Sunday, May 30, 2010

Of the teaser, and Pulse, and other matters

Well, there was teasing. There was certainly teasing.

The first small but perfectly formed piece of the Ultramarines movie went on show yesterday at the London MCM event, and went live on the website at the same moment. Let me linger on that latter theme for a second - if you’re remotely interested in the movie and its release, go to the website and REGISTER and you’ll be kept appraised of all developments.

As for the MCM show itself, what a great turn out. It’s a huge event, with massive levels of ambient background noise. Once we were up on the stage, we could barely hear our own amplified voices, though this was due in particular to the ceremonial drumming taking place somewhere else in the arena. Nevertheless, people claimed to be able to hear us. All in all, I thought it probably made up in sheer rousing atmosphere what it lost in clarity.

Big turn out at the stand too - nice to see you all. And I hope I answered the questions about "why the Ultramarines?" well enough. We want to welcome people into the extraordinary Universe of 40K, and convert them to its faith, so we need to establish the definitive concept of Space Marines very effectively, so that people ‘get them’ quickly and easily. Ultramarines do that superbly well. They are a great starting point, and it’s pretty daft to think we’d be better off going for something more obscure or specialist. Besides, has anyone thought to tell the mighty Mister Graham McNeill that Ultramarines aren’t (whisper it) popular? Thought not.

Anyway, I had a great time. Cherry on the top of the cake was talking to John Noble of Fringe in the green room. Nik seems to be very good at just saying hello to these awesome people. John was such a gent, he kept a photoshoot waiting so he could chat to us for a little longer.

While I’ve got your attention, let me urge you to watch Pulse (9.00pm, Thursday, BBC3), Paul Cornell’s new medical thriller, which, if there’s any justice, should become a series.

Finally, something Nik found for me, and which makes me smile a lot.


Anonymous said...

Hi, can't wait to finally see the Teaser! I hope this "converts" some of those who still view Warhammer as "nerdy".

On a different note, it's crazy making people have to register to see the teaser. Sure, fans who really want to know will register, but those who don't yet care either way (who could be converted) won't bother.


TheSGC said...

Like I said before, the teaser was great, it kept us hungry for more. And is there anywhere where we could see the highlights of the Expo for all of us who didn't get to go?

Xhalax said...

Everything ends up on YouTube eventually....and that's where I saw it.

Dan said...

SGC - After the panel we all recorded much longer interviews, covering everything that was discussed in the room, and several questions prompted by this blog. Check out the website, but I'll also post a link here when they're up.

Big said...

Horrah all the pieces are finally coming together ,fav subject, fav author, fav british actors....can it get any better..yes it can we got another Gaunts Ghost on the way and a H.H. Wolf novel or THEE H.H. Wolf novel
Awesome times ahead!

Flekkzo said...

I think there are a few chapters out there that surely would claim *they* are the best chapter instead of the Ultramarines:)

If the general public don't know anything about 40k does it matter where you begin? Surely some mad Space Wolves would do just fine, probably better as werewolf/Viking are pretty well known and doesn't require much explaining.

A character like Eisenhorn should work really well on the big screen as well if you want to go for less big scale action.

Let's face it, the movie is Ultramarines because Games Workshop is Ultramarines. Nothing wrong with that, but let's not kid ourselves:)

I will see the movie, need to know:)

Anthony Yeates said...

The teaser was pretty cool, and it was sweet to meet the team yesterday. I was sitting off to side of the stage, next to some of the Ultramarines booth team, and we were all fairly miffied when we releasied that we couldn't hear anything. Glad to hear that theres proper interviews on the way though =).
Also, I was the last chap to ask a question, and I think it came out a little wrong.
What I had meant to say was that, if Ultramarines gained the success I'm sure it deserves, what would the chance of visitng the story of the BL books, not trying to retell the books on the big screen, rather telling new stories with familar faces.

Anyways, thanks again for your time talking to us mere mortals Dan!

Matthew Churchill said...

WOW! That looked like a Clint Langley piece come to life. I can think of no higher praise. Well, maybe a John Blanche piece come to life, but that could only happen in the Cthulhuverse.


great event Dan, I have the full audio file of the panel on my Hard Disk. Can't make out a single word!!

