Saturday, February 02, 2008

Oh look, he's here again.

Yeah, I know. Far too slow with the old bloggage. My apologies.

Let’s review the minutes of the last meeting. Someone... I think it might have been Xhalax... was asking about signings, so pay attention because here’s the skinny:

The signing season begins on Saturday the 23rd of February at the Games Workshop store in the Oxford Street Plaza, London, from 11 ’til 12.

The following Saturday, March 1st, I’ll be at Waterstones in York at 6pm for a special event.

The following Saturday, March 8th, I’ll be at GW Cambridge from 2 o’clock onwards, and I hope it’s another wonderful chat and comment session like the last one.

The following Saturday March 15th, the mighty Graham McNeil and I will be at Forbidden Planet in Shaftsbury Avenue for a two-hander, in which I will, as ever, play the part of the straight man to Graham’s Eric Morecombe. We’ll sing, we’ll dance, and I’ll be the one with the short, fat, hairy legs.

On Sunday April 20th, I will be attending Games Day, Paris, one of the highlights of the BL calendar, not least because of the creme brulee. I believe Graham will be their too.

On the evening of Friday May the 2nd, I’ll be doing a talk at a library in London. Details to follow.

I expect to see all of you there, at every event.

Now on to any other business. Thanks for all your New Year’s resolutions. It strikes me that there are a lot of armies out there waiting to be painted. I have a man who does that for me.

Jack - I’m glad you like Cosmo. He’s become a favourite of mine and will be taking a labrador shaped role in the new Guardians of the Galaxy book.

NHZ and Toymachine - I just can’t get enough of the Cant jokes. Can’t I? No, I can’t, can I, Cant? Trooper Cant is destined for great things in the next Gaunt installment, which has now been formally titled ‘Blood Pact’. Watch this space.

Rob - I’m glad that OiD occupied your attention so much that only your sister’s wedding could derail your attention. Shoggy is, of course, still with us. And no, Gaunt’s new augmetic eyes will not be able to shoot lasers. That would just be silly. And a little unfair on the archenemy.

Xhalax - Yes, you might see some more from the Lone Wolves. By the way, my name is Abnett, not Abentt, though many might think that was more fitting.

Matt - Good luck with the new job.

John - I don’t think I ever said what the Belladon colours were. Maybe I missed something I forgot. Any suggestions? Nik suggests midnight blue and white with a hint of gangrene.

Rory - I’d encourage you to keep reading Horus Rising, but I see Nik’s already done that, and I’m coming far too late to this blog, because, you’ve already finished it. I hope my words of encouragement might have been successful, if they’d appeared at the right time.

Bigwill - Thankyou very much. Why are you reading at work?

Xhalax (part II) - Bugging the crap out of people is indeed a tried and tested method. I’m just now writing a story for the Ravenor/Eisenhorn collection entitled ‘Nathun Inshabel on Elvira Cardinal’ just for you. I believe it’s even dedicated to you. You see what bugging the crap out of people leads to? You won’t be happy. I put more Ban Daur in OiD just for you and did I get any thanks? Did I bo**ocks.

Big - Stop encouraging Xhalax to be a Fenrisian. She’s fierce enough as it is and has the beard to prove it.

Rory (again) - Nik says that I am the best reader she’s ever encountered (yes, I know you meant writer). Thank you for saying so.

Big (once more) - I believe Xhalax IS strong enough to pull four Fenrisian longships and wrestle a Kraken single-handed. You met her, right? She made me write ‘Nathun Inshabel on Elvira Cardinal’ by remote control. The girl is scary.

NHZ (the sequel) - Larkin and Rawne drinking Ghost-Bragge sacra brought a tear to my eye too. Sometimes I wonder if you realise how emotional an author can get about his characters. Then again, I might just be a wuss. Toymachine - There was plenty of Daur! I refer you back to the Xhalax comment above.

John (encore) - Mkoll and Ezrah teaming up was, for me, the perfect buddy, buddy moment. Is there anything those two couldn’t do, on their own, let alone together? I’m afraid Ven is never going to make it to the party. He’s playing Robin Hood on Gereon. Maybe that should be a novel? What d’ya say?

Kosh - Good luck with that. As I deal with message boards more and more, I realise that anonymity does bring out the worst in people. Yes, and sometimes the best.

John (part III) - I wonder why Novabasky’s speech resonates so thoroughly with the readership. I’m glad it does, it’s just strange to me that what was, effectively, a throw-away ends up having deep significance.

Big (I’m losing count) - Legion IS the nuts. I know. I wrote it. It’s the best thing I’ve ever written, apart from Titanicus. And Necropolis. And the Riders of the Dead. And Honour Guard... oh I’ll shut up.

Leo - My story, ‘Point of Contact’, in the Solaris book of science fiction vol II, is a small piece that I hope you enjoy. And yes, it does mark the beginning of more non-GW stuff from me. NHZ - your final use of the word ‘mostly’ reminded me of Newt in Aliens.

