Thursday, April 22, 2010

Monster Birthday

Thanks to Mike Mignola, I now know that today is the 75th anniversary of the release of The Bride of Frankenstein. Wow. Seventy-five years!

That is all.


Rob Rath said...


Yeah, a theater here was playing a late show of it tonight, along with a lecture. To bad I have to hit work early tomorrow.

'You... make man... like me?"

Anonymous said...

A small letter to Dan Abnett with little ideas for the genius!

Mister Abnett iam really a big fun of your Gaunt Ghosts serie! And as iam i cannot forget to mention some ideas that i have for years for them! After 12 book i think to make them for you!
1) Whats your opinion to begin the next book - Salvation Reach - (or what you call it - you are the author!) with imperial fleet jumping from warp to engage the maine chaos naval base above the major chaos stronghold.
2) After initial battle (10-20 pages with list of casualties mounting and Gaunt view on imperial guard bypassengers role in naval warfare) Ghosts are sent to the formidable star fort to retrieve the crucial intelligence about the planet.And as they ridding on transports - Gaunt saw the fleet admiral battleship going down with all hands to achieve the victory for imperial navy and Space Marines boarding torpedos and begin thinking about their (SM)and Navy impact on Crusade!
3) After landing Ghosts engage in room to room combat in close confines of star fort space. They destroyed the opossition,but are attacked by 7 (as iam not mistaking thats the number of Khorne) Chaos Space marines. They lost some cool ghosts and think thats death near, but the Iron Snakes Space Marines emerge and with some losses destroy CSM. Gaunt befriends with Iron Snakes captain or sergeant and make another inside view on how SM help the Crusade and humanity!
4) Gaunt and ghosts insight about the Navy, watching the death toll of pyrphic naval victory rolling in space around the fort!
5) Guard and the ghosts along them, are sent to the planet, and what waiting for them there is your privillege to write!
Or and Gaunt in one of the land battles saved the life of his new Iron Snake friend that begins the new friendship line in serie!

Hope we give you some ideas - but to see Gaunt Ghosts in naval warfare, in some manner, would be cool!

Dan Abnett said...

Hey Anonymous!

Thanks for the ideas, many of which are great! A couple of things...

1. Who are you? It's always lovely to know the name of people of this page, at least screen names. Are the the anonymous who's posted about Gaunt before, or another one?

2. Always be careful what you wish for! If I *did* have a plot like that in mind, I might have to adjust it in the light of your suggestions, because otherwise I'd get loads of complaints from other readers that I took my ideas from you. That's unfortunately the way it can be.

But I agree, naval combat is very appealing, and I intend to get something of that sort into the Gaunt series soon, probably the next book.

Anonymous said...

Hello Mister Abnett - its the Anonymous! As for your question:

@Who are you? It's always lovely to know the name of people of this page, at least screen names. Are the the anonymous who's posted about Gaunt before, or another one?@

- My name is Andrew and i live far far away in Ukraine! Yeah and its was me writing you about Gaunt Ghosts.

@Always be careful what you wish for!@

Okay that was scary, really Freddy from Elm street scary! But i will have that in mind! But do not forget the ideas because it was my writing, it would be unfair for other people! It was only my wish to make that ideas real - because i havent seen that in the serie such a long time!
Yeah and iam really teaching english right now, but read all your books without problems! And yes i read absolutely all your books! Triumph was majestic and brilliant. Waiting for Embedded, but the jewel of your crown is really the Ghosts.
So i hate the wolves! Lets them burn on Prospero bastards!
And i have no problems for you using my ideas, because thats why they made for - for you to rewrite them and make them a hell lot better!

And of course i cannot forget to question you - is there somewhere Double Eagle 2 in your clone line?

My email: