Tuesday, May 11, 2010

What a swell party (followed by a Dwell party)

And so to Waterstone’s Picadilly, for the SFX Summer of SF Reading launch party.

Thanks, SFX for a very stimulating evening. Good talk, a great venue, and some illustrious company. Nik got her hands on Sir Terry Pratchett and didn’t know when to let go; she’s still heaving with embarrassment for being such an asshat fangirl, but it was fun to watch. Just to balance things out, I managed to make a screaming cock-up of introducing myself, Graham and Nik to Adam Roberts. In some American states, we may now all be married to one another. Luckily, the panel went well, and I don’t think I covered myself with bibble-shame. Thanks also to everyone who came and asked probing questions.

On a sadder note, I’d like to remove my hat for Frank Frazetta, and for Patricia Wrightson. Mr Frazetta’s art has already inspired more than one generation (he was, after all, 82 years old when he died), and, I suspect, will inspire many more. Patricia Wrightson, who was an Australian writer of children’s fiction, died in March. I’ve been meaning to mention her death for weeks. Her contribution to fantasy literature was particularly distinctive and often overlooked. I especially enjoyed her memorable novel “The Nargun and the Stars”, which was published the year I turned eight.

In other news, there’s a chance to listen to Andy and me bantering on about all things comic-related in this week’s podcast from Where Monsters Dwell. It’s there one hundredth episode, so we’re feeling quite celebratory about the whole thing. You can listen live on Wednesday, or download the podcast over here.


davetaylor said...

"The Nargun and the Stars" brought a ton of memories flooding back. What a great pieces of literature that I must now track down for my daughter's collection.

Patricia and Frank will be missed.


PS. loved the "asshat fangirl" line

PPS. I believe it's customary in first comments to go "ZING!"

Xhalax said...

Ah, asshat fangirl. I own and opulent mansion there.....it has a pool and everything.

Rob Rath said...


Save your embarrassment, I happen to know that ass-hats are the thing in Milan this year.


After reading that line about polygamy, I fear I may have given you the wrong impression about the US when I Twitter-raved about eating fried gator...

Jack Badelaire said...

Not to nitpick, but Frazetta was 82.

I may have to throw Fire and Ice in the DVD tonight in memory of the guy. A sad week indeed.

Nik Vincent said...

Badelaire - nit-pick away; I'm sorry, that was my fault, I'll correct the copy right now.


Jonathan D. Beer said...

As a chap lucky enough to win a pair of tickets for the SFX night, I have to say that it was a brilliant night all round, I think. The panel was really interesting - China Mieville is a dangerously intellectual man - and some good points were made.

Plus, as you said, a great many people managed to make fan-boy and fan-girl fools of themselves before the great Sir Terry. It was a treat exchanging words with you again, Dan, and it was a pleasure to meet Graham McNeill as well - a thoroughly delightful chap. All in all, a stonking good night.

Matthew Churchill said...

Just finished reading all the DnA cosmic trades I got so I'm enjoying having my insomnia punctuated with the live transmission...


M said...

... I knew I should have used my wanking ear.

Cor said...

Just read the sfx interview that went out last week, in it they ask you about branching out into games and films and you teasingly say your currently doing both so Dan spill the beans on this video game come on you know you want to don't make me get out my big pointy stick

Elenaria Cúthalion ni Aesin said...

Dear me. This is a BAD year. Not only do great musicians die off, but authors too.

I vividly remember "The Nargun and the Stars." I read it right around the time I went to Australia for five weeks, and of course I was looking over my shoulder every time we camped out anywhere near a cliff.

And Frazetta... damn.