Big (yet again) - It’s awful that Heath Ledger is dead, and what’s worse is the speculation. Let us console ourselves with Brokeback Mountain, Ten things I Hate about You and, of course, A Knight’s Tale.

John, Packmaster - I do work very hard at the names of my characters, and we authors worked closely to construct the Heresy books, especially me and Graham. The Heresy events were detailed long before we came to them, but many of the characters and incidents are of our own invention. With Alan Merrit’s express permission.

Rory - Oan Mkoll was named after Ewan Mkoll, father of Kirsty, a great folk musician and a friend of my parents. Ewan had the best singing voice I’ve ever heard. Which, of course, has nothing to do with Oan.

Everyone - Bell of Lost Souls’s Horus codex is fantastic and I encourage every one of you to order a copy.

Anonymous - As far as I know, all Black Industries stuff has been canned. That’s the way it goes. If it didn’t sell, it wasn’t worth doing. You can’t argue with that. GW is making cuts across the board, and I am especially pained to see the loss of my good friend and BL publisher Marc Gascoigne. I will miss him, enormously.

As Lily would have it, ‘Land of Leather’.

That concludes the reading of the minutes. Any other business?

See you next time.


Anonymous said...

Whoa, more Cosmo? New Guardians of the Galaxy book? I do believe the word I'm looking for here is "awesome." Seriously awesome in fact.

Anonymous said...

"I’m afraid Ven is never going to make it to the party. He’s playing Robin Hood on Gereon. Maybe that should be a novel? What d’ya say?"

Yes. Was that a trick question?

Anonymous said...

BLOODY HELL was that a mega blog or what!see all comes to he who waits,or hes just waiting a long time.OOOOOOOHHHHH Blood Pact (at this moment Big does a homer simpson)what a fantastic title if i do say so myself.Its simply BRIIIIILIIANT.Nik remind me to tell u about the brawl i was involed in at the weekend between a coulple of deaf and blind guys and their women .they are now all sober and blaming our security for not seeing the steps and not hearing us say stop.FOR real!
They then had a punch up with the police wich was hillarious,u see the devils juice can ruin anybody!
Also i was down ur neck of the woods the other day and watched a awesome sunset at a restaunt called Kits Coty i think thats how u spell it .Its on a hill over looking the whole of Maidstone.

I am now officially having Heresy withdrawls so come on Legion already!

Len said...

"Anonymous - As far as I know, all Black Industries stuff has been canned. That’s the way it goes. If it didn’t sell, it wasn’t worth doing. You can’t argue with that. GW is making cuts across the board, and I am especially pained to see the loss of my good friend and BL publisher Marc Gascoigne. I will miss him, enormously."

Marc's going? Damn. That's bloody appalling - he's been there for years (nearly eleven, I think), and from what I've read he's a great guy to boot. :(

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the replies!

That colour scheme sounds quite appropriate. I don't know why, but I always imagined the Belladon having some red in there, like red gore red.

That would be a great book. Dowit. Please? I'll buy it. Twice.

The speech worked so well I think because, for one, it's so easy to imagine in the last stand, and besides- who doesn't love fury?

I can't wait to read more of the heresy. I went to my bookstore and they had #3,4,5 but no 2. So I can't continue the series quite yet. Bought Galaxy in Flames just so I wont have to wait when I finish the next one.

But I have a mound of books to get through still. Just finished Brothers of the Snake the other day- awesome read. Makes me like the Space Marines a little more. Hope to see more of Pirad and the gang soon.

Just started Darkly Dreaming Dexter two days ago... still so much left!

Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Big - hey buddy. Kits Coty is properly beautiful. It's the site of ancient standing stones, including the countless stones, which have some great legends attached to them. There are several versions of what happens to a person who actually manages to count the stones. The fields, in the years they are allowed to remain fallow, are awash with poppies, reminiscent of the Somme. I've got some pictures somewhere of me, pregnant, and Jess, sitting on the stones, surrounded by poppies. I haven't been to the restaurant, but if you say that it's good, we'll give it a go.

Rory said...

Dan and Nik, Thanks so Much for the encouragement on reading. means alot.

Ive just Sunk my teeth into the second Eisenhorn book, Malleus (im not sure if thats spelled right,)
and its brilliant. Im not used to reading in the first person. its alittle strange to get used to but i love it.

May i ask dan, Have you ever Written any Spiderman Comics for marvel? im collecting a series called " The Astonishing Spider-man" which is really good. It sucks where i live, theres No good Comic Shops. And being the age i am. i cant really get to a city all that easy. To put it simply, the only source of comics i have is WHsmith. Not so good.

