Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Home from Nerdistan...

...as we affectionately called the San Diego Comic-Con. Let's take a look around. First, a quick peek at an interview with SFX magazine.

Then, above, here's me.

Here's my schedule.

Here's me signing someone's unfeasibly large weapon.

Here are some people (there were quite a few).

Is this the Dan Abnett queue? Why, yes!

To the Batcave (and soft furnishings, housewares and scented candles).

Commissar Smaalders and friends.

Another of the fair Commissar's assault squad.

Me signing another unfeasibly large weapon (you see how I bravely resisted the double entendre there? Aren't you proud of me?).

Look! In the middle there! It's Sire Kenneth of Branagh!

Who's behind the Odin Throne door?

Is it Sarah Palin?

Is it The Shat? (He's my hero of heroes).

No, it's the Destroyer (camera shake caused by too much excitement)!!!

Oh, it was all just a blur!


Anonymous said...

pfft to Sarah Palin, is that a giant Frankenberry bobble-head?

frieslander said...

Bloody hell, for games day (UK) people build chainswords. In the US people build Eviscerators.
Would or loved to of seen one up close.
Looked fun :)

Anonymous said...

That's a "big" girl with the big chainsword ! He,He

Matthew Churchill said...

Wow. I've been thinking of going to the Comic Con for years. Eviscerator Girl may just have tipped me over the edge...

Anonymous said...

Hey Matthew Churchill how about the Sabbat worlds poster?

Lightbringer said...

Any anecdotes regarding meeting anyone famous, Dan? Sorry meeting anyone ELSE who's famous? ;-)


Chief - said...

Loved the picture diary. Thank you for a glimpse of Comic Con. I'd love to go.

Boom said...

Dan!!! I have to ask, has Marvel talked to you about writing a cosmic movie aka Nova movie? You've brought the cosmic universe back to glory and it would seem fitting that you had a role in the writing process.

Alot of news has been coming out from the Con and from what is being said Marvel is totally ready to bring in the Nova Corps. link to news: http://comicbookmovie.com/fansites/Poniverse/news/?a=20758

JamesNico said...
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JamesNico said...

Hey Dan! Thanks for being the man at Comic Con this year! Just got back to the UK now myself and I remembered that I had a couple of questions about some stuff that I forgot to ask you cause I got caught up in pure fan boy giddyness mode!

1) Where is Super Skrull and why isn't he kicking dead zone ass?

2) What was the original origin of the Resurrection Man meant to be?

Thanks again Dan and looking forward to seeing how Thanos Imperative works out! Cosmic Avengers FTW!!!



P.S. My fave photo of the convention is in my profile picture: me, you and Andy "Book Rubber" Lanning :P Thanks again!

Christopher Meyer said...

Oh man. I wish I could have been there. I have a Ghosts get up I would have rocked :) But the Army said no and sent me back to my stack of unfinished contracts :(

Looks like ya'll had a blast! Can't wait for next year ;)

Rob Rath said...

The Thor film trailer that played at Comic Con can be seen here, though who knows for how long:


Watch it fast boys, Paramount is on the hunt.

frieslander said...

Whoa, thanks Rob, that looks like a brilliant film.

Cor said...

That girl is well armed As it were ;) couldn't resist lol

TheSGC said...

If you see Sarah Palin anywhere, run as fast as you can in the other direction. If there's an obstacle that will kill you upon your rear, then trust me: death is preferable.
One question:
Will we see the Shrine of Guilliman in Ultramarines?