Thursday, July 15, 2010

Black Library Invasion!

Invading your world on September 9th, 2010.


Lightbringer said...

Hey, Dan, on a completely unrelated note, I know you've got Embedded coming out soon...I don't know anything about the content, but the title seems to suggest some sort of war journalism. I'm currently reading an OUTSTANDING example of the genre, a book called "Dispatches" by Michael Herr, which is all about his experiences as a journalist in the Vietnam War.

I know you're very well read on war in its various forms, and there's a risk you'll have read it anyway, which will only make me look silly, but on the offchance you haven't read it, I can't recommend it enough.

Sections of the book inspired elements of both "Apocalypse Now" and "Full Metal Jacket" and it evokes the crazed, hallucinatory horror of war better than anything I've read on the topic. (I imagine. I've never been to war. There's not a lot of it going on in Surrey.) A stone cold classic.


Cor said...

id totally forgotten about embedded, has that been delayed like prospero was?

Blitzspear said...

Well seeing as were speculating ;)Have ya read Citadel by Dale A Dye former US Marine and Corraspondent for Stars and Stripes served in Vietnam and is now an actor he's one of the guys gets blown up in the bunker by a VC suicide bomber in Platoon and plays Colonel Cynq (sp) in Band o Brothers. Anyway Citadel is a must read if you like Full metal jacket.
A not so good book but with a great idea in it is Memory Wire were a trooper is given a wet wirerd recorder in his head so anything he sees he records for downloading later.
And you must remember to zing in future, people have come to expect it now :)

R. J. Steens said...

Hello Dan Abnett. I am sixteen years of age (male) and I hail from South Africa (Johannesburg) and am a huge fan of your work as well as the world of Warhammer 40k in general. I read Ravenor the Omnibus and I thought it was the most amazing piece of script I had laid my eyes upon. Mindgasm for short. It inspired me to write my own Sci-Fi novel. It's called Myst and it's about the creation of the universe. I really want it to get published and was hoping you could read an extract from it. It's the Prologue (in rough). I couldn't find your personal e-mail address and I don't know how to use this blog properly so I do apologise if I am portraying any sense of randomness. I would love it if you read it and gave me feedback. So... ya, I guess. Just say the word and I'll send it to you. I understand if you can't though seeming that you are so busy. Oh and good luck with Prospero Burns and the script for the Ultramarines movie if you're still writing it. Ave Imperator.

Anonymous said...

Mister Abnett as my sometimes angry friend commented - are your Gaunt Ghost story in Sabbat Worlds Anthology about their past adventures - not a bridge between Blood Pact and Salvation Reach?

And second opinion - i must apologies about my friend - he is really a big fan of yours, but he has no patience! But in one thing i must agree with him - hope that after you finish Prospero Burns (i already have my fingers crossed for preorder) you will write Salvation Reach for summer 2011 release!

With sincere apologies one of your fans from Ukraine!

P.S. You cant even imagine how hard was to buy from Ukraine absolutely all of your books. And how much efforts, money and nerves its cost us!

Anonymous said...


I live in Hungary and i still dont have my Blood Pact copy yet :( My trusty bookstore owner says he cant order it in. I think he is a servant of the Ruinous Powers!!

frieslander said...

Grrr, damn cash flow problem, probably won't be able to go.
Oh well, starts to whistle.

Rob Rath said...

Nik! Had no idea that you had a story in the omnibus. Congrats.

Dan- great extract. Wouldn't it be fantastic if the boy who's afraid of wolves turned out to be Russ? I must admit, this has made me want to read some more Heresy novels...

As for Lightbringer's comment on war journalism, I still think that Here Is Your War by Ernie Pile is still one of the best pieces of combat journalism ever written, though I've heard good things about Sebastian Junger's WAR. My dad, a Vietnam vet, swears by Ernie Pile's accounts of combat, and two other members of my family who are conflict journalists are very complimentary as well.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Abnett a simple question.
Are we to saw in new novels another regiments like Pardus, Narmenian, Bluebloods or Phantine fighting with the Ghosts again?

Roderick H said...

Dang, why's it always London? It'd be nice to see some BL action in the South-West sometime in the next few years.

Otherwise, thanks Dan for your constant activity, putting me to shame.