Come and do a signing in Edinburgh some day? or dundee? Ill deffinatly come and see you! would be astonishing to meet you. That would be another part of my life fufilled,

First, seeing Jonny Marr from the smiths, Play with the Cribs. Then meeting Dan abnett. Awsome!

Anonymous said...

Right....well......ok then.

Out of everything, you had to pick up on the typo. Damn my life! Although it could just be that I'm taking a leaf out of Eric Morcambe's book and using 'all the right letters but not necessarily in the right order'

Well that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Looks like I'm going to have to do some mega pleading at work on Monday to switch my long weekend off to that of the 23rd (should be off the 16th instead…plus I have to tell my boss that day that I’m planning of leaving and starting an apprenticeship at Newcastle uni to become a lab technician) as my older sibling, who lives in Croydon and works in Earl’s Court in is working that day and doesn't finish til 2pm.

So it looks like I'm going to have to spend loads of cash on a train ticket on the Saturday. Get up at some ungodly hour, sit on a train for about 4 hours....get a copy of Legion and then get back on a train and go home.

It sucks to be me! I need more and better minions!

Le Yay! to more Lone Wolves. It feels like FOREVER since I got that graphic novel and I do believe I asked you if you were going to do anymore Lone Wolves during a Q and A session on, what I think may have been my second Games Day. Or was it my first…I really can’t remember anymore. So….that would make it even longer to squeeze Lone Wolves out of you than it did for Nathun.

I must be slipping.

I saw the Belladon’s in deep purple for some reason, don’t ask me why. Weren’t the Vervenhive PDF in blue? Though I think that was light blue. However, technically shouldn’t everyone just be in black now since everyone who joints the Tanith First ends up just dressing black like….well the Tanith.

And awwwwww…..I like it when I’m challenged in my greatness. For I am Mighty and just generally mad of Win and terror to others and could so kick the collected arses of more than 6 Dark Angels before breakfast. Sneaky, dress-wearing pansies! Though you weren’t supposed to tell anyone about the remote brain implant I managed to sneak into one of your clones with anyone, including myself knows….you thwarted me….so not impressed!

No more Ven in the Ghost books?
You mean mean man!

Marc’s gone? Who will be the Evil Overlord of the Black Library now?
GW are mean mean men!

And Mr. Abnett….did I whinge and moan about Only In Death? Did I bitch and cry about it? Did I say it was terrible and that I hated it and was generally not happy in any way/shape/form?

Did I?

The answer is no.

Am I grateful for Only In Death? Did I enjoy it greatly? Did it nearly give me a heart attack twice when I thought certain things had happened? What I literally sitting on the edge of my seat and squealing while reading the book in the company of my mother, to whom I was giving blow for blow accounts as to what was happening?

Was I?

The answer is yes.

As to the Ban Daur situation……well since you brought it up…..I shall say it in words.


I actually danced with joy when Hark said he was thinking about giving Ban a commendation for holding the gate the way he did. And I mean circles, flailing limbs and clicking of heels. Though the Ban-ness of a book will always be measured up against Honour Guard (my favourite novel, closely followed by Only In Death for your information, Mr. Abnett)…for which he had lots of airtime and was just generally brilliant it in (totally made me love him to pieces and want to……hug him to death…..thought better of putting what I was originally going to put…..I’m viewed as too weird on here to begin with that such phrases would only exacerbate the situation).

Though I tip my hat to you not getting him shot or stabbed this time….usually when he gets more airtime it usually costs him his flesh (wall fell on him in Necropolis, got stabbed and shot in Honour Guard, got shot in Sabbat Martyr….all other books are mainly just bits and pieces of Ban).

And as to the other thing you mentions…….I have to go and stand in the corner of the room and scream like a rabid fangirl for three and a half hours and then explode. For words cannot express….well anything even vaguely coherent to the matter mentioned.

If I do make it to London on the 23rd……it’ll be a quiet visit because words will have failed me. Plus it’d be better if I get my mouth shut anyway because I’d just continue screaming like a rabid fangirl for all of London to see.

Damn…..I really am strange and scary. Ah well, we all have to have a hobby, right?

Anonymous said...

Wow....that post was so full of mistakes mainly because I was so busy being gobsmacked by the course of certain events that were mentioned in the blog.....knew I shouldn't have shut down my blog, could have edited it that way.

So I apologise for it make virtually no sense whatsoever, I'm just too ecstatic and would like to add.

Holy! Sexual Intercourse-ing! Testicles!

Mr. Abnett = teh Mega WIN!

Brandon Black said...

It's my Birthday!

So, you won't be at Games Day Chicago this year?

Toymachine said...

Dan doesnt blog often, but when he does....

Thats one effecient Blog. =)

As for Daur reading it a second time i can see he features more than i thought. I wonder why I

-skulls in the valley with their tops sawn off-

forgot about Daur??

Will Wright said...

