Friday, July 09, 2010

ComicCon (2)

Little bit more detail from SFX on the panel I'll be participating in. Check the Ultramarines link in the post below for details of the Friday morning signing session, and I'll be back soon to post details of other stuff, probably Marvel related signing and panel work.

And yes, hooray, I did at last complete Prospero Burns yesterday (thank you for the congrats, Mr C). It's epic. Thanks for bearing with me through an unusually complicated writing period. I think you'll find it's been worth it.

Extract soon... I'm thinking live on Monday morning? How's that sound?


Andy in Washington said...

Yay! 8th Edition Warhammer Fastasy Battle on Saturday, Dragon Quest IX on Sunday, Propero Burns extract on Monday. Talk about a great weekend!!!

Anonymous said...

1) Thats good news!

2) But i so tired waiting for "Salvation Reach" Mr. Abnett that i begin to write it myself! I still waiting for your book but what do you make of my beginning of second chapter?

"The bow-wave of the warp translation lit the space! 28 glorious constructions of cathedrals and spires move with grace towards the planet. It was beautiful ships, the masterwork of Mars engineers. Remnants of the warp translation was left behind, dissipating into nothingness in material space. Blue orb with seas, sands, city's and lowlands greeted the armorglassed panoramic view on the bridge of imperial line battleship «Invincible».

But like the ugly black dot in this view was a chaos construction - Selenus shipyards, captured by Chaos forces and used for their uses. And of course Ramillies class fort (exactly like etogaur said).
Right now 30 black sleek dots move with charging speed from orbital defences to meet imperial invasion fleet.

«Looking for scanner sweep. It looks like the big one sir. I count one battleship - infamous «Wrath of the Anarch», 9 cruisers, 6 destroyers and 14 frigates. Very big force for orbital defense – sir» - said the navigation officer.
«Powerful force indeed. But has we not deduce that before. Haven’t we prepared for that Ibram» - ask the Admiral.

«Indeed we do - lets make out how they greet our surprise admiral. - answered the tall man with artificial green eyes. «But we haven’t deduce how many losses we will suffer in the end of this endeavor» - make the mental note imperial Comissar Ibram Gaunt, looking as 3 pillars of light run from imperial ships to the dot in space that hover about their chaos counterpart that with every moment come closer to begin the slaughter!"

I really hope that i will not write it further because you will write it yourself sometime soon. Maybe summer 2011 release?

Anonymous said...

Wow its cool friend!

The Sons of Sek will definitely are coming for you!

Dragunov said...

YAY!! Congrats on getting it completed, must feel great!!


Chief - said...

Monday at 12 will be the highlight of the day (aside from the morning ration-grade coffee).

Can't wait, but I'll have to.

Freddie Cox said...

What Mac program do you use for writing? I was looking at the programs in your Dock. I see Pages. Have you used Scrivener or is that too fussy?

Dan Abnett said...

Freddie- I use pages (14pt courier, justified and one-and-a-half spaced) for prose, and Final Draft for comics and screenplays.

James said...

On another note, I just saw in your photo's you have a iMac, I thought only the Archenemy used iMac!!

kgamble said...

Hey Dan! Would love to meet you at Comic-Con. I'm the VP of Devleopment for Walt Disney TV Animation. Be great to figure out a way to work with you on something! Drop me a line at and we'll figure a way to connect.

Feel free to delete this comment from your blog so I don't, you know, get sexy emails trying to sell me viagra. God knows I have enough already.

Viagra, I mean.