I think you handled the Ultramarines negativity very well, it simply amazes me that a small proportion of the community are moaning. Can't please some people, I'm just ecstatic about the movie, what better way to sell our hobby to the unconverted? This will be big. :)

Nice to meet you too, if only for a split second!

Phillip said...

I've seen the teaser and was suitably frothy about it though I did wonder if he looked a little old for a Space Marine. I didn't think they got older only 'arder.

Sadly I couldn't attend your panel due to the incomprehensible love of Saturdays over Sundays. If you ever do a Sunday appearance, ever, I'll be there. Incidentally is there any way of emailing you? I want to review Prospero Burns and interview you for BSC Review. I know it's a ways off but I wanted to get the ball rolling.

Nik Vincent said...

Phillip - there's an e-mail link on the site, and I do pick up the mail regularly,


Thor said...

I have to ask. The site for the movie mentioned that it shows Captain Severus who is the captain of the 2nd Company but surely Cato Sicarius is still the captain of the 2nd Company? Severus seems to have black shoulder trim so was the 2nd a typo and it's really the 5th?

Jon said...

I so hope this will live to see its full potential (something I hardly doubt seeing my favorite writer doing the screenplay!).

However, if that is to be a finished part of the movie... some on have commented it doesn't even look on par with some in-game renders (Crysis, dawn of war renders), and I kind of have to agree. But it's just a teaser, so no point speculating too much yet!

Anonymous said...

Lets the Khorne put the Wolves of Fenris from theirs misery!
Its because of them i need to wait another foo-foo-freefig year for Salvations Reach epic of Ibram Gaunt! Damn them the bastards!
Okay iam joking (at least at half -iam really very angry) - but really when do we see Salvations Reach?
On November 2011? My soul will not live that long (crying in sadness)

harvb said...

Talking of marshalling jets, Dan, if you haven't seen it then this is pretty good.

Unknown said...

Hello Dan, other posters.

So, long time fan, first time poster, mostly because i rarely feel the need.

Anywho, here i go, please bear with me.

So I am not trying to start anything nasty here, I just happen to think that a space marines movie may not be the best way to 'convert' people. Now don't get me wrong, space marines are awesome, and ultramarines are right up there for me, only the Space wolves are higher in my opinion. Its just, space marines come across to me as, too inhuman, they are cold and unfeeling; it basically says that right in the main rule/theme for all games/books about them in 40k. "They shall know no fear."

Now a Guard movie, maybe even one of the Gaunts Ghosts books, or even and Inquisiton movie, now that I think would convert more people, because they are human and this allows for more connection with the audience. The universe is still present in all its awesomeness, with all the neat things like forge worlds and hive cities, alien planets and brutal wars. But focusing on someone who isn't a genetically engineered super human might increase the general appeal of the move.

Space marines could still play a role, after all they are a major part of the 'help convert people to the awesome factor' of 40K, but rather than fixating on them entirely, how about just showcasing the awesome, in a supporting role, that way less viewers will be alienated by their sheer… inhumanity, I guess.

Anyways, not sure why I am even posting this, as this movie is already in production (and I do intend on getting it, whenever it crosses the pond) but hey, just thought I could make a suggestion for future movies, once this one becomes a hit.

Dan Abnett said...

Thor - Cato is the 'current' captain. We're not saying specifically when this is set. And inside sources tell me that the trim is the right colour: you're seeing shadow.


Anonymous said...

Looks good, the detail looked amazing. Can't wait to see it in action. I just hope this movie doesn't drown in useless filler like other movies of this type. I don't want to watch another Final Fantasy The Spirits Within. It seems when 3D movies are made these days something gets lost and we end up with characters babbling instead of actually doing something exciting. I want two hours of the Dawn of War trailer and nothing else. If there is any dialogue beyond 'CHARRRRRRGGGGEEEE!' and 'URGHGGHG!' with grunts tossed around I will be disappointed.

Remember, 40k is about huge badasses who make your day a really bad one. It's fine to have some history and fluff tossed in, but its secondary to the action.