I think I said 2 blogs ago Ven should get his own book or end up part of a retinue.
I only work when something breaks,so I usually spend at least 2 hrs a day reading at work until I get a trouble call :)
Eisenhorn/Ravenor collection sounds tasty,I hope this is an ongoing thing.
That story arc is my drop dead favorite ever,I read both series at least once a year.
So how does one get the gig of being your mini painter?
I specialize in Pre-Heresy armies I'd love to do a squad or two for ya.

Anonymous said...

I just finished 'Only in Death' and I gotta say I was very impressed. It was a new take on your books and one that worked really well. Now we play the waiting game till the next one...

So when does your signing tour take you down to New Zealand?

Anonymous said...

Hey Dan!

Good to see you're ok! Let me introduce myself to you all before I continue.

My name is Sam. I'm a native from Malta and I've been reading novels (mostly sci-fi/fantasy) for just over 10 years. Some of you might know me from Mcneil's Blogsite.

Anyway I've never written here so I felt I should introduce myself.

Is it true Black Industries has been canned? I've heard they just sold all the Dark Heresy rulebooks and Marg got fired or he just quit? Is he still operating at BL?

Dark News indeed this is.


Pack_master said...

‘Nathun Inshabel on Elvira Cardinal’?

Rory said...

Yea! Ven as part of retinue!

Perhaps he could join forces with an Inquisition....


We should get Ravenor to appear in one of the next Gaunts ghosts books... that would be Awsome, since Gaunt sees him as an inspiration and such.... :)

Anonymous said...

oh! oh! i've got a question!!

are we ever gonna see the full cartograph of the Sabbat Worlds? I know you're hiding one somewhere cos of all the bits of star-map in the background book. are they ever gonna publish the whole thing?

Anonymous said...

Anyone seen the talented Mr. Abnett in No short, fat hairy legs in sight.

Pack_master said...

@ sredni:
BL published a poster in A0 of the Sabbat Worlds, but its OOP for a very long time now. Wasn't for purchase for long. Got mine, though.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't that poster actually part of the collectors edition of the Sabbat Worlds Crusade book?

Pack_master said...

Nope, wasn't. Should know that, have them both.

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous - As far as I know, all Black Industries stuff has been canned. That’s the way it goes. If it didn’t sell, it wasn’t worth doing. You can’t argue with that."

It's worth noting that Black Industries' roleplaying output has sold very well, with books going out of print. BI sold out of its online-available stock of the new Dark Heresy RPG in a couple of days and from what I understand the main UK distibutor doesn't have any more copies either.

BI hasn't gone because its product wasn't selling, but more likely because it wasn't making enough profit in relation to its costs. Obviously GW is focusing on core games, as it usually does. The book line appears to be seen as a better source of profit for the time being, but I doubt it can be considered safe.

Rob Rath said...

Hey guys, I know a lot of the people who post up here are aspiring writers, and here's a website I was referred to that looks useful.

It's an archive, by genre, length, and pay scale, of fiction magazines / markets. The list isn't authoritative, but it's a good start anyway.

Good hunting.

And don't worry about long gaps between posts Dan, we find ways to entertain ourselves.

In fact... we could have the DAN BLOG POST CHALLENGE and each try and finish a short story before Dan posts again.

Any takers?

Anonymous said...

Once upon a time...

Rory said...

... A Bear was wandering through the dark Nalwood forests of Tanith....

Rob Rath said...

(Actually I meant everyone write their own stories, on their computers, not on the blog. As a jump-start for the people here who have said they're writing stories/novels.)

But this is good too.

... But little did he know as he snuffled in the peat that he was being watched...

Anonymous said...

Rob - Yeah, I knew what you meant, and I hope you'll all do it! In the mean time...

...and listened to, and, he almost thought, sniffed at...

Toymachine said...

Y'know, when people say "little did they know", doesn't it mean that they do know, even if very slightly??

Anonymous said...

Poop! Ok all, it helps if you read what came before PROPERLY...

...and listened to, and, for a moment or two, sniffed at...

Rory said...

... A body. It Burst from the undergrowth, brandishing a Silver War knife, and a Blue tatoo under one eye......

Allandaros said...

...but the bear scarcely had any time to notice this before expiring.

(Also, a moment of silence for Black Industries. I've gotta say, that's probably the quickest turnaround time for a product - 2 days after release, the line is canceled.)

Rory said...

... The Knife burst throught the bears Neck, killing it instantly,Mkoll removed the blade and wiped the gore with his cape...

Anonymous said...

Cant belive u killed the bear already u blood thirsty lot ,and im the Blood Pact player.

I was gonna mention the Blood pact sniper in the trees ,but far be it for me to give the mighty Mkoll a las round to the back of the head !perhaps the loins will suffice,u wicked people.

Madclaw said...

Excellent! More Lone Wolves would be a very good thing. I picked up the Nova Annual last week on a whim and ended up going back buying the whole series. Now, if Marvel would only reprint the Pendragon series.

