author? The end, to find further use of the protagonist, really got to me, and I liked him a lot.

When are we finally going to see the Sons of Sek in action? Real action?

As we are in the final ark of the GG-series (as you told us a while ago), I'm sure a lot of fanatics like me and Xhalax miss certain names. Of course, Xhalax is always missing Ban-ness, but will we have a figure-head encounter with the Beati? We all miss poor Brinny, and while you robbed us of Bragg permanently, will you give us the pleasure of at least having part in the fate of Brin Milo?

Matthew Churchill said...

I had some splendid questions, but I lost them down the back of the sofa in a private member's theatrical club on the Shaftesbury Avenue.
Um... top of the head stuff... Have you ever thought - Oh, I wish I hadn't killed X character, or destroyed planet X, or said that X happened in that public toilet on that night with 12 different witnesses? With the weight of so many novels behind you, do you ever feel burdened by Gauntish, Horusian or Eisenhornian (Eisenhornish? Eisenhorny?) continuity?
How much does what has gone before have a bearing on what you write now? Do you find you now have to research your own work as much as you research other people's before embarking upon a new novel?
I hope I didn't ask this last time round, or I'll feel a bit of a dick.

Chris hibbert said...

Really interested in the ghosts series offshoots, of all the side reel stories I'd live to see more of the god machines - any plans?
Also have you any plans to bring ravenor/eisenhorn into the sabbats crusade to tie in all your novels (might be off on the Time periods but always pictured all your 40k stuff bring interlinked in someway and it would (in my very small) opinion be cool to see them connected!

Rob Rath said...

Do you do your cloning in-house, or is it contracted out to third parties? Have there been any mishaps?

BrianTM said...

Do you take a different approach to writing/plotting short serialized comics such as Sinister/Dexter and Kingdom in comparison to Marvel 22pp comics?

Or do you break down the longer comics into chapters that makes the process much the same?

Duke_Leto said...

Dan- just read "The Strange Demise of Titus Endor" and loved it. Really chomping at the bit now for the much mooted "Eisenhorn & Ravenor" anthology. How many shorts are now in the bag for this? Any idea when this might be completed and published? Obviously I know your writing schedule has been delayed through illness (glad you are mended/ing).

Duke_Leto said...

What areas of W40k would you still like to cover?

What areas of the Horus Heresy would you still like to cover?

Unknown said...

Hi Dan,
i hope you fine.

I have a couple of questions about the Ghosts Universe.
1. What does Urlock Gaur look like? Is there any piece of Artwork about him?
2. Will the Gaur ever personaly feature a Gaunts Ghosts novel? (not just people talking about him)
3. Any chance of seeing McVenner again?

Greetings from germany,

Unknown said...

Hi again,
just came up with two more questions:

1.Have you ever regretted killing a character? Which one do you miss the most?(I personaly mourne Feygor the most)

2.What does your working area look like? Could you as part of your video give us a little tour and show us where the magic happens?


Mike said...

1) What is the best piece of advice YOU were ever given by someone about writing (or life in general...)?

2) What is the secret of creating a memorable character?

3) What do you do in your spare time? Do you HAVE any spare time?

4) What do you want for Christmas?
(That's not an offer, by the way.)

The Bigyin said...

Greetings Dan, I am sure you have heard it all before but thankyou for opening up the 40K universe for older timers like me. It's nice to see an expanded universe of a game a seldom have time to play.

I am interested in how much control you had over defining the nature of Chaos in the 40k universe. Before The Black Library novels Chaos was very much seen percieved as an ultimate evil, I would compare it to the Darkside of Star Wars fame. However in Traitor General, and the Horus Heresy novels the way Chaos is explained, it seems to almost make sense as a worship of choice in a very dark and terrifying universe.

Specifically to Traitor General but just as applicable to the Horus Heresy novels was there a real effort to give credibility to the worship of Chaos?

Another couple Heresy question, do you think closure will be given to the fates of many of the loyalist Primarchs such as Vulkan and Corax? And should we expect the nature of the Emperor and his motives to be explained as the books progress.

Finally, who would win Chuck Norris or The Emperor?

John said...

Do you think it would be possible for orks to capture a carnifex and have a mekboy ride it pulling a stomps with a super shadowsword cannon mounted on its back

John said...

