Monday, July 12, 2010

Prospero Burns: Exclusive extract

Well, I promised it and here it is: a little taster from the opening of my next Horus Heresy novel to whet your appetites. Hope you enjoy it. Who knows - maybe I'll run another extract in the near future to really get you addicted.

Okay...*clears throat*...

Death had them surrounded.
It had come to cut threads, and today, it wore four faces.
A burning death for those too hurt or too afraid to flee the settlement as the firestorm swept through it. A freezing death for those who ran away up the scarp to escape the murder-make: even in spring, the wind came in off the ice flats with a death-edge that sucked an exposed man’s life-heat out through his lungs, and rotted his hands and feet into black twigs, and left him as a stiff, stone-hard bundle covered in rime.
For others, a drowning death, if they attempted to flee across the blue-ice around the spit. Spring’s touch was already working the sea ice loose against the shore, like a tooth in a gum. The ice would no longer take a man’s weight, not reliably. If the ice broke under you, down you went: fast and straight if you plunged through, slow and screaming if an ice plate tipped and slid you in. Either way, the water was oil black, and so cold it would freeze the thoughts in your brain before your lungs were even empty.
For the rest, for those who had remained to fight, a bloody death, the death of the murder-make. This was the death that knocked you down hard onto the ice with an axe or a maul, so you felt nothing except the cold burn of the ice, and the hot burn of your own blood, and the pain-scream of your crippling wound. This was the death that stood over you and knocked you again, and again, and as many times as necessary until you would not rise again, or until you were so disfigured that death could no longer bear to look at you, and moved off in disgust to find another soul to knock.

Any of those four faces would cut your thread as soon as look at you. And those were the faces the Balt were wearing.

The Balt. The Balt had brought the murder-make down on the Ascommani aett. Twenty boat. It was early in the season for a raid. A man had to be desperate to go out making red snow when he could wait for the first grasses and milder weather.
Twenty boat, and all of them still rigged for ice-running under their sea-sails.
If there had been time, the Ascomanni might have wondered why their doom had come so early. Ironland, where the Balt had settled, had persisted twenty Great Years, but many now said its roots were soft. Many now said it would only be one more summer, two at the most, before the ocean sucked it down again into the World-forge.
Ascomanni land ran from the spithead to the ice shelf, and was poor for farming and lacked natural defences, but it was yet just one Great Year old, and the dowsers had proclaimed it strong land, with many years left in it.

So land-thirst. Perhaps it was that.

Fith knew better. Nothing got the murder-urge pumping like fear, and nothing stoked up fear like a bad omen. A broom star. A day star. Colour in the ice. Bloom in the sea. Smoke out on the ice shelf where no settlement was. Some dead thing washed up that should not be. Something born to livestock or to a woman that should not be. Something with birth defects.
Sometimes a bad dream would be enough to do it, a bad dream that told you the tribe down the coast or around the headland was maleficarum. You let land-thirst be your excuse as you reached for your shirt and your blade, but you made sure the gothi marked your face in soot-glue with good cast-out marks like the sun-disk and the warding eye before you opened out your sails.

And there had been a bad omen, all right. Fith had seen it.

Fith had seen the make coming too. He’d seen the sails approaching along the in-shore early enough to blow the scream-horn, but too late for it to do any good. He had merely enabled his kinfolk to die awake.
The Balt main force had come up around the spit in their wyrmboats in the sightless pre-dawn grey, sailing black sails straight out of the water and onto the shore-ice on their rigs, translating from water-craft to ice-craft with barely a jolt. Their skirmishers had put ashore on the far side of the headland, and come romping in over the high back of the snow dunes to fall on the Ascommani settlement from the hind side.
After that, it had been fire and knocking. The Balt were mongrel-big, men with long faces and beards waxed into sun rays under their spectacle-face helms. They were horribly able with axe and maul, and the occasional high status sword that some carried.
But they brought with them none of the screaming vigour of a normal Balt raid or murder-make. They were silent, shit-scared of what they had come to kill, shit-scared of its sky magic. They were silent and grim, and set to murder everything to wipe the magic away. Men, women, the young, livestock, nothing was spared a knock. There was not a shred of mercy. There was not a moment’s thought to claim prisoners or take slaves. Ascommani girls were famously fine-looking, and there were plenty of healthy girl-children too, who would make valuable breeding slaves in time, but the Balt had put away all appetites, except for a fierce desire to be cleansed of fear.