Anonymous said...

Well Dan, you can rest easy as I won't be coming down to London on the 23rd.

Everyone I know is too selfish to come with me and I'm not thrilled at the prospect of a travelling down to London and back in a day on my own on such a tight scheduel with my hideous sense of direction.

God I hate my life and everyone in it!

Toymachine said...

Y'know what character i really liked??

The blood pact sniper in sabbat martyr. Saul was it??

Pity he died. Seemed like a nice fellow.

Rory said...

I have a feeling that i killed the story alittle... anyone gonna continue it?

Rob Rath said...

... Mkoll stroked the bear's fur, whispering to it to lie still and be easy. The act would've turned his stomach had it not been so necessary, but considering what Mkoll was hunting, he'd need some bait. Really big bait...

(Don't worry about it Rory, it was a logical and dramatic choice. Besides, the story is full-proof now, since Mkoll is apparently indestructible.)

Will Wright said...

Morkfromork the Giagantuan Squigoth mount of The dreaded warboss Ghazghkull Thraka thundered through the bush after the Rok he was on crash landed.

Rory said...

is that part of the story? or is that a new angle.

yea, cheers rob.. i just felt Mkoll could pull that off, imean Vens being robin hood.. hes alittle busy.

Anonymous said...

pack_master: thanks for the info. guess i must've missed that one. balls.

Anonymous said...

oh, rory: Mkoll would never clean his warknife on his cape!

Anonymous said...

@veetap - that's pretty much the only reason I bought that book too. Still haven't read it, despite buying the trilogy.

Would Mkoll even have a cloak? I thought they were military issue, and as such he wouldn't be out hunting on Tanith as they're about to take off.

Bodjo said...

Wewt! Thanks for the responses, Dan. I'm glad to hear Trooper Cant is destined for big things. Maybe he can follow in Varl's footsteps...

And as to the Rawne-Larkin Ghost Bragg's sacra scene...well, I'm glad to hear that you get emotional about it, too, because that part gave me goosebumps and I nearly teared up at Gaunt's "My Ghosts, Barthol, and you saw fit to let half of them die" line. It seemed like part reprimand of the Lord General, of course, but also Gaunt seemed soooo sad that he lost so many of his friends.

Anyways..."Blood Pact," eh? Is there a tentative timeframe for when it'll be out? Not that I haven't enjoyed your non-GG work, but I'm wondering if I have to wait until I'm in grad school for the next Ghostie tale.

Ah, yes, any chance of Vervunhive or Belladon reinforcing the Ghosts? I was speculating with a couple other people who like the series that it'll be damn hard to keep the regiment together with only ~1300 soldiers. At what point will those heartless bastards at high command break up what's left of our heroes to make them the recon sections of ten different other regiments?

Not that I wish for that, naturally. Thing is, the reason I was so sure that Gaunt would live in the end is that the series IS continuing. Now, Rawne could carry the load as commander and the books'd still be great, BUT there doesn't seem to be any logical reason to keep a half-strength, small stealth regiment together unless...well unless there's a fairly famous commander at the helm...

Bodjo said...

I, of course, meant Verghast, not Vervunhive.

Steve Moss said...

As far as I know, all Black Industries stuff has been canned. That’s the way it goes. If it didn’t sell, it wasn’t worth doing. You can’t argue with that. GW is making cuts across the board, and I am especially pained to see the loss of my good friend and BL publisher Marc Gascoigne. I will miss him, enormously.

I'll argue with that statement. Money isn't everything Mr Abnett. I'd much rather have quality RPGs than the pulp novels BL published.

Anonymous said...

Huge fan of yours Mr. Abnett, from Denmark. I do so enjoy your work and have bought all of your books minus a couple of the background books as I could not get a hold of them for various reasons...

Anyways, I am very happy that a new Gaunts Ghosts novel is in the making, do you have a time frame for when it is to be published? Just finished Only in Death the other day and it is easily one of the best. It was especially good to see you 'back in the game' as for me, Armour of Contempt felt a bit, i donno, forced or uninspired or something like that (sorry if i'm stepping on any toes here!!!).

Anyways, as someone has already mentioned, the ghosts need fresh blood and Jago only seems to offer skulls with sawed of tops. How is this going to pan out?

Now, one thing I do keep wondering about is how this seemingly ekstremely skilled commander (Gaunt), who has the canny ability of always getting things done especially in situations faced with very unfavourable odds, never gets promoted.
I know that previously he has clashed with upper-echelon brass and as such may not be well liked (indeed he has been at the recieving end of friendly fire because of this), but he has at least one friend in Van Voytz (then again, what a friend eh?) and at some point Warmaster Macaroth or some of his senior lieutenants will begin to notice that a very capable commander is running around at regimental level.
I do appreciate that politics, family relations and the sort determines your millitary career, but can a crusade army really afford not to promote talent when it is obviously there?
Granted, one reason could be Gaunt has denied promotion (if this is possible in the guard?). Whatever the reason, it would be nice if you'd include a look 'behind the scene' in one of the upcomming books to clarify this.

