Friday, April 09, 2010

Ooooh! This is cool!

New stuff up on the Ultramarines movie site, where some of the actors talk about the performance capture process, plus the latest 'guest blog' from me about the production experience.

Remember to register at the site if you want to get this info as soon as it goes up.

On an entirely separate note, this is really cool too.

And kudos to my daughter Lily, who just landed her first proper acting role.

Now I'm off to drink tea and read the papers. Ooh! New Who tonight!


Blitzspear said...

Zing........ Congrats to Lily on getting an acting job. Now of to check out the UM movie blog.

frieslander said...

Some good stuff on the Ultramariens web sit, can't watch the Mark Watson thing as I'm in Bulgaria at the moment and my iPhone has lost YouTube.
Well done to your Lilly too.

Rob Rath said...

Just wanted to drop by and throw a few bravos your way after finishing Blood Pact. I really enjoyed how you changed it up by running a straight thriller plot line, and loved how we got to see a more human version of the Pact.

Oh and by the way- about the "commemorative" photography- well done on updating one of the weirder corners of 19th Century history to the 41st Millennium.

Anonymous said...

Not agry with Rob - I read your last installment in the serie - and i was devastated - its your fisrt book of G.G. serie there not a one G. die! Its so wrong. It makes me really angry and unhappy. Please dont make this mistake again!

Anonymous said...

Mister Abnett i really enjoy Blood Pact novel, but i along with friends does not understand one thing.

- spoiler warning -

Why does the sworn general of archenemy make the deal with imperium. Its absurd. In every book you wrote that archenemy does not fear death, then why he voluntarilly do it!And i read every warhammer 40000 book - and my understanding was that imperials dont take chaos prisoners - because they corrupting everything - and that one was pure? Its really doesnt make a clear sense!

Waiting for the answer!