Friday, September 10, 2010

Saturday Cartoons

First, a mighty thank you to Forbidden Planet for hosting the feth-tastic Black Library Invasion last Thursday evening, where we launched The Sabbat Worlds Anthology. I say 'we', I mean me and fellow contributors Graham McNeill, Nik Vincent, Sandy Mitchell and Nick Kyme, along with High Lord Of Terra Jim Swallow. It was a roaring success, and here's some photo-magraphic evidence for those of you who were unable to make it. If you were able to make it, thanks for coming and it was absolutely jim dandy to see you.

If you'd like to read one of the first reviews of The Sabbat Worlds Anthology (spoiler warning!), go here.

Speaking of spoiler warnings, here's a nice reception for the latest issue of The Thanos Imperative. And here's another.

Finally in the catch up, here's a link to a podcast of the Marvel UK radio broadcast mentioned in the last post. Thanks, Alex!

Anyway, it's Saturday. More from the note book:

Idea for a one panel cartoon #419
In a wood-panelled study at the turn of the nineteenth century, a group of distinguished, bearded psychoanalysts look up at a sudden interruption. One of them raises his hand to make a calm gesture akin to a benediction, and addresses the IMPERIAL STORMTROOPERS who have burst into the room
Caption: “These aren't the Freuds you're looking for.”

Idea for a one panel cartoon #12
A VW Polo is parked outside the main doors of a magnificent French cathedral.
Caption: The hatchback of Notre Dame.

Idea for a one panel cartoon #33
A gloomy and conspiratorial board room in some anonymous office complex. Seated around the table, in deep and furtive discussion, are several sinister, silhouetted figures, although they have a curiously cuddly, ursine air about them.
Caption: The Build-A-Bear Group


Matthew Churchill said...

Zing! More podcasts to stave away the call of the Warp.

Matthew Churchill said...

P.S. Bloggers - that's me in the Inquisitor costume at the Black Library Invasion.

Kodanshi said...

GREAT stuff. I particularly love the Freud/Star Wars crossover. Keep them up! \(^_^)/

frieslander said...

Not the Freuds you are looking for LOL :D
Oh and Sandy Mitchell's Daughter's Barbie Pink Tyranid army is nothing.
I once descoverd on the internet some picturs of a Sisters of Battle army that had been painted gliterd pink and had a Dreadnought that had been converted to look like a, Hello Kitty lol. Wish I could remember the web adress

Xhalax said...

The Hello Kitty Sister are pretty old hat these days.

Will Wright said...

My favorite out of them Number 33

e.molinski said...

i don't care if they are old hat, i love 'em!!!

sredni vashtar said...

Matt: I was 75% sure that was you (I have a really awful memory). I thought the shoes really carried it off, anyways. Kudos.

(Although, I'm amazed you didn't get arrested, carrying a toy gun in public in the Harte of Merrye Ynglande in 2010. Last week I was refused passage on a TRAIN because I was wearing a bullet belt).

Matthew Churchill said...

Sredni - That gun stayed well in my bag at all times I wasn't in Forbidden Planet! I thought I had it in my pocket at one point but I was just pleased to see Soho.

Matthew Churchill said...

P.S. Dan - Enjoying the Sabbat Worlds anthology!

Rob Rath said...

Matt & Sredni-

When I was five, I went to New York for the first time and my mother took me to the famous toy store FAO Schwartz, I got to pick one thing, and I selected one of the toy proton packs from the newly-released Ghostbusters II. Very proud of the new toy, I packed it in my carry-on luggage so it could be near me on the flight. All was well until I put my bag through the x-ray machine at JFK airport...

You know, even in 1989 before the advent of the TSA, the SWAT team was pretty prompt.

Commissar Ploss said...

i didn't think the spoilers in the review were that bad... lol


Commissar Ploss said...

at least nothing plot specific. lol