And as for the upcomming books... Any chance of seeing the Saint or Brinny Boy again?

Anything planned about the heroic actions of the 'Snakes' in the Sabbath Worlds Crusade?

Any plans about more novels in the 'inquisitorial triologies' mold. I love the way they show life in the Imperium away from the battlefields!

King Regards

Patrick Vallik

Anonymous said...

Just one other thing though!

Something in Only in Death did strike me as odd...
Through all the suspense and horror of camping inside hinterhouse, not one Ghost, not even Brostin, lit a lho stick... Has the great Abnett gone politically correct or has the Imperium banned smoking amongst public employees (as the guard technically is) 'cause smooking kills (so one less thing will kill the ghosts) or has the overstreched supply lines run dry of lho-sticks, or is there a fourth completely different reason?? ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey, Dan, it's me, "anonymous," the one who originally posted about Black Industries. I hear what you say, it's all about dollars and sense...Mind you, the Dark Heresy book sold out in 3 days, and at one point was the 11th best selling book in the entire UK on Amazon despite costing £35... Feels a shame, though... And I agree, it's a real shame about Marc Gascoigne.

Still, onwards and upwards! I'm looking forward to Legion and Titanicus.

Remember: live fast, die old and leave a good looking yacht!

Anonymous said...

"Jago only seems to offer skulls with sawed of tops. How is this going to pan out?"

"It's all about dollars and sense."

Kudos to Mizta and Anon. Deliberate or not, two fine examples of exactly how to use the English language. Bravo!

Anonymous said...

Toymachine yeh he was a cool character shame he died .But he will live on in my army ,i am using vostroyan snipers as a base.

Come on guys i have just got my copy of Dark Heresy ,and it took a lot of tracking down belive me .Every where is sold out ,we had to track my copy down to a wholesalers.How can they have not made money on it?and money or no money some things are still definately worth doing .

Its all about the love....aaahhhh!

Xhalax- i ate 3 weetabix this morning !

impressive uh...

Anonymous said...

Big Steve.

3 whole, full sized ones or three mini ones?

Sam-B said...

You should come to Sunny Cardiff Dan, we'd even bribe you with Jam. Or failing that, a few beers. :D

Anonymous said...

Xhalax- ok u got me...

they were mini ones...


they had sprinkles!

Brandon Black said...

If i had to speculate (As I'm prone to doing) I'd say DH was canned simply because profits weren't worth the effort put into it. Looking at the book, it seems pretty clear massive amount of resources went into producing it.

But it IS selling. My copy was reserved by a good friend of mine who owns a local comic shop, and i was informed that no less than twenty people had attempted to bribe him (the largest amount being around 100 bucks, american) to get the book. I've seen it going on eBay already for over $100.

I think it's a darn shame the division is being shut down, but short of storming the BL (no doubt to be cut down by their legion of foul guardians) I don't think we're going to see much more from it. With any luck though, a good online community will develop around it and keep putting stuff out.

And i do have a question for you, Dan! I was wondering why we here in America have to wait an extra month to get new BL releases. Especially for really anticipated releases (Only in Death, Legion) i have to avoid a lot of websites like the plague because of all the spoilers and whatnot, because my European buddies get the books way earlier than me!

Anonymous said...

Big Steve

HA! I knew such words from you were too good to be true!

Though Bravo on the sprinkles.

Oh....and Mr. Abnett, be afraid, be very afraid.

Nik....will you be gracing us all with your wonderful presence on the 23rd in London?

Rory said...

Grr! i wish i could go, i have a Music exam then, And for one. i have no way of getting to london... :(

Rob Rath said...


All Jago offered was skulls with the tops sawn off... but that DOES solve the ashtray problem that was keeping everyone from smoking lho sticks.

Rob Rath said...

Either that, or Hinzerhaus joined the indoor smoking ban.

Anonymous said...

No its just new imperial law makes them smoke outside!
And during a siege thats rather difficult.Some ponsy bionic eyed twat in the Administratum didnt think about prolonged sieges against the Blood Pact did he .

(Small Rant over)

Anonymous said...

*points and laughs at Big Steve*

Anonymous said...

Xhalax - If you're on facebook go and find me. If not let me know.

Rory said...

Ah Facebook. Anybody use Myspace? add me.

and Dan, i think you should write a Glossia Dictionary =D

Shi no Megami said...

Yeah, I'm a little miffed about the discontinuation of the RPG line. Luckily a good friend of mine ordered his copy before hand. This way I can mysteriously inheret it (this has happened to books in my house before) or just force him to run a game for me. It's not like he has a choice in this.

