Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Trumpet of One's Own

Please feel free to keep reading and expressing your verdicts on the exclusive Prospero Burns extract published in the post below. Today's quick post-ette isn't intended to get in the way of that. I just wanted to share a couple of coolnesses that had come my way today: first, a five star review from SF Signal, and then an opportunity to hear me and Andy shill our dubious wares on the Funnybooks podcast (thanks to Aron and Paulie!).


Matthew Churchill said...


I do love a Dan and Andy podcast!


Chief - said...

Again, I thought it was great.

If you can send me a signed copy a week before it's out, I'll be eternally grateful.


Cor said...

great news I love the podcast interviews you guys do its part of what finally convinced me to take the plunge and buy some of your comic work so id understand the stuff you guys were chatting about.

Anonymous said...

Well Matthew Churchill - my friend was right - you British are all for yourself!
How much i must pay you for that poster?

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