Thursday, October 06, 2011

Signings... incoming!

Just interrupting your Games Day 2011 bulletin-viewing pleasure today to bring you a public information announcement about upcoming signings:

Most immediately upon us is this Saturday's event, which involves me being at Games Workshop Maidstone between 12 and 2. This is my local store, and I'm always happy to visit. Official details can be found here, along with advance notice of the next few events.

One of which will be... Games Workshop Greenwich Village (that's New York, folks! You know, the concrete jungle where dreams are made?) where you will be able to find me and Jim Swallow next Saturday afternoon (the 15th) between 1 and 3.

I'll be in New York for the New York Comic Con. There will probably be more things to announce with regards to this, but for now I can say that I'll be signing at the DC booth with Andy on Friday between 1 and 2, and Saturday between 11 and 12. You will also be able to find Andy and me during the Con in Artist Alley, where we will be sharing a table with the estimable Mr Todd Nauck and doing ice sculpture performances (one of these facts is a lie, can you spot which?). I'm told our table number is M20, but these things change. You know how they change. They are willful and mercurial.

Hope to see you somewhere very soon!


Madclaw said...

Enjoy NYC! I wish work commitments didn't keep me from making one of the events.

W.R.Young said...

GREAT Finally I may have a chance to meet my Favorite BL author and shake your hand and say well done!And I done have to JUMP the POND to do it!Welcome to New York Dan First Pint's on

James said...

Are you ever coming to Canterbury?

Matt said...

Hi Dan

I picked up your new Who book, The Silent Stars Go By.

And it's excellent. Really, really good. Love the characterisation of the Ice Warriors. (In fact, I reckon Big Finish should get you to write an Ice Warriors spin-off.)

Matt Badham

Jesus said...

Come to West Wales for a signing!

Anonymous said...

Dan i give you my translation for the review of Salvations Reach on the russian sci-fi site
And its all in russian - so i could make some mistakes in translation:

Dan Abnett. Salvations Reach. (Gaunt Ghosts book № 13)

As our colleagues from the foundingfields insist – this book is brilliant and as the ghosts like to say – fething awesome. Especially if you remember that this book is a 13th in the cycle and its author – the main protagonist of the Black library author cycle – Dan Abnett. As for us, we don’t remember another author whose even 10th book don’t lose its charm and personality. Action, smart dialogs, good humor, drama and likeable characters - that’s makes the Gaunt Ghosts great. And dont forget a good portion of void warfare which we havent seen since the 7th book - Sabbat Martyr.
But contrary to the British reviewers we must say that it has its flaws! And the major one – its length and ending.
We don’t know who rushes Dan to complete the books quicker – Black library staff or his clones, and even if each of his works are brilliant – all endings for the sole exception of Double eagle is really cut off. Like someone chop their heads off with the axe! And this is exactly the case with Salvation Reach! Eighty percent of the book is a real goodness of high caliber - be it a departure for the mission, dialogs with SM, action sequences or one on one combat! The book really shine in this moments! But as we said before after running the pages to its logical conclusion that’s where its lost its momentum. Don’t get us wrong its solid and very good. But it really don’t show to us – why its all must be done, especially if you choose to analyze things. And you could made a conclusion that’s the evidence left after the mission (in this case – the bodies) are going the wrong way with the author idea for the main reason of the mission. The main logical thought – that it’s a real double game for the sides of the conflicting Sabbat Worlds in the grim darkness of the future 40000 millennium.
And that’s especially could be the case as we remind you that Salvations Reach is the 2 book of the 4 Arc (which consists of 4 books). But if Dan want for the plot of this book to sink in our minds when his next book must began exactly from which point this one left! Or could not! But in that case we hope for some explaining!
In the meantime - awesome read - 10 of 11 stars!

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