The sound of an axe knocking-in is a wet smack of slicing meat and shattering bone, like sap-wood being cut. A maul makes a fat, bruising sound like a mattock driving pegs into marsh loam or wet ice. Worse than both are the after-sounds. The screaming of the agonised, the ruined and the dying. The begging shrieks of the hurt and maimed. The hacking impacts of death knocking until the fallen stop being alive, or stop trying to rise, or stop screaming, or stop being in once piece.

Fith had just enough time to get his shirt on and loft his axe. Several other hersirs fell to arms with him, and they met the first skirmishers coming in through the walls and window-slits of the settlement, head on. The panic was up already. It was blind blundering in the dark, a reek of urine, the first nose-full of smoke.
Fith’s axe was balanced for a single hand. It was a piece of proper craft, with a high carbon head that weighed as much as a decent newborn boy. From the toe of the blade to the heel of the beard, it had a smile on it wider than a man’s hand-span, and it had kissed a whetstone just the night before.
The axe is a simple machine, a lever that multiplies the force from your arm into the force delivered by the blade. The rudiments apply whether you’re splitting wood or men.
Fith’s axe was a bone-cutter, a shield-breaker, a helm-cleaver, a death-edge, a cutter of threads. He was a hersir of the Ascommani aett, and he knew how to stand his ground.

It was a throttle-fight in the settlement itself. Fith knocked two Balts back out of the tent wall, but the tight confines were choking his swing. He knew he needed to get out. He yelled to the hersirs with him, and they pulled back.
They got out of the tents into the settlement yard, wrapped in swirling black smoke, and went eye to eye with the Balts in their spectacle-helms. It was mayhem. A free-for-all. Blades swung like windmills in a storm.
Fenk went down as a Balt axe split his left calf lengthwise. He bawled in rage as his leg gave out, useless. Seconds later, a maul knocked his head sidelong, and snapped his neck and his thread, and he flopped down on the earth, his shattered skull-bag leaking blood.
Fith drove off a Balt with a mattock, scared him back with the whistling circles of his swinging axe.
Ghejj tried to cover Fith’s flank, using the basics of shield-wall tactics. But Ghejj had not had time to collect a decent shield from the stack, just a tattered practice square from the training field. A Balt spear punctured him right through, and tore him open so thoroughly, his guts spilled out onto the snow like ropes of sausage. Ghejj tried to catch them, as though he could gather them up and put them back inside himself and everything would be all right again. They steamed in the spring air. He squealed in dismayed pain. He couldn’t help himself. He knew he was ruined unto death.
He looked at Fith as he squealed again. It wasn’t the pain. He was so angry that he was irreparably dead.

Fith put mercy into his stroke.

Fith turned away from his last picture of Ghejj, and saw that there were fingers scattered on the snow, on the yard snow churned up by scrambling and sliding feet, along with blood by the bowl-full. They were the fingers of women and children, from hands held up to protect themselves. Defensive wounds.

There on the snow, a complete hand, the tiny hand of a child, perfect and whole. Fith recognised the mark on the ring. He knew the child the hand had once belonged to. He knew the father the child had once belonged to. Fith felt the red smoke blow up in his head.

A Balt came at him, silent and intent, and Fith flexed the lever of his axe, and hooked it in, and made a ravine of the Balt’s face.
Four hersirs left. Fith, Guthox, Lern and Brom. No sign of the aett-chief. The chief was probably dead and face down in the red snow with his huscarls.
Fith could smell blood. It was overpoweringly strong, a hot copper reek spicing the freezing dawn air. He could smell shit too. He could smell Ghejj’s insides. He could smell the inner parts of him, the ruptured stomach, the yellow fat of Ghejj’s belly meat, the heat of his life.
Fith knew it was time to go.
The Upplander was in the furthest shelter. Even the Ascommani knew to keep him away from people.

The Upplander was propped up against cushions.
“Listen to me,” Fith hissed. “Do you understand me?”
“I understand you. My translator is working,” the Upplander replied, looking pale.
“The Balt are here. Twenty boat. They will knock you dead. Tell me, do you want the mercy of my axe now?”
“No, I want to live.”

“Then can you walk?”
“Perhaps,” the Upplander replied. “Just don’t leave me here. I am afraid of wolves.”


