Thursday, September 02, 2010

Invasion of the Sabbat Worlds!

Just an over-excited reminder that THIS is happening next week, and that missing it will suck for you. Bear in mind the link needs to have the words "...and Aaron Dembski-Bowden" added to it.

Wanted to celebrate the US and canadian publication of Triumff on the first. That's simultaneous ebook publication too.

And here's proof that the books are actually on sale.

Let's also pause to get hot under the collar about Hammer and Bolter, and the splendour that is Thor AND Iron Man being in the same place at the same time as me and Andy.

Then here's this very nice write-up of my talk to the BSFA last week. Thanks, Kai!

Finally, for your early warning radars - I'm going to be at Games Day UK (of COURSE I'm going to be at Games Day UK!) on 26th September, The New York Comic Con on 8 - 10th of October, and Games Day Italy on the 17th of October. Oh, and Thought Bubble in November.

And FINALLY finally, if the following trailer doesn't fill you with a huge squeee! of excitement, then you should surrender your boltgun at once and report to the Inquisition for immediate chastisement.


Matthew Churchill said...

Zing! Matthew Churchill can't make it next week. Inquisitor Marius Kirchel, however, can!

Xhalax said...

Well it sucks to be me and....

*hands in boltgun with a pout and reports to the Inquisiton for immediate chastisment, secretly hoping that she might get a change to glomp either Inquisitor Eisenhorn or Interrogator Inshabel on the way*

Anonymous said...

I feel bad saying this, but... the teaser actually looked alot better. The trailer was underwhelming, which makes me want to cry *puts in place boltgun*. Many well-articulated reasons for peoples discomfort with this trailer are posted in the comments of the movies blog.

Can't wait to get the Sabbat Worlds anthology btw! Really need a fresh fix of 'Ghost's.

Ben R. said...

When does -Ultramarines- come out anyway? Only date I've seen is 2010. Though that is far better then the current street date for the Spacemarine game(December 2011, boo)

Anonymous said...

Matthew its anonymous again - how about that a3 Sabbat worlds poster that we discuss earlier?

Rob Rath said...

I'm going to be contrarian to what seems to be the prevailing mood and say I enjoyed the trailer and am choosing to be optimistic about the movie.

In my estimation, it seems like everyone wants to complain about how the movie looks. I mean, what were you guys expecting, Avatar? This film has nowhere near that kind of animation budget. And isn't the story supposed to be more important anyway?

I also love how people keep comparing this to the Dawn of War intro scene, as if a bunch of animators making a three-minute cutscene is the same thing as producing a 70 minute film with dialogue, actors, a director, a script, foley effects, etc. Sheesh.

Dan Abnett said...

Always nice to hear a balanced, reasonable opinion, Rob. ;)

Xhalax said...

Rob - I'm not basing my opinion on the looks of the trailer....I've just not ever been thrilled about the thought of a 40K movie, regardless of....well anything.

The complexity of the universe is what I love most about it, and it's tailored, individual nature, which isn't something that can be accurately done on it's much more restricted to it being one persons view on the world.

Though one thing I'm glad off is that it appears they've gone for an orignal story.....rather than try and squeeze a book into X-amount of minutes.

I'll still get it when it comes out....but I can't say I'm jumping for joy or counting down the days, but I never trash something without seeing/reading it first.

Jon said...

I don't think anyone is complaining that it doesn't look like avatar; that would be ridiculous. But especially people working in computer graphics are used to other standards. I also have absolutely no doubts regarding the quality of the story or screenplay, since I already know it's in perfect hands.

However, the whole trailer simply looked a little primtive, even disregarding the gfx. They talk about the ultramarines being steel and doom, shortly after which we see nothing but those same marines dying, without any context and without any feeling of the "quest for glory". Together with the chosen musical score, this just seemed cheap.

I absolutely hope the movie won't be like the trailer (how could it, with you writing the screenplay, Mr. Abnett?) and I will buy it regardless to encourage more W40k movies. But I also hope these criticisms won't be completely dismissed as regular internet criticism by the hard working people at codex.



Anonymous said...

I will concur. I was hardly 'blown away' by the trailer but then my loathing of the Ultramarines might be keeping me at a distance - as it did with Consequences in Legends of the Space Marines.

That said, this movie has an inbuilt fanbase and provided they tick the boxes and essentially present a BL short story/audio drama with action and characters that are as engaging as we have come to expect then I think it'll meet expectations.

Like Xhalax, I will reserve judgement and 'slagging off' until I've actually seen it.

Anonymous said...

can i ask if your making or in the making of more gaunts ghosts book

Anonymous said...

are you gonna make or in the making of more gaunts stories im jut wondering

Kai said...

Only just noticed the link to my write up, thanks for that Dan. I have also (finally) managed to get myself a copy of Triumff (from the dealers table at FantasyCon), so very much looking forward to reading that!