Monday, May 31, 2010

Commodus Voke

Just had to share this great image with you all. Drawn by Eisenhorn fan Anna Kirsanova as a gift for her husband Kirill Leonov, it features the venerable inquisitor Voke. The Russian publication of the Inquisitor books has been a little delayed, so Anna and her husband still have the humdinger of Ravenor Rogue to look forward to (out in Russia any day now, she tells me).


Unknown said...

Actually, Ravenor the Rogue was published in Russia in a month ago or so, but earlier I read the Eisenhorn trilogy and previous Revenor novels one more time, before reading a new one novel.

Anna =)

VirtualWolf said...

WOAH. That is amazing! It could have come straight from one of the actual Games Workshop 40K books!

Barre said...

Im highly impressed!

Will Wright said...

Very nice.
Looks like him earlier in his life.
I think I need to draw up a few Ravenor vs Eisenhorn pics on my Intros to get your creative juices flowing.

Flekkzo said...

Very very good. The GW art depart better step up their game or maybe start hiring:) Keep up the good work!

Phillip said...

Impressive, most impressive!

murph said...

just finished "The Lost"....awesome ending...when's the next book? Is the Bastion wars going to involve the it a offshoot?

Xhalax said...

Murph - Bloodpact has already been released in hardback format, though it's still going to be another few months before it's available in paperback. There's also a Sabbat Worlds anthology book coming out at the end of the year too. Apparently, Mr. Abnett has said there's more of a Ghost novella in there rather than just a short story.....and the rest of the book will be filled with all manner of other stories of the Crusade written by other authors.

And the Bastion Wars are a completely separate entity from the Ghosts and I very much doubt the Ghosts will appear because I believe the Bastion Stars aren't part of the Sabbat Worlds.

I'm currently just over half way through Flesh and
Iron and I'm enjoying it. Mr. Zou definitely brings a whole new aspect of 40K, writing about things that you'd expect may happen but never seem to in other books. I know it's got a lot of people riled about it....but I've been enjoying his work.

Nik Vincent said...

Hi all - Massive cock-up on the e-mail front on this site, so if you sent an e-mail today or yesterday (Monday or Tuesday) could you send it again, please.

Thank you,


Nik Vincent said...

Hi all - Massive cock-up on the e-mail front on this site, so, if you sent e-mail today or yesterday (Monday or Tuesday) could you send it again, please.



frieslander said...

That is a brilliand picture, very well drawn and also quite 40k Gothic in style.
Well done to the artist :)

Anonymous said...

Lets the Khorne put the Wolves of Fenris from their misery!
Its because of them i need to wait another foo-foo-freefig year for Salvations Reach epic of Ibram Gaunt! Damn them the bastards!
Okay iam joking (at least at half -iam really very angry) - but really when do we see Salvations Reach?
On November 2011? My soul will not live that long (crying in sadness)

cor said...

totally off topic but just caught up with doctor who on the iplayer and cant believe they killed off rory just as i was getting to like the character, not only killed him off but erased the character entirely im not a happy bunny >:(