Matthew Churchill said...


Andreas G Pagitz said...

Thanks, Dan. You made a Space Wolves player very happy today.

Shadowheim said...

Amazing, Dan. Can't wait for more!
...I see that even though your brain has decided to misbehave, your imagination and skill with a pen (keyboard) have not been affected. Overall, amazing, considering what you've had to contend with this year. Thumbs up to you, sir!

Anonymous said...

Nice tone. Epic scale already from the first words. And a joyful nuance of language that sets the scene of these prehistoric viking-like tribes.

I am a serious fanboy - I know that. Mr. A you continue to astound me with your talent and class.

Now, just how to worm my way into your affections - JD like - as a mentor. Hmmm...

MJayC50 said...

I just made a mess of my trousers...

I cant wait.

Im coming over to get me a copy!

Chief - said...

Really enjoyed reading your teaser. Very much looking forward to another extract.

Anonymous said...

Dan THANKS A MILLION this is the best news all day ;) !!!!!!!!!!

Cor said...

I knew I shud have resisted now the wait is gona b even worse, from the moment I heard u were handling the wolves I've been excited abd this extract proves you were the right choice. I love the mix of tone here the archaic language used by the tribesman when describing the fighting or 'murder make' I better stop all this fan boyness now before I really get into full flow :)

Dragunov said...

The boy done good!! Very good!!


Matthew Churchill said...

This shits on Beowulf. I can think of no coarser praise. Bloody well done, sir.

Uncle Truth said...


Uncle Truth said...

Sorry, momentarily overcome with awesome.

Soapy said...

Now that there is some good reading.

Alasdhair said...

That was really lots good. I did a little wee with excitement. When is the book coming out?

Unknown said...

Very nice. I have high hopes for this, because up until now I have always felt Space Wolves to be a bit...well...ridiculous. Cliche. Childish. This gives me hope. Just go a bit easier on the hyphens!

Matthew Churchill said...

Funny, Nik is always telling me to go easy on the hyphens.
There are no wolves on Fenris.

Anonymous said...

very impressed

Anonymous said...

If I was to boil down my thoughts to one word, then I'd have to go with "Wow." Some of the best writing you've ever done. Good show, Dan.

frieslander said...

Hmmm, an impressive beggining on Fenris. I'd assume Fith is a man character. I can't wait to see who his story fits in with the wider plot.
After months of waiting for a new abnett this is too good for so little. Need more. Why not (quietly) serialise the whole book, deleting each chapter after a few days :)

kyle MacIntyre said...

I am quite curious how this book will go. Gimme! Glory to the VI Legion!

Phillip said...

Age cannot wither you, nor custom stale your infinite variety.

Put another way, that was AWESOME! Impressive Mr. Abnett, most impressive.

Carl Woodrow said...

Thanks Dan. I can see the axe on your office floor really helped get you in the zone then. It looks clear the Sons of Russ are in safe hands and I suspect my dog-eared copy of Legion is going to be relegated to the lower shelf.
A sensational and uncompromising start!

Unknown said...

Can't say the image of severed children's hands is one I'm happy to have in my head at this or any time. Looking forward to reading more of the history of Fenris though.

b00geyman said...

Before reading A Thousand Sons, I was completely emotionless about the space wolves. Then, Graham, may the Emperor bless his soul, planted in me a seed of hate for the vile barbarians in his brilliant book. I was actually surprised to discover, after reading this excerpt, how that seed grew into a forest. No, there are no wolves on Fenris...

Anonymous said...

Thats good because maybe finishing the bastards wolves you began working on new Gaunt Ghost book # 13 and not some 50-page novella in some anthology!

Xhalax said...

Wow that was an incredibly selfish and disrespectful thing to say Anonymous. I'm quite angry and upset after reading what you've said.

Big said...

Well i for one am absoloutly over the moon..(moon get it ...werewolf ...ah never mind)
You set up what it is to suffer the hatdships of Fenris,
Who ever said the Wolves were nice?!
Grahams book was excellent , but he did pull out every excuse for the T.Sons not to sound like complete pussy's, in fact for me the more he "Bigged Up" the T.Sons the harder the Wolves sounded.
Anyhows sounds like the balance is about to be re adressed, sounds like were about to see one of the most frightening Loyalist armies of all time kicking ass! Your gonna read about the most finely tuned , geneticly diverse super Primarch and his Legion giving the Chaos scum a taste of their own medicine!
Get ready for the murder make to go galaxy wide people ....all in the name of the Emperor!

frieslander said...