Also, it's always so frustrating when there are signings and stuff all the damn way across the Atlantic. Because whenever there's an event 'nearby', it's at least a 5 hour drive into overpriced hotels. Got to love oil-driven boom economies...stupid Canada. You get to be very large, but you only have two cities that anyone international cares about.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys heard on the grape vine their bringing out a new version of W.40k ,

Lets hope Dan works on it .

Dan any more news on the .s.wolf/t.sons books?

Anonymous said...

may i take a moment to be a pedantic ass? thanks, i do so love to:

actually guys, you're forgetting that the Ghosts were critically short of water through most of the occupation of Hinzerhaus. you wouldn't even wanna light up if you were that dehydrated (non-smokers will just have to take my word for that), and even if anyone had, i expect it would've been banned as part of the rationing measures. see, y'all go assuming that Dan just forgot about his carcinogenic Ghosts, but he actually knew exactly what he was doing ...

although personally, i always assume Brostin is smoking unless it specifically says otherwise.

Anonymous said...

Oh balls that was really me breaking my new years reso.

well i could have gone anonymous or called myself Foxy Lady,or something like throw u of the scent.

Did any c the football at the weekend...hhmmm hhmmm

Anonymous said...

Nik - I refuse to get a facebook despite everyone's best efforts to make me get one.

Too many people I don't want to speak to can find me (wow...doesn't that make me sound like a right anti-social cow?).

Myspace isn't so bad since you don't have to use your real name or anything like that.....though my RL myspace profile gets neglected coz I'm sad and use my RP profile more.

Though mine is easy to find if you think about it.

Anonymous said...

I avoid all those sites like the plague ... my ego is already monstrous enough in Real Life™, without me joining a website that will deliberately foster it on the internet as well ...

Bodjo said...

I have facebook...and I hate the way a lot of people use it. Can abide myspace. Can abide people. Ewww. :P

Anonymous said...

Xhalax - e-mail me at

Anonymous said...

Nik - Done and done.

Though my emails address does little to convince that I'mnot a raging 40K fan either.

Never mind, I like it and that's enough for me.

Anonymous said...

Awesome job so far mate, looking forwards to Legion and other future works!

Take care of Xhalax on the 23rd Dan, or was that the other way around :p

Oh and what could ever go wrong with a number like 23...

*dives for safety*

Anonymous said...

Xhalax - your e-mail has failed to land. Please try again.

Anonymous said...

Nik - Have sent another one. Hopefully this one will have got through and it won't be yet another thing that I've managed to royally screw-up today.

Rory said...

You Managed to find me on myspace, So you cant of done to badly ;) haha

Anonymous said...

Xhalax - i wonder who's getting those e-mails you're dilligently sending, because I'm not. Check the address, you may have left off the 'h', and please try again. I'm sure we'll get there in the end :-)

nemesis749 said...

you know sitting here in the far off land of Virginia in the u s of a you people sound pretty damn cool and as close as neighbors. i have been reading your posts for quite a while and i have positively devoured any and all things Abnett ( and anything BL GW) and sometimes i feel a bit jealous that ill never get to go to one of these signings and meet "Him" or any of you. :( ....sad me. But neway keep up all these threads because its like a tv sitcom i have to tune in to each week. and xhalax ... i somehow find you too good to be true. no one is this cool.

Anonymous said...

i dont often get to re-read books ,but whilst i wait for Legion(a long and tortuous wait i might add) i have just finished off Riders Of The dead.Classic!

Brandon Black said...

so, anyone else thinking about the newest BL writing contest?

Anonymous said...

Well Nik....that's email number three...this time I personally copied down the address you posted ( rather than just copying and pasting it into my hopefully the third time is the charm.

Though I think the internet is rebelling against me at present anyway.

But if all else fails, and if there's a problem at my end....i can be reached at ( for the myspacers out there)

Yup....I AM a living weapon against Chaos, or a Heretic Saint depending on how I feel in the morning. And if anyone else wants to drop me a line to say hi or whatever, I shall, of course do the polite thing and reply.

Ok, enough prostituting my personal information out and about for all the see and mock....I have Dark Heresy to giggle over and a tardis to finish.

Oh...and nemesis749....I better be real or I'll be mightly annoyed if I turned out to be just a figment of someone elses imagination.

Rory said...

A Tardis? i want one of those..

and also, isnt there a movie about a guy whos a character in a book, but is actually alive? im sure i saw it on some crappy Movie blog.

Im going to see Cloverfield <3<3<3!

Anonymous said...

*makes ludicrous excited squealy noises*

Dan, you spoil us. You really do. I'll be counting the days til Blood Pact now, you mark my words.


nemesis749 said...

well i feel like a figment of someone's worst nightmare sometimes..

i would like to see more detail on the Iron Snakes, Dan has really picked up the Astartes and ran away with them...

