Friday, November 26, 2010

More weblogs are go

Adelie has been as busy as a busy thing, cutting and posting more sections of my recent weblog question-and-answer session. Along with the two listed in my previous post, you can now also enjoy the following:

Me discussing movies.

Me discussing the outcome of certain match ups.

Me on writing for the Black Library.

Me on the subject of writing generally.

Me on the Horus Heresy.

Me on the Inquisition trilogy of trilogies.

Me on comics.


It's the weekend, so let's finish by taking a peek in the note book.

Idea for a one panel cartoon #322
We are looking out of the wings onto the stage of an old time music hall theatre. A stage hand is looking very surprised as a drop hatch opens underneath him and he plummets from sight. In the foreground, Admiral Ackbar turns to us and cries out in alarm.
Caption: "It's a trap!”

Idea for a one panel cartoon #323
A plumber clambers out from under a sink, holding the U-shaped pipe he has finally disconnected. In the foreground, Admiral Ackbar turns to us and cries out in alarm.
Caption: "It's a trap!”

Idea for a one panel cartoon #324
Liesl comes running across the Bavarian Alps towards us, about to break into song. In the foreground, Admiral Ackbar turns to us and cries out in alarm.
Caption: "It's a Von Trapp!”


Unknown said...

There are literally hundreds of these trap jokes on the web, But these are the best ones I have read.

The Videos are Brilliant Dan,loads of cool questions answered. I've asked Nik this but I wonder what the other readers of the blog think.

Does the Imperium of man believe in life after death?



Unknown said...



frieslander said...

Over the next year realy should get these panel cartoons writen, draw, compiled and then itched in time for next Christmas :)
I think that the Imperium of Man does have life after death writen in to it's creed. After all, it keeps coming up in various places that after death those who serve the Emperor faithfully in life get to sit at his right hand after death.
Wether it is beleaved or not depends on the individual in question (thats right, I'm looking at you Sergeant Denil Greer of the Pardus Eighth Mobile Flak Company).
I did think of something allong these lines after reading Appostles Creed. Surly, sooner or later, some one's going to have the Appostles up on blaspheaming charges (or some commisar is going to just shoot them) for dening the power of the Emperor from the way they act after each one of them dies.
Probably happens all the time in the 40kivers

frieslander said...

sorry just need to post this as I forgot to ask the site to email me follow-up comments.

zAngle said...

Awesome Stuff!

Anonymous said...

while plotting your Dalek master plan, do the high lords and yourself roll about on office chairs, shouting "EXTERMINATE" and waving plungers?

Duke_Leto said...

Thanks for answering the question Dan. The videos are great.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Dan and Adelie for the videos! Thank you very much!

But i have 4 points to make about the Ghosts:

- As for my opinion (my opinion - so not to kill me) - the ending of the Blood Pact was very rushed! The last stand (spoiler follow) of the Baltazar team was very unimaginative! So as his death or the death of witch (so simple - i lost my tea cup). And haven't it would be better to kill at least one ghost - its make a tragic moment - Ghosts lose a man even being still! They mourn him - and that make the point that war is everywhere and everyone is very very mortal!

- Second - i read ghosts for 11 years now! And 2 things I really miss after the 12 books is a huge space battle-boarding action (you could write it - as example a Sabbat Martyr - so why not) and Chaos Space Marines. They make appearance only 3 times in 12 books! And about boarding actions - hole Black library have only 3! books that have at least 1 page or 30 words about it (recent Soul Hunter)

- Third - From the time of the sorrow about the death of C. from Armour of Contempt I haven't feel a bit about the ghosts casualties, especially in Only in death - (spoiler alert) you killed minor ch., and even Domor survived! So please killed a major one - Daur, Brostin, Varl, Meryn, Rawne=), Larkin! No Larkin is to early to die=)

- And 4 - i really waiting for Salvation Reach - Some Sons of Sek and CSM? Really hoping for that!
Good health to you and your family and fantastic inspiration in writing!

Unknown said...

Dan, I just came across this on an art website that I use and I just wondered if you had seen it. If not I am sure that plenty of other reads would love to see a 1ft scratch built Corbec and Mkoll

Anonymous said...


I think the Chuck Norris vs. God Emperor of Mankind battle was a trick question. Chuck Norris IS the God Emperor!

Thank you for answering my question about writing screenplays as compared to novels and comics.


Unknown said...

In answer to Anon.

I'm pretty sure Dan mentions a boarding action in the next Ghosts novel.