Xhalax: if I may?
There's always one, just ignore them :)

Anonymous said...

To Xhalax and mister Dan Abnett!

-yeah its selfish but not disrespectful!

I fell in love with
Warhammer 40 K after I read First and Only and after that I bought all Gaunt Ghosts book and background!
1 book in every year!
Its was fantastic - every one of them! But the last 3 years i read only one book -Blood Pact - because its the only G.G. book in 3!!!!!! years! So iam really disappointed that Dan began working on Wolves damaging the Ghosts pipeline!
And after Blood Pact cliffhanger you must be insane not to buy Salvations Reach!
Soo - excuse my feelings! But, yeah, i got every right to be upset and hate the wolves!

And a question to you - i have everything on Sabbat Worlds, but I cant find A0 big Map poster of the Sabbat Worlds! Does anyone know where i can get it!

Matthew Churchill said...

Xhalax & Frieslander: Let's mindwipe the fucker. He deserves no more than to be mindlessly pushing a broom round his ex-Soviet hovel. Traitor to the Throne.

Matthew Churchill said...

P.S. 'Anonymous': Lovely big Sabbat Worlds Crusade A0 poster map staring right at me from across my sitting room. Good karma brings you all things.

Das Ginge said...

@ Anon

No it was disrespectful, you are telling the author that this work is no good and you should only do what you want.

Grow up and dont behave like a child. If you don't to read the Space Wolves book you are entitled to, hate the wolves all you want but don't tell the author that what he is doing is not good enough.

We all like the Ghosts, but that is not all the Dan writes - try some of the other stuff you may even like it, or you can stamp your feet somemore - your choice.

Xhalax said...

See, I LOVE the Ghosts, probably more than is actually healthy for me, but I appreciate Mr. Abnett's talent and creativity more than I love the Ghosts. And I'm always exceptionally thankful that he shares his brain with us in his work.

Personally I'm desperate to find out what Nathun Inshabel did on Elvara Cardinal, and have asked on many an occassion over the last 5-6 years but I've tried not to be pushy, and if I have, it's been unintentional....but I've always done my best to enjoy other things to fill in the time between now and if we ever find out. I even actually, properly headdesked when Dan said there'd be futher delays due to his illness, but in the grander scheme of things, I'm simply grateful and impress that Dan is continuing and will always be a fan of his work, even
if I never find out what transpired.

Matthew - Usually I do, but I also enjoy reading the replies
of others, and it was something I couldn't not mention.

Also, is that the map from the special collectors editon of Traitor General?

frieslander said...

Matthew Churchill: LOL :)
To change thr tone of the thread.
There are always books we'd like to see writen, and for a moment let us hold silence for those that never will be, hats off. (last post plays in back ground) Hammers of Ulric 2, Fell Cargo 2, a full Iron Snakes novel, a book that dose for the Orks that Trator Gemeral did for the forces of chaos.
Hats on (music stops)
Dan, never stop writeing.
Nik, I hope after your short in Sabat Worlds I'll be able to recognise your sections of Gilead's Blood and Hammers of Ulrike :)

Anonymous said...

To Xhalax

Yeah me too want to find out what Nathun Inshabel did on Elvara Cardinal!

And i really think that Dan Abnett is one of the best authors in the world in his writing style! And i really wish him good luck and new fantastic ideas!

And to Matthew Churchill

If it not so problematic - could you scan that beautiful poster for me?
I would be very grateful!

Bomster said...

As someone who vehemtly spurns everything Fenrisian it pains me to say: I really like this - especially the archaic tone - and can't wait to read the rest of the book.

Maybe -just maybe - I might even start to appreciate the Space Wolves afterwards. If writing the book worked for you, reading it could work for me.

Cor said...

I'm desperate for the next inquisitor stuff tbh I could wait awhile for the next ghosts book if I had some sweet sweet action from ravenor and eisenhorn.

Also must make a pledge now not to be tempted
into starting a space wolves army after Reading prospero burns.

big said...

Matt u better scan that poster for ya new friend, or he might not be ur bestest old pal any more

Xhalax said...

It always makes me happy when new people come to realise how muc AWESOME sauce the Space Wolves are made of.

sredni vashtar said...

