Saturday, February 16, 2008

It’s Friday, so I must blog (as Stan Lee never said). It seems that synchronicity and coincidence, my fairweather friends, are haunting me again this week. Just about everyone I saw on my walk into town for Friday lunch with Nik then congregated at Maidstone railway station at 4 o’clock. It was weird. It was as if my life was a film and I got to see all the extras heading home after work.

Also, four black cats crossed my path. I think that’s supposed to be lucky. I think that thinking that makes me a slightly strange person. At least I didn’t run any of them over (although the first one, the very fluffy one, came awfully close to my bumper).

OK, the main points of this week. Roy Scheider died. As Nik remarked, that was ‘one of those slightly unsettling things’. As far as I’m concerned, Roy was a screen god and a bastion of 70s cinema. Roy Scheider, by his own estimation, made three great films: Jaws, The French Connection and All That Jazz. I, however, will always remember him as Dustin Hoffman’s big brother in Marathon Man. He was 75, but I can’t believe he’s dead.

Steve Gerber also died this week. A mainstay of Marvel in the 70s and the mind behind Howard the Duck, Gerber was a genius. Pure and simple. The comic industry has lost a genuine talent.

In other news, Raquel Welch is 67. She looks f**king fantastic. So, there you go.

Now on to this weeks responses.

Jack - Cosmo will be being in the new Guardians of the Galaxy comic. Woof!

Big - Yes it was a mega-blog. You can tell me about the fistycuffs when I see you in Cambridge.

Rory - I haven’t yet written Spiderman, but it’s probably on the horizon.

Xhalax - You’re a trooper. How much Daur was there in OiD? How much? Lots of Daur!

Brandon - Happy Birthday! Everyone wish Brandon a Happy Birthday.

Big Will - I’d really like to write a book called ‘Ven’. How cool would that be?

Ianifiel - New Zealand sounds very New Zealandish. Just find somebody to invite me.

Sam - Chin up. Every thing’s all right.

Packmaster and Xhalax - Nathun Inshabel on Elvira Cardinal. Tough job. I’m working on it.

Sredni - The map’s been published, Mr Vashtar. I worked long and hard on it.

Rob - You’re spot on, but it’s an ursid, not a bear. The riff should have gone, ‘The ursid exploded through the undergrowth, snapping at everything in sight. Ven eviscerated it with his silver dagger. He was nine years old. The nalwoods closed around him. In the time it took for the ursid to die, Ven had wiped his knife, cleaned and dressed the kill and carried it home on a split log.’ That’s the way we do it in Ghost country.

Steve - Are you suggesting that all BL novels are pulp? Or are you proposing that you’d rather have decent RPGs instead of the novels that BL publishes, which might be considered pulpish? Either way, I’m probably offended. Any company needs to make money and you can double that if it’s a publicly owned company. If I didn’t write for a living, I’d write anyway. Thankfully, BL pays my mortgage, so I don’t have to do two jobs. If you want to discuss this stuff, you’re probably talking to the wrong man.

Mista25 (Patrick) - Greetings to Denmark. Sorry you didn’t like Armour of Contempt. Maybe I will try to get Gaunt that promotion you’re talking about.

Patrick (2) - I had honestly forgotten about the smoking thing in Only in Death, but I feel that Sredni’s explanation is spot on. Who the feth would smoke when it was that dry?

Big Steve - Three shredded wheat?!

Rob - Skulls = ashtrays. Good solution.

Nemesis 749 - Hello to you too. You’re welcome to join in with us.

Rob - ‘Stranger than Fiction’ is a damned good movie, but it’s not half as good as... that one about the orchid thief... you know, the one with Meryl Streep... it’s really late and my brain won’t work.

Thank you for making this another hundred post blog.

Rob - ‘Adaptation’ Gaaah! That was the movie. If you haven’t seen it already, it’s worth renting.


Allandaros said...

One black cat crosses your path: Aww, kittycat!

Two black cats cross your path: That's probably lucky. Or unlucky.

Three black cats cross your path: You must have pissed off a witch at some point.

Four black cats cross your path: ...I think you stepped in catnip or somesuch.

Anonymous said...

If you enjoy Adaptation I'd heartily recommend "A Cock and Bull Story". Same sort of screwed-up bleeding over of multiple layers of narrative.

And don't get put off by your apathy towards C18th literature, or your dislike for Steve Coogan.

Anonymous said...

Well, I wouldn't call your stuff "pulp"... But I would describe most Black Library output as something of roughly the same consistency as pulp although of different shade. Considerably darker.

I'd probably consider your books much like James Bond movies, or the action movies that recieve no hype despite being incredibly good. People love them, can enjoy them on more than one level, and they're pretty popular amongst the target market, but will never win the Oscars. That might be because the Oscars are run by snobs who simply choose the most poncy films, but I think the comparison still stands.

Then again, I've a dim view of your paymasters as of late, but I can still appreciate your work. Just finished rereading the Ravenor trilogy, and I really do wish there were more villains in Black Library books like Molotch or Culzean, because they seemed hell of a lot more human than most mortal agents of the Ruinous Powers.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't Gaunt offered a promotion at one point? I can't remember what book it was - couldn't bring all my books to uni - but I seem to remember one where the Lord General discussed him leaving the commissary to just be an officer, and he turned it down or something.

