Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Event update

Reports on the New York ComicCon (with pics) plus that competition I was talking about - all coming soon.

For now, details of the most pressing signings:

This Saturday (29th), I'll be at Games Workshop Lakeside from 11 - 1, and then Games Workshop Bluewater from 3 - 5 for some serious Salvation's Reach and other BL goodies signing action. Official details here.

The following weekend (November 5/6), I'll be a guest at the Lille Comic Festival along with some very illustrious company. See you there!


Big said...


Unknown said...

Hope all fairs well in NY. Unfortunately I won't be there :( I'll be in Chicago.

Finished Salvation's Reach though. Another masterpiece by the master himself :) Can't wait for the next installment in the Gaunt's Ghosts epic.

KrimzonStriker said...

Hey Dan, just wanted to say I listened to your recent interview on The Independent Characters podcast for their Forbidden Lore segment.

Love the concept for the Double Eagle sequel you have. If you ever do manage to get that dream of a trilogy for the series I'd love if you'd consider for that third and final novel to take place in a vacuum-less space environment, mixing a bit of Battlefleet Gothic but from the perspective of the fighter pilots. Would love to see interceptor fighters take down a Chaos Cruiser or something along those lines, borrowing from a lot of the WWII naval engagements ala the Battle of Midway etc.