Saturday, April 24, 2010

SFX Party with the stars!

...and me!

The lovely folk at SFX have organised an Evening with SFX to celebrate their Summer of SF Reading. It takes place at Waterstone's Piccadilly store in London on May 10th. There'll be an in-store book signing open to all in the early evening, followed by an exclusive, ticket-only function where the fortunate few can mingle with the likes of Adam Roberts, China MiĆ©ville, Michael Cobley, Stephen Hunt, the mighty Mr Graham McNeill and SFX editor Dave Bradley. Oh yes, and me! AND what SFX describes as 'probably some surprise guests as well'. I'll also be on a panel with some of the distinguished gentlemen mentioned above, where the topic for discussion will be: “Millions of people watch SF on TV and at the cinema – why don’t more people read SF books too?” You can find all the glorious details, including how to get your mitts on one of the exclusive tickets, here.

Yowza! How exciting is that?


Xhalax said...

I go back up north on the, that I'm going to miss it.


Though to be fair, I've not properly read a copy of SFX in a good few years, since they stopped doing Couch Potato because all they ever did was get drunk and talk crap.

Good times! And I hope you have fun too Mr. Abnett.

Nick Sharps said...

That would be great! If you were in the States :(

Big said...

That really sounds like my cup of tea, i'll rpobably be training for Afghan over that period but if i aint count me in!

Anonymous said...

Hmm. I'm in town that week recording the new Highlander series, so I might pop along if I can get out of studio early...

Anonymous said...

Hello Mister Abnett - its the Anonymous! As for your question:

@Who are you? It's always lovely to know the name of people of this page, at least screen names. Are the the anonymous who's posted about Gaunt before, or another one?@

My name is Andrew and i live far far away in Ukraine! Yeah and its was me writing you about Gaunt Ghosts.

@Always be careful what you wish for!@

Okay that was scary, really Freddy from Elm street scary! But i will have that in mind! But do not forget the ideas because it was my writing, it would be unfair for other people! It was only my wish to make that ideas real - because i havent seen that in the serie such a long time!
Yeah and iam really teaching english right now, but read all your books without problems! And yes i read absolutely all your books! Triumph was majestic and brilliant. Waiting for Embedded, but the jewel of your crown is really the Ghosts.
So i hate the wolves! Lets them burn on Prospero bastards!
And i have no problems for you using my ideas, because thats why they made for - for you to rewrite them and make them a hell lot better!

And of course i cannot forget to question you - is there somewhere Double Eagle 2 in your clone line?

My email:

Will Wright said...

Dan on an unrealated note have you seen Kick Ass yet either the book or the movie?
Both were cool as Hell.
Any chance of working with Romita Sr?
I would love to see his art with your words.

brendenc said...

Hey Dan. If I have a bunch of questions (some of which might take a bit to answer or may have multiple answers) would you want me to leave them here or to email all of them to you?

Dan Abnett said...

Andrew - Hi! I certainly thank you for your ideas, and I’d like to assure you that I will get to the promised Double Eagle book at some point: my schedule has been somewhat disrupted of late ;) If you liked Double Eagle, I’m sure you’ll enjoy at least one of the stories in the forthcoming Sabbat Worlds Anthology too (heck, TWO stories at least, because there’s a Gaunt story in there too!).

And give Prospero Burns a chance (PLEASE! It’s taken me long enough to write it!). It may yet change your mind about Space Wolves...

BigWill - I haven’t seen Kick Ass yet, though I liked the comic.

Brendenc - why don’t you post them here so we can all take shots at the answers? ;)

brendenc said...

Prologue: I have just finished reading "The Lost" story arc of Gaunt's Ghosts. So a good amount of the questions are gonna have spoilers for anyone reading here. Additionally, please don't ruin the ones I haven't read yet by spoiling them for me.

Question 1: How do you form the language that the Blood Pact and the Nighante use? Is the Low Gothic a form of Old/Middle English?

2. When was it that you decided that it was time to start having some of the main characters get killed? Did you know from the start of the series or was it a "it felt right at the moment" sort of thing?

brendenc said...

3. Did you get the line "Do you want to live forever?" from Starship Troopers?

4. What made you want to make the Tanith based on around a celtic theme?

5. If you own one of the two, which would you rather have, a camo cloak or a Tanith Warknife?

6. How do you come up with names? Are they just random? Or is there some hidden meaning in them?

7. You use the words "feth" and "gak" to replace the obvious f-word curse. But you still use other curse words in your work. Do you think the f-word actually exists in the 40k universe and if it does, why hasn't it been used in a novel when others have so far.