Meant stompa not stomps sorry

John said...

Do you like commissar hats?

John said...

How far can you throw a shriuken?
Have you ever considered throwing two clones of a roof to see if they land the same?
Do you ever see the characters you killed off in your dreams and if so are they angry?
Is that where you get some of your ideas?

John said...

Does the emperor prefer cake or pie?
How many times can you flip a pancake before it falls on the floor?

Pacific said...

Hi Dan

Just read the sample chapter of Prospero Burns and have to say I was swept off my feet by it! Really looking forward for the release of the book now, and the smashing of those lovely glass pyramids!

Re. the new Judge Dredd movie, is it something that you have had any involvement with at all? What are your thoughts on it, have you heard anything from the grapevine that gives you either a positive or negative impression?


James said...

Hello MR. Abnett,

I only have one question:

When will we see lone wolves part 2?

Boom said...

Another question lol,

Whatever happened to the Necromunda line and will we ever see a reemergence of it or at the very least an omnibus?

Artein said...

Nothing imaginative but do you know what will be your next Horus Heresy novel? Can you give us some hints?

Age of Darkness - will we be able to read a short story written by you? Can you tell us something more?

Boom said...

Oh and speaking of reemergence...What about the Sabbat Worlds Crusade book. Any possibility of a reprinting on that one or maybe even an expanded edition?

Sean said...

Will Horus Lupercal ever get the sort of extensive background and character development that Magnus got in "A Thousand Sons" and Lorgar got in "The First Heretic" or has it been decided to keep him ambiguous for now?

Anonymous said...

40k, I'd be sad to see it end, any more Gaunt's Ghost books? and if not, is there any hope for more eisenhorn content?

Shane said...

Here's one that has been twisting our tiny brains here.

If you were casting the Eisenhorn movie, who would play Gregor?

I do have a question on the subject of clones, although it is of slightly lesser importance.

Do you think I could order a clone (or clones) made from my DNA, but more handsome?

Lando_Mange said...

Given the popularity of the seris, and the sucess of THQ's latest games based in the 40K franchise, do you believe there isa market for a Gaunt's Ghosts Video Game?

That's the short version of the question, to clarify;

I mean, it's perfect for a 3rd person shooter, or a turn based 3rd person war Real Time Strategy Game.

Given the talent that GW's got on their Video Game hands, there's in my mind alot of potential here.

Plus, I don't believe you've ever worked on that platform? And would you thus find it intresting/a challenge?

I guess the question is somewhat related to a project or ours, hehe.

//Magnus & Viktor Nystrom

Aaron said...

three questions here;

1) Do you get tired and annoyed when writing 40K stories? I'm asking this because I imagine that after thirteen years or so of writing in the same universe, you'd develope a hate of certain things (e.g. All Space Marines look down on everyone)

2) Which are easier to write in comics; limited series or ongoing series?

3) Are your clones unionised? If not, how do you stop them then, because mine start to refer to themselves as 'We are...' after seeing union representatives which means recycling and this is becoming a costly process now, so any advice would be much appreciated.

Thanks for putting your brilliance to paper, Aaron

Mike said...

Another question;

How do you write for a character that is smarter than you are?

Jason of Baal said...

As a long time 40k Fan, one of the great things about the Horus Heresy novels is seeing the Primarchs brought to life and interacting with the story. Would you mind sharing your thoughts on Sanguinius? What’s it like to write him? And, if you can, what is his relationship with Russ like?

Thank You,
Jason of Baal

Anonymous said...

Is it hard to coordinate all of the various writers working on the Horus Heresy series. Have you ever had to reign in someone else's idead to preserve the flow of future story lines in the Heresy?

Anonymous said...

How does writing a screenplay compare to writing a novel, or a comic?

Could a pariah/blank ever become a Space Marine?


Xhalax said...

Were the differences between the original/lost version of Honour Guard and the published version drastically different? And can you remember any of the major changes that took place?

Colin said...

I'm a big Sinister Dexter fan and was wondering how much time you are able to devote to it these days? The strip seems to appear in relatively short bursts for the last few years even though there's been an ongoing storyline during that time. Is this your choice as you don't get time to write a longer story with all the other things you are doing. Is it Tharg explioting the strips versatility and asking for 6 progs here, or 7 progs there? Or a combination of the two?...

