Friday, October 29, 2010

Waterstones Maidstone - signing!

A quick reminder that I will be signing at the Earl Street Branch of Waterstones in my hometown Maidstone this Saturday (October 29th), and I would love to see you there if you can make it. I'll be around at noon for an hour, and then again and three in the afternoon, for another hour or so. Looking forward to meeting you in person!

Uhm, you know I'm talking to you, right? Yes, you.


Will Wright said...

Wish I could make it.
Guess I'll just have to take a Zing instead

Matthew Churchill said...

Ah, Waterstones Maidstone. Good memories! Have a cracking one tomorrow.

"Buff" Big LOL said...

Good luck today hope it go's well , Hope and Charity's Halloween birthday party today otherwise i would be at the home ground batting for my favourite team!

Matthew Churchill said...

"Buff" Big LOL?!
I love it.

Nik Vincent said...

So... That was fun!

Duke_Leto said...

Dan- just read "The Strange Demise of Titus Endor" and loved it. Really chomping at the bit now for the much mooted "Eisenhorn & Ravenor" anthology. How many shorts are now in the bag for this? Any idea when this might be completed and published? Obviously I know your writing schedule has been delayed through illness (glad you are mended/ing).