Rob Rath said...


That movie is "Stranger than Fiction" if I remember right.

I quite liked it. By far Will Farrel's best role.

Anyone who wants a book recommendation:

(You know, while waiting for Titanicus.)

Check out Christopher Moore. I'm currently reading LAMB: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ's Childhood Pal, and just can't get over how good this guy is.

(I mean Christopher Moore, not Jesus. Though he's good too.) This book is brilliant. Just looking at random at a page I just read:

"When your best friend is the son of God, you get tired of losing every argument."

"Then, once again, and not for the last time, the Prince of Peace cold-cocked me."

Anonymous said...

Though now the question is this:

Do I take Ravenor Returned with me to get signed on the 23rd or do I leave it for GD (if I present it's somewhat contested and I get the feeling that no matter what the outcome is I'll end up losing a friend because I can't be in two places at once and worlf seems to think I'm not allowed to do anything for myself) so that I actually have something for Mr. Abnett to sign?

Though I can tell you one thing for certain....I'll definitely NOT be taking my copy of Dark Heresy ANYWHERE! As marvellous a book as it is....the bloody thing weighs a tonne!

nemesis749 said...

- Xhalax
you could always clone for DA ;)

Anonymous said...

Ven in his own Novel? I think my jaw would fall off. I've read most of the Gaunt's Ghosts stuff, and it's all amazing. I think I'm actually kind of spoiled because of it. Other sci-fi just seems less, well, interesting. My brain seemed to have glossed over the fact you've written comics as well. Imagine my surprise when I saw your name on the Byline of a 4 issue Iceman arc.

Can't wait to get my hands on Legion, and thank you for all the wonderful books!

Brandon Black said...


If you liked that, you should check out "I, Lucifer". Absoloutely hilarious, but definitely not for the kiddies.

Rory said...

Send a clone to scotland? it be rather lovely to get a book or two signed. =D

Anonymous said...

Nemesis - Clone myself? Are you out of your mind?

Anonymous said...

Mr. Dan.... I finished OiD in school today. I could not simply study math thinking that Guant was dead. I must say its one of those books where everything and everyone dies. Its quite sad actually. I am begging you to bring back Ven. But aside from that I give you my thanks for being an awesome writer. For creating a world where I can just submerge myself in and have a grand old time.

nemesis749 said...

out of my mind 7 days a week so im told.
and i agree that Dark Heresy book is heavier than some cinder blocks i have picked up.
now im bummed that the dark elf series is finished, i enjoyed the characters and the dark moody atmosphere....right up my ally :\

Anonymous said...

the main problem i'd foresee with a Ven/Gereon novel is that many of the characters would talk real funny. a lot of readers might find it hard to decipher proto-Gothic readily enough.

Anonymous said...

As for Ven getting his own book, i would think that it would spoil the image of ven as he portrayed now. With Ven leaving no traces he becomes something a mythical being, a rumor, a ghost… Which was his purpose for staying on Gereon in the first place?

I d rather see the progression of Ludd. For with having two kick arse mentors around, who wouldn’t turn into the imperial next hero. Or at least have some exciting adventures as a result. Failing that, epic tales of a younger Gaunt would seem interesting; the start of the Sabbat crusade would allow enough fluffiness for everyone.

However any story heresy related would be fine too, just keep it coming!
Is there anything being done on the deleted 2nd an 11th legion, or is that a information classified on a need to know vermillion level only?

Looking forward to Legion,

All the best,

Bodjo said...

First of all, I miss Ven. Bringing him back in any un-Soric-like capacity would be very cool. Of course, MkVenner's disappearance does serve to accentuate how amazing Mkoll is, I suppose.

Second of all, everyone should go see Juno. Just saw it yesterday at Dollar Movie Night, and it was awesome. And normally I'm the type who prefers movies where people get shot.

Anonymous said...

I personally cant wait for "Blood Pact" .Its about time the pact took the ghosts personally and educated them.We all know Gaunt was shown the warm hospitality in which he so thoughraly deserved.I am positive their are many Gaurs that would love to test their metal against the Ghosts.


Anonymous said...

Just over a week to go.

Le Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

nemesis749 said...

Just finished World War Z for anyone looking for a good read while we wait...

Anonymous said...

sorry guys i dont have anything meaningfull to say (nothing new their then!) i just wanted to be the 100th blogger

Toymachine said...

Damn you steve!! XD

Anonymous said...


The other day he said it would be amazing to meet you.
I want to encourage his writing and when he said that, after finishing one of your books, I thought.....'This is maybe something that I can help with....'
He is 31, 3 march and
Maybe maybe there might be a little chance to be able to arrange a meeting with you a some point...that would be an amazing birthday present for him!
Hopefully you will read this and hopefully you might have the time to answer my little unusual blog comment. I would be so happy!
You can reach me on
stinafrost at

All my very best,