Matt, I would scan that map right now if I was you. The guy has survived three entire years with only ONE GG novel to sustain him. Do you really want to fuck with somebody that tough?

sredni vashtar said...

Incidentally, Anonymous (if that is in fact your real name): since you apparently have literally nothing else to read at the moment due to the inexplicable failure of the "Ghost pipeline", you might wanna take a few minutes to check this out.

sredni vashtar said...

So yeah, anyways: I actually came in to comment on the awesome super blog exclusive, but I don't really have anything terribly clever to add to what Matthew, Xhalax et al have already said about it. Can't wait for the book... but then you knew that already.

Nik Vincent said...

I just finished reading "Prospero Burns". If I had a giddy aunt, I would invoke her without reservation! Crikey, as we like to say - Nik

frieslander said...

Sredni: great link (even though it wasn't directed at me).
May I also add, it is a great feeling when a writer rather than writing the book you "want" writes something no one expects, like suddenly a few months ago ta da! The Ultramariens. If it had been feasible BL should of said nothing about the Sabbat Worlds Anthology a month or so before.
And I just realised Blood Pact wasn't three years ago, it was some time last year, I remember as I kept accidently droping spoilers on here with out thinking (and, sincerely, I am still realy sorry about that).

Anonymous said...

sredni vashtar thank you for your comment - but for the sake of truth right now iam looking on my bookshelf and see every warhammer 40000 novel background and art book from Black Library beginning from 2000 year. And yes i read it all!
But Dans books is the jewel of my collection!
And yeah for its conclusion i need that fantastic poster!

slyte said...

Thank you Mr. Abnett for this morsel.

It always feels good to gnaw through delicious paper entrails such as yours!

Oisok Estuvel said...

absolutely brilliant. the language seems a bit hefty with all the unusual hyphenated phrases, but once you get used to it, it makes perfect sense and flows with almighty grit!
can't wait to read this

sredni vashtar said...

Anonymous: alright, for what it's worth, here's the deal.

The poster you're talking about was included as a limited-edition deal with the first print run of the Sabbat Worlds Crusade book back in... whenever it was. 2004? 2005? Most of us do not possess one, and yet nevertheless have somehow managed to lead full and (somewhat) normal lives.

Anyways, you can't buy it separately. Anyone lucky enough to have snaffled one at the time is unlikely to be willing to part with theirs.

Lastly, you probably won't get very far by showing up on the author's blog, typing "DAMN YOUR SPACE WOLVES DAN ABNETT, WRITE ME A NEW GHOSTS BOOK NOW THIS MINUTE", and finishing up with "oh and by the way everyone, gimme some free shit."

If you truly cannot live without a Sabbat Worlds star chart, your best bet is to check eBay regularly... but if any do show up there, don't expect them to go cheap.

Hope this helps,

-Al (which is my real name)

Cor said...

anonymous nobody puts abnett on the corner ;)

Great link to mr gaimans blog remember Reading that a while ago, it does raise the question are demanding obsessive fans more trouble the their worth? Do the positives outway the negatives?

sredni vashtar said...

Cor: it's an academic question-- a good author is always gonna get 'em, and there's not a lot one can do about 'em.

Some people just seem to have general difficulties with remembering that the fulcrum of the cosmos is not poised upon their pointy heads.

Shadowheim said...

Ahem, just a quick observation. An actual, real life, proper, genuine, amazing extract of Prospero Burns is online, and all you guys can do is talk about a whiny poster!? Haha, unfortunately there's a lot of em out there. Just shun them :)

Big said...

Nik you are a TEASE...i busting a Nad to read this one
Coming out in Hardback first befits its status!?!
Anyhows i hope there is some weight off dans and your shoulders right now, if it helps your gonna see peoples faces light up wherever you go cause of this book and the many others , for me each book brings a little ray of light mate it truly does!

Xhalax said...

frieslander - If memory serves, Blood Pact was out last year Only in Death was out the year before than, then Armour of Contempt was out the year before that, then His Last Command was out the year before that....which made me very happy as I read Traitor General (I'd started the Ghosts earlier that year and pretty much read all 8 books pretty much back to back once I'd started the Ghosts) about three months before Games Day that year so I got to sit and read my brother's copy of His Last Command.

Pre-Traitor General, I'm not so sure.

Anonymous said...

