Monday, May 17, 2010

Monday's Tropic of Conversation

And so to Monday.

If it wasn’t weird enough to have Gaunt’s name popping up all over Brasil, here’s another old friend too.

Today’s point of contention is going to be “Top Five Marvel Heroes”. Right now, this morning, mine are:

a) Iron Man
b) Adam Warlock
c) Doctor Strange
d) Scarlet Witch
e) Colossus

Quite apart from the Freudian analysis field-day that list undoubtedly invites, what about you? Who are your Marvel heroes?


Unknown said...

mmm... my top five would be:

a) Daredevil
b) Wolverine
c) Deadpool
d) Iron Man
e) Spider-Man

Xhalax said...

Sorry this isn't about Marvel but....LOL!

Those links were definitely me lol of the morning, thank you very much Mr. Abnett! It'll keep me amused for a while.

Might get back with marvel later.

Christian said...

1. Daredevil
2. Spider-man
3. Jessica Jones
4. Dominic Fortune
5. Nightcrawler

Ben (0207) said...

Kitty Pryde
Iron Man
Ultimate Thor
Emma Frost

David Wright said...

Can't believe that Rocket Raccoon isn't in any list! Mind you I couldn't really fit him in mine...

My top five are probably -

A) Jamie Madrox
B) Warlock
C) Punisher
D) Black Bolt
E) Captain America

Had a customer ask who would win in a fight between Rocket Raccoon and Atomic Robo and I came to the conclusion that they wouldn't actually fight, more likely to sit down and wisecrack with each other.

Many thanks again for the donations to our charity raffle too!



Unknown said...

1) Iron Man
2)Captain America
4) Penance
5) Scarlet Spider

Mob said...

I've always liked your ability to create names that sound real and believable, not just in context but in general.


- Daredevil
- Iron Fist
- Jessica Jones
- Spider-Man
- Union Jack

Your list is really strong, but I would never have guessed Scarlet Witch.

Anonymous said...

Well my top five would be as follows:

A) Iron Man (Tony Stark)
B) Gambit (Remy LeBeau)
C) Nick Fury (General/Colonel/Dr)
D) The Hulk (Dr Bruce Banner)
E) Sentry (Robert Reynolds)

Anonymous said...


Cameron Akers said...

Top 5 Marvels?

1. Blackagar Boltagon
2. Thor
3. Doctor Strange
4. Nova
5. Doctor Doom

Lee Gunby said...

1. Dr Strange
2. Daredevil
3. Iron Man
4. Professor X
5. Phoenix (Rachel Summers)

Christopher Meyer said...

Ooo, a tougie.

a) Iron Man
b) Wolverine
c) Captain America
d) Spiderman
e) Hulk

Ok, background: Iron Man because he's a huge profiteer/capitalist/cheuvanist. Wolvering and CPT America are actually equal; they both fought in WWII, after all. Spiderman is like all of us. Hulk...well Hulk smash.

narrativium said...

Jamie Madrox
Jamie Madrox
Jamie Madrox
Jamie Madrox
Jamie Madrox

Anonymous said...

1) Iron Man

At random:
Emma Frost
Silver Surfer

Jason Hall said...

- Mimic
- Iron Man
- Captain America
- Spider-Man
- Thor

Evinlea said...

1) Nightcrawler
2) Colossus
3) Nova
4) Beast
5) Blink

Anonymous said...

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Flekkzo said...

What can I say? I'd have to go with Hit-Girl. Kicks more ass than anyone else and the smack talk is mean.

AmbroseKalifornia said...

1. Larry Hama's Wolverine. I know he's overrated, overpowered, and overexposed, but Hama made him the desperately honorable, lonely, tortured soul he needs to be.

2. Jim Starlin's Adam Warlock. Distant, inhuman, and seemingly capable of only feeling human emotions like rage or grief. That disconnect with humanity combined with the his possession of the soul gem is profoundly ironic. The other half of Thanos.... See More

3. Jim Starlin's Thanos. The greatest schemer in the universe. No one, no one, dreams bigger and no one else can, could, or would do the things he has. The winning card in the "Who can beat who?" superhero game. The other half of Warlock.

4. Mark Millar's Ultimate Captain America. Not quite the 616 Marvel U Cap we know and love, Millar makes him more deadly and more believable than anyone else.

5. I honestly can't think of a fifth. Those guys above are 90% of the reason I love comics. Chuck Dixon's insane Punisher, Warren Ellis' effortless Iron Man and Kurt Busiek's Phil Sheldon, for being more human than I am.

HiWayRobry said...

1. Captain America
2. Silver Surfer
3. Nova
4. Sleepwalker
5. Ghost Rider

Ray said...

my top 5 marvel heroes are (drumroll please)

c)Iron man

Adam Cornish said...

Mine would be:

a) Spider-Man
b) Hulk
c) Punisher
d) Moon Knight
e) Ghost Rider

Anonymous said...

For me...

Iron Man
The Punisher
Rom, Spaceknight
Captain Britain

...with Hawkeye, War Machine and Union Jack bubbling under.

Will Wright said...

I love how in the real comic Iron Man,all the other superheroes had to have an intervention for him.
It is not right to be DWI in flying power armor,I wonder if he flew though some lady's house.
Maybe Aunt May :)

Rob Rath said...

Note that I don't read as many comics as I should, so my list is a little schitzo and unexciting:

1) Spider-Man
2) Iron Man
3) Roland Deschain (Dark Tower)
4) Captain America
5) Doctor Doom

Runner ups include Professor X, Doctor Strange and Punisher.

Weirdly enough, my Iron Man love was sparked not by comics or movies, but an Iron Man action figure I had when I was seven.

Chronowraith said...

Only five?


a) Kitty Pryde
b) Nightcrawler
c) Colossus
d) Black Bolt
e) Doctor Strange

Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Blink, and Reed Richards are all right behind the first five though.

Unknown said...

Right now, this evening

1) Hyperion (from Marvel Max Squadron Supreme)
2) Thor
3) Jamie Madrox
4) Nick Fury
5) Bucky Cap

Will Wright said...

Top Five Though would be:
5)Captain America

Unknown said...

well guess my top 5 marvel heroes is as follow

1: Wolverine
2: The Punisher
3: Electra
4: Spiderman
5: Marshal Law (if Epic character counts since it were part of marvel)

Jose said...

Hi Mr Abnett!
This is my Top 5

1- Scarlet Witch
2- Colossus
3- Kitty Pride
4- Photon/Pulsar(Monica Rambeu)
5- Hankeye

Reds8n said...

1. Darkhawk -I just dig the costume really.

2. Earth X saga Black Bolt. Proper hero.

3. Peter David era smart hulk.

4. Byrne run 4th wall breaking She Hulk.

5. Warren Ellis' reworking of Druid.

Dave said...

a) Beta Ray Bill
b) Iron Man
c) Dr. Strange
d) Nova (and that's on you)
e) Darkhawk. I know, I know. I just like the guy. Nostalgia, what can I say.

The Punisher from the MAX series is tops, of course, but he hardly counts as a MU character.

TKKultist said...

In no particular order

Helstorm (Damion Hellstrom)
Rom (the Space Knight)
Ghost Rider
Scourge (debatlable whether he is a "Hero" but he sure did clean a lot of losers off the marvel universe streets!!!)