The reason Chaos Marines do not appear often is the same reason Space Marines do not appear often. They outmatch the guard by a HELL of a lot. No competent commander would send a guard unit against a Unit of Chaos Marines. The encounters with Chaos Marines are chance encounters - the fact that there are so few mean that the have such a potent effect on the reader. You realise that it is a big deal for them to be killing the member of a traitor legion. If they were popping up left right and centre and winning every time it would take away from the heroic feat of a normal human being killing something so monstrous.

That last scene in Blood Pact had plenty of Tragedy. The second I read about you-know-who I was in pieces!

Xhalax said...

My question was a Gol Kolea question.

*petulant face*

And partly a Captain Daur question

Anonymous said...

To Rory
- yeap i listen again to Dans video and find about the boarding Hussah!

And your mention about CSM is very logic. But if you read Traitor General - you understand what i mean - it was so unreal! The Ghosts has run all their luck in that place and everyone of them survived.
And hole BL except Cadian blood doesn't have a one fething moment about IG vs squad of CSM (not one). And Aaron too skip the process of CSM slaughtering cadians - he simply give the result (the mountain of bodies).
And exactly the same point is at the Blood Pact - the Ghosts become immortal - nothing can killed them now! So if Dan killed in that book at least 1 minor ghost (even meat folder) it at least make a point for some sorrow - but all the book i was having my fingers crossed for the bad guys. They was much better and have much reacher personality!

@The second I read about you-know-who I was in pieces!@ - me too, but he isn't dead.
And as usually he would be saved buy another fething miracle that the ghosts began so fond off! Dan make them gakking immortal.

Xhalax said...

Aren't we forgetting the MASS GENOCIDE and complete crushing and subjugation on an entire world's population under the yoke of the Power of Chaos when it comes to Gereon? And the deaths of potentially millions are being overshadowed by the fact it wasn't X million and one lone guardsman?

Bigger fictional picture people....please!

Plus Anonymous....I do think you missed the whole point of the Gereon mission as at least some of the Ghosts DID die on Gereon. Not a physical death...but much much worse. Look at Ana. Look at Varl. Look at Larkin. Look at Criid. Look at Mkoll.

They've all changed and in some ways been diminished by what happened on the point where I'd say a fair part of each of them 'died' on Gereon. Some for better (like Larkin) but most were much, much worse.

So please please please stop banging/whinging/soapboxing on about 'No Ghosts died in Traitor General' because they did. And had one of them actually, physically died it would have been better and easier than seeing the aftermath....which I think is A LOT more effective in engaging with a story than simply just dying/being killed.

Dan has often said that he kills character at the right time and to illict the right effect/response from his readers rather than taking cheap shots to get a quick *gasp* response....which is exactly what you're demanding that he does from now on.

frieslander said...

Main character Ghosts die all the time, Agun Soric returnd briefly and then died at the end of Only In Death, which was only two novel ago, and that was in the most touching circumstances, not through war, but because he asked a friend to end his seffering, he was the books title.
As for miracle's, that only happend the once in sabbat martyr, and as such it cant be used in the Ghosts series ever again, as it would be borring. No, Dorden is going to die.

Xhalax said...

Frieslander - Harsh but true and fair....and I'm also kinda glad I finished Bloodpact while in the company of others as I would have sibbed my heart out had I been alone....and that would have been yet another Mr. Abnett book that made me cry.

Xhalax said...

SOBBED....I would have SOBBED my heart out.

See, I'm so afflicted by it that I've lost the ability to spell.

frieslander said...

I've been thinking and I've just realised, none of the last three big Ghosts deaths have been through combat, they have been (in order) an accident caused by a mentaly abused child, a mercy killing and.....the end or Blood Pact.
And all have been the most emotive sceens of there kind. I can't think of a single other (long running) BL author who has managed it.
Xhalax, whist I may not sob, I'm with you all the way on that one :)

Xhalax said...

Ummmm....FOUR big Ghost deaths. And even then, that was cold-blooded murder.


Not to mention the twice when I thought Daur had bought it and the amount of times Bonin HAS been lucky. And I nearly fell of my chair when I glimpse the name 'Shoggy' in Hark's journal in Only In Death. And I thought the loxalt got Hark in Sabbat Martyr too.

Mr. Abnett puts me through the emotional wringer good and proper on a regular basis....damn him!

Anonymous said...

Thanks to Xhalax i remember - we haven't seen loxalt at least for 5 books now!

Anonymous said...

Esto realmente resuelto mi problema, gracias!