To frieslander and Xhalax - Blood Pact was out after 2 years that went without the Ghosts! Only in death was in October 2007! And Blood Pact - November 2009! So it was 3 years without the Ghosts! And now again - no full Ghost Book this year! Waiting for 2011!

And yeah Prospero Burns must be great! Maybe i would love the wolves sometimes in the future!
And lets hope that in the ultramarines the movie we would have Chaos Marines - not orks!

Xhalax said...

If that is the do realise that only constitutes ONE year without a Ghost book rather than 3.

'tis simply to work it out.

2007 - yes.
2008 - no.
2009 - yes.

See. One. Singluar. One year. The year of 2008.

However, I do believe that was the year we got 'The Iron Star'. And not to mention that there's paperback editions release and Omnibus version, in both paper and hardback so there's not been a year in recent memory that hasn't see the Ghosts makes at least one appearence.

Anonymous said...

Iron star is good but its not even a novel - i read it at 15 minutes!
And 730 days its a very long time!

Xhalax said...

This is the VERY LAST thing I will say on this subject matter ever.


There, I said it in as much plain english as I could in this state of rage and frustration and the inability to count.

Blood Pact October Black Library UK reckonning.

And now I shall depart for a month or so before I punch something.

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, the idiocy of people who don't/can't listen to simple reason. These would be the same kind of people that ward me off online interactions.

Anonymous said...

I love your work but the over-use of hyphenation comes across as a little silly. I see what you're going for but less would definitely be more in this case.

Anonymous said...

I love your work but the over-use of hyphenation comes across as a little silly. I see what you're going for but less would definitely be more in this case.

Aaron Dembski-Bowden said...

"So iam really disappointed that Dan began working on Wolves damaging the Ghosts pipeline!"

Wolves Damaging the Ghosts' Pipeline.

That's... the greatest album name in the history of the world.

Anonymous said...

Thank you mister Aaron - and yeah your Soul Hunter was very cool!
Hope that your Balhaut story would be even better!

Unknown said...

Lovely, just lovely!

frieslander said...

Xhalax: If your still interested, and inspite of the thraet to go of to stop your self from hurting people, pre Traitor General publicaton dates, I onle have Copyright dates for First and Only Ghostmaker and Necropalis but it reads 1999 for First and 2000 for the next 2; Honour Guard 2001; The Guns of Tanith 2002; Straight Silver, was also 2002; Sabbat Martyr 2003 and Double Eagle (for compleatnes) 2004 (not sure, but I think I ended up with Double Eagle, Traitor General Riders of the Dead and on of the Ravenor books, all in hard back, for xmas that year. An impresive haul :D).
Dan Abnett is good to us as readers and we realy should just let him be, not go beyond a speculative coment of "you know what would be a good idea..." and let his creativity flourish. The hinty knows whome they are.

Josh said...

Dan, after harrying Graham for two years straight for info on the Wolves, reading Thousand Sons whet my appetite, particularly knowing you had PB. I seem to remember you saying that at first you shied away from all things space viking, because you couldn't find a draw.

I can see that's changed.

Great read, looking forward to it, as I do all your 40k stuff. See you in Baltimore--I'll be the one with the "I make stuff up" t-shirt.

Thanks for the preview.

Anonymous said...

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Enlarge Penis said...

I knew I shud have resisted now the wait is gona b even worse, from the moment I heard u were handling the wolves I've been excited abd this extract proves you were the right choice. I love the mix of tone here the archaic language used by the tribesman when describing the fighting or 'murder make' I better stop all this fan boyness now before I really get into full flow :)

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Anonymous said...

This book sucks!!! Only about 10% of the latter part was about “Prospero burns”. The title should change from Prospero Burn to The Wolves unleashed instead. Very very disappointed. You will find the first half of this book very boring. No one wants to know the dogmatic and narrow view of just one remembrancer!!!
Do not buy it!!!

Tim Kenyon said...

Nice you were able to put a name to the opinion. So very brave.

However, since we're in a world where everyone is entitled to their opinion and to share it - we must accept that there are opinions that differ.

I loved Prospero Burns, less action and more character which really brought a new perspective to the Space Wolves as a legion.

Alex Smith said...

It always makes me happy when new people come to realise how muc AWESOME sauce the Space Wolves are made of.
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I seem to remember you saying that at first you shied away from all things space viking, because you couldn't find a draw.
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