Monday, September 06, 2010

Vote for me! Today! Before it's too late!

This piece about the Not The Booker prize just came my way. Please vote, if you feel like it. For me, I mean. But it has to be done today.


Will Wright said...

Be glad to vote for ya my good man.

Xhalax said...

Done and done!

FuryofTerra said...

Not as easy as I'd hoped, but I finally got there! 1 extra vote for you, Mr. Abnett. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

And Done

Cor said...

More then happy to vote loved the book adn cant wait for the sequel.

Oh and has embedded been delayed? Amazon cant seem to make up its mind thats all :)

Lando_Mange said...

Hi Dan, my name is Magnus Nystrom, I recently mailed you about an very important Student Project that me and my brother will be doing during 4 months. I have yet to receive a answer and I started to wonder if the mail reached you, can you please check that out, or maybe I should post my request (of sorts) here or somewhere where it can reach you. I saw on your homepage that one could noly reach you by mail or via the blog, so here I am, trying :D

Sigmar said...

I just tried voting but the comments have been closed on that site.

Good luck with the vote Dan.

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