Saturday, October 30, 2010

Tricks and Treats!

Nik and I would very much like to thank every one who came to see us at our signing this afternoon at Waterstones in Maidstone. You can't beat playing to a home crowd. And we'll be in the KM too!

We were there, and so were lots of books.

Major thanks to Toby, and all of the staff at the Earl Street branch, for making us feel so welcome.

While I remember, can I just take the opportunity to say that the long awaited Knights of Pendragon (volume 1) trade paperback collection is out now from Panini? I can, can't I? Oh, I just did.

Anyway, it's Saturday. Time for some more from the note book:

Idea for a one panel cartoon #254
(Thanks to Andy Lanning) In an Italian Restaurant, Sarah Connor looks up in alarm from her dish of spaghetti polpette as a T-800 Terminator smashes through the door to confront her.
Caption: “Pasta la vista.”

Idea for a one panel cartoon #66
A female patient lying in a hospital bed screams in terror as a nurse shows her a photograph of an earthworm. The specialist explains what's going on to the patient's concerned husband.
Caption: "She's lack toes intolerant."

Happy Hallowe'en!


frieslander said...

My second time :)
Nice to see both yu and Nik this afternoon and thanks to the both of you for the signings :)

Craig said...

The beard is really growing on me, pardon the pun. Wish I could of been there, at least just to make brews as rouge signed all my stuff already.

Oh, and Zing.

That is all.

Craig said...

Blast, 30 seconds too late. Zing retracted.

Matthew Churchill said...

Happy Hallowe'en!

Big said...

Maidstones looked good!
Shame i missed it

Anonymous said...

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Terradax said...

3 for 2!?!?!?! Too bad I already have those books :P