... Ok I think what I'm really asking is will we see a Sinister Dexter continous 'epic' anytime soon? I'd certainly love to see it.

Unknown said...

Any more Triumff in you or was it a one off ?

Schaferlord. said...

Infront of you is a large cake, what type of cake is it?

Would a different clone imagine a different cake?

Cake is good don't you agree?

Yeah Cake *drools* what are you still doing here?

Jack said...


I'm currently re-reading the battle of Vervun Hive, and was wondering whether there's any particular reason why the ships in orbit aren't using their orbital armament? Surely the Navarre or a similar Frigate/escort must be among the ships that were up there. Not a super important question, and I understand if it simply wouldn't have made the Hive/siege war the same, but in case it's on purpose... just nagged at my mind.


Anonymous said...

I'd like to know: how do you guys structure the Horus Heresy series, as in, who writes which bit, and how are the decisions about where to focus made?

I presume that there's a plot tree written out. Who wrote that? Jervis, Rick, Andy, or was it handled via a committee?

Interested in hearing more about the process, as you guys have put together one of most impressive sci-fi collective stories ever told, and have done great justice to the source material.

Adelie High said...

Dan- The questions seem to be rolling in nicely. Shall we do a shoot this weekend?


Lord of the Night said...

When you get around to the Bequin Trilogy will we see Cherubael returning?, I love that Daemon and his twisted relationship with Eisenhorn.

James said...

I have another question:

who is your favorite character that you have created?

Anonymous said...

1) Please some info about Salvation Reach?

2) When does we saw Sons of Sek against Gaunt Ghosts?

3) What legions of Chaos Space Marines serves under Anakwanar Sek? Is he a simple human? Amd why CSM served him?

4) Interceptor city planed for what year?

5) Dont give up on Gaunt Ghosts fans we always support you!

Anonymous said...

As another anonymous said - When does we saw real Sons of Sek fighting?

And has we any chance to saw a Urlock Gaur and Anakwanar Sek?

And for the Interceptor city please kill some Apostles - they are so juicy i want them all dead especially Quint after Grahams McNeil Apostles Creed!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous you are mistaking - its Larice Asche that must die in the most brutal way imaginable - she destroyed my image of Apostles!

Greg Whiting said...

Are we likely to see the return of MkVenner at any time in the Gaunt books?

Anonymous said...

1- What Horus Heresy books follow Age of Darkness?

2- What is the next Heresy book you will write? and what is it about?

3- Can you badger Black Library into re-releasing Sabbat Crusade background book as Print on Demand?

4- Would you like to write for the Times of Legend series? If so, what would you write about?

5- What is your favourite book from Black Library and why?

6- How will Black Library decide who writes the final book in the Horus Heresy?
7- Who came up with the idea for including references to the myths and legends in the Heresy books?

8- Now you have written the script for a movie, would you like to write a tv script? If yes, can it be for Doctor Who?

Thank you for any answers, and for signing my copy of Legion while queueing for the Ultramarine Trailer,
Martyn from Willenhall

pinchy said...

2 questions-

Is there any chance of seeing the vitrians reappearing at some stage- either in a ghost novel or even a stand-alone short story (perhaps in a Sabbat Worlds Anthology 2 *hint, hint*)

Secondly what's up with Yoncy? Boy (Necropolis)/girl (later books)/slaaneshi daemon?

Shane said...

I forgot to leave the one question I've wanted to ask you for years. What authors do you read, and who do you feel has influenced your writing?

Had I not at least posted that, it would have bothered me for the rest of my life.

Eroldren said...
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Eroldren said...

Oie, Dan there been this long nagging thought lingering since Graham McNeill's Thousand Sons got release: Navarre.

Its been quite few months since I've begun reading the Ghosts and the name "Navarre" caught my immediate attention. In part two is this other "Navarre" THE same "Major General Hestor Navarre" from the Word Bearer attached regiment Ouranti Draks? The Reach's imperial commander who's name still lingers day in the modern 40k universe?

While Prospero Burn from a more Space Wolf POV novel... There's gotta be something of a lore tidbit there right, eh? (I must know!)

Second question: How do you feel about the fresh Heresy revelations created by Dembski-Bowden and/or future HH lore impacts if any?