Saturday, May 15, 2010

What have you got for us today, Dan?

Well, many things, as it goes.

As much as SFX give good party, and believe me, they do, they’re also quite the institution when it comes to magazines, which means they don’t just throw parties, they also take pictures of them, and talk to their party guests.

So, here you have it all. They invited me to a party, they took pictures of everyone, and they interviewed me. Splendid stuff.

Now that SFX has treated me in such fine fashion, I’m hoping they’ll also celebrate “Ultramarines”. Yes, I know I bang on about, but it is my first film, and it is exciting! Now they want you to get involved. All you model-makers and budding artists get your kit out and come up with a standard design, and you could win original storyboards from the film. Find details of the competition here and be advised I'm one of the judges. Plus, there's a chance to hear me, director Martyn Pick, and producers David Kerney and Bob Thompson talking about the movie at the London MCM Expo on the 29th. Details here or here.



Will Wright said...

Thanks for the heads up about the standard comp.
I got a great idea using the image from a old style death tarot card
But with a marine biker instead of death on the horse.
Any way you can hint as to what Company is in the movie?
It would help with the banner.

harvb said...

Great interview, can't wait for Salvation’s Reach.

eric said...

The link to the competition details seems to be broken. I think the extra comma at the end of the URL is the culprit.,

Brothers of the Snake is a great read. I enjoy your 40k writing a great deal.