Monday, October 04, 2010

New York Comic Con and other sightings

Mr Lanning and I, collectively known as DnA, will be attending the New York Comic Con this week, from Friday through to Sunday. We'll be popping up all over the place, though Andy and I have tables (T8 and T9) in Artist Alley if you're especially struck by an urge to find us. Come say hello. DnA will be doing some Marvel signings and panels, the times of which I'll post here as soon we know them, but I can tell you that I'll definitely be at the Codex ("Ultramarines Movie") stand on Saturday between 12 and 1, and again between 3 and 4, and Andy and I will be at the Midtown Comics stand (2134) on Sunday for an hour, from noon. Looking forward to it.

I then rush home in time to wish my daughter Lily a happy eighteenth birthday, an event we're all celebrating with a big par-tay, during the course of which I quietly turn *mumble mumble* years old.

Thereafter, with barely any time to catch my breath, I'm out the door again and heading for Games Day Italy on Sunday the 17th. I really can't wait for this one - I've never been to an Italian Games Day before. Hope to see you there.

After that, on Saturday the 30th of October, I will be signing at Waterstones in Maidstone (the Earl Street branch). You will be able to find me there between 12 and 1, and then again between 3 and 4. Don't let me sit there on my own with just tumbleweed and crickets for company ;)

Oh, and just some advance notice that Nik and I will be attending Thought Bubble in Leeds in November.

Let us now whoop and cheer for the "at long last" publication of the Knights of Pendragon trade paperback collection (ignore the"when this item becomes available" bit on the Amazon link, IT'S COMING!). It'll be fabulous to see this - the first half of our KOP run from the very early nineties - back in print at last. I have very fond memories of this series, and I get asked about it a lot. Actually, here's a better link than the Amazon one, with extra info. If you haven't ever heard of KOP, try this handy primer.

Finally, let's gape in awe at the job Richard Dugher did assembling and painting my Titan. I recommend his work very highly indeed...;)


Matthew Churchill said...

Zing. Huzzah for the Titan. All praise the Cog-Machine.

Will Wright said...

I wish I was'nt working I'd love to stop by the comic-con
Well be sure to get some pizza
while your here.
It is what we do best.

Then we need to figure out a way to sneak you a shotgun into the UK to fend off the 18 year old boys :p

Blitzspear said...

That Titans a-mehzzin looking. Always a fan of Reavers. I'm also tempted to drive down to my sisters in Kent for this signing at waterstones since i missed your last one at a little bookshop in Kent last year when i was at big sisters place, you clashed with sfm's geek fest in London.

Blitzspear said...

Have checked diary and Saterday nights function is a kids party with NO BAR but it may be big sisters weekend to visit us in the sticks, hmmmmmmm will have to negotiate with wife :) Never been to a book signing it's not a bit like stalking is it? can i bring my Sabbat worlds source book along for you to sign or is this a book signing faux pas. Have had a wedding anniversery fail today so best not mention this plan to the wife yet :)

CanolliCrusader said...

Hey Dan! Im gonna swing by to meet you on sunday at the midtown booth! Looking foward to it, Ill be bringing my Thanos Imperative books for some sigs! :)

Hope you enjoy the city!

Madclaw said...

I just found and rebagged my KoP a few weeks ago. I'll be picking up the collection for continued reading.

Dan Abnett said...

Blitzspear - you can bring along what you like ;)