Friday, February 16, 2007

Grinning Demon

Further to yesterday's bits and bobs, let me add that the Tenth Planet do is from 12 to 2 next Saturday. And I completely forgot to mention that Maidstone's fine comic and card shop, the Grinning Demon, is having a grand reopening this Thursday (22nd Feb) and I'll be along there in the afternoon, around 2.30, to show my support.

In longer range news, and for the benefit of my friends in the US, it looks like I will be a guest at Games Day in Chicago this July.

Several people have emailed the blog with questions about getting started as a writer and getting published and submitting etc. I'll talk about that in detail soon, maybe with the help of some proper editor type folks.


Soapy said...

Blog entries are like buses, nothing for ages and then two come along at once! Bravo.

May pop along to Epsom for a brief bit of clone stalking and Rogue signing.


Matt Forbeck said...

Excellent news about Chicago, Dan. Hope to see you there.

Toymachine said...

Is it daemon or demon?
I never did find out.

Dan Abnett said...

Looking forward to it, Matt. I hear Chicago is horribly warm at that time of year.


Anonymous said...

GD Chicago, eh? Hey, is there a chance having you at GD Cologne, Germany, in the not too distant future...? :)