Anonymous said...

Hey Dan

Don't get me wrong it wasnt that I though was bad in any way, it just didn't feel as, I don't know, inspired as for instance OID... (That probably sounds wierd...!)

The smoking thing though, I figured it was something like that. I guess Gods have flaws too ;)
(And I'm nidpicking!!)

If there was a smoking ban i'd be certain though that Brostin would still find a way to smoke... He'd probably do that flip the bud inside your mouth trick whenever an officer approaches!

A promotion of Gaunt! That would be great! (Commisar) General Gaunt's Ghosts! GGG! Nice...!

East 1427 i'd also like to see more villains like that but i'd also like more books like the inquisitor series as they explore everyday life in the Imperium much more than Guard novels etc.
I do realise that war in 40k is GW's bread and butter but the 40k universe is just such a great and interesting, and deadly and horrible and groesome place!
A great setting for so many stories!!

Another rambling by Patrick (Sorry, i'm Danish)

Toymachine said...

A book called Ven?
Im already there!! I think its your best idea yet!!

Toymachine said...

Oh and lordi, i think it was in straight silver.. gaunt says something like "i told them to feth off" in the medical tent...

gaaaah is right!! I can't remember either!!

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

A book called Ven would be pure awesomesauce.

I was talking to a friend the other day who works in a casting agency, and he mentioned that he'd seen a copy of The Founding on the desk of a British film producer. I don't suppose you'd care to shed any light on this possibly very exciting snippet, Mr. Abnett?

Anonymous said...


I just pre-ordered my signed copy of Legion on Forbidden Planet. Any chance you could give us a heads up on the blog when you are signing novels like that so we can pre order them, rather than buy non-signed one's from the shops.


GraemePaul said...

Hi Dan,

Just finished His Last Command and really enjoyed the story. Screamed along at a belting pace with plenty of action and some suspense.

My favourite book by yourself was Double Eagle and I notice there is a sequel penned in on the Black Library website. Any Indication when this will be out?

George Stirling said...

Hey Dan,

I've just finished Legion and I have to say that it's easily the best thing you've done since... Horus Rising? Great stuff!

As for pulp... nothing wrong with pulp as long as it's well-written pulp!


Rob Rath said...

I have seen Adaptation, and it was marvelous.

I grew up with a lot of Chinese culture in Hawaii, so on Chinese New Year I went around adhering to all the superstitions like wearing red, not sweeping the floor, hanging Fu upside-down in my office, etc.

But that night when I was walking my dog, I walked up to a dumpster to throw something away and terrified a huge black cat that was rummaging there. At first I didn't realize what it was, except that a yowling black animal launched itself at me, nearly landed on my dog and then ran off.

"Well, there goes all that New Year luck."


That was Gaunt's story about being asked to join the diplomatic corps, not an offer of promotion. I'm not sure if the story was a joke or real, but I remember it very specifically because it's probably hands-down my favorite Gaunt one-liner ever.

Pack_master said...

Wasn't it in Guns of Tanith, when Van Voytz tried to install his Command Desk trhat he offered Gaunt normal Military Command, no Commissar stuff, but he refused?

I laughed a lot about the Ven-killing-skinning-and-bringing-Ursid-home sentence ^^

*waiting impatiently for Inshabel story*
*giving Xhalax fo his popcorn to wait together*

Rob Rath said...


By the way, I was looking on Amazon last night and found that you co-authored Hammers of Ulric.

I read the book a long time ago, but just wanted to say thanks because I loved it. Easily my favorite Warhammer World novel. I read the catalyst short story in INFERNO back in the old days and was really happy to see it continue. Not much of a fantasy fan, but I love the Priests of Morr and was happy to see one so involved in a story.

Anonymous said...

Rob - sweet of you, thanks.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Abnett. The Ban-ness of Only in Death....on a scale of 1 to Honour Guard scored about a 7.5.

A nice solid chunk with him in it....though it didn't quite bit the bit in Straight Silver with the chickens.....though both truly sum up the main contribution of Ban in both of the books.

The point five comes from him being very heroic in his duty by the gate....though what happened to Hark did distract away somewhat.

I feel my personal view on the Ban-ness of the books is in order somehow. On a scale of 1 to Honour Guard (10)

Necropolis - 9 (close but no cigar)
Honour Guard - 10 (winningest Ban book EVER)
Guns of Tanith - 8 (purely for the sarcastic smart-arsery with Rawne and the fact he argued with Gaunt and got quite upset and annoyed...but it ultimately brought about the death of Bragg so I have to grind my teeth in anger)
Straight Silver - 7 (not much Ban but what was there was good!)
Sabbat Martyr - 6 (despite getting shot AGAIN.....too much Emperor/Saint bothering for my liking)
Traitor General - 0 Ban, zero score
This Last Command - 4 (no promotion for poor Ban and maybe a 'first in' only)
Armour of Comtempt - 2 (One half decent line out of about two spoken parts)
Only In Death - 7.5 (Le YAY! for the heroics.....but like the fangirl I am....I wanted MOOOOOOOOOORE!).

Oh, and just to ask....there isn't a limit of Legion books per person on Saturday, is there?

At present I need 4...though that might go up on Wednesday during Games Day (we hold one for the kids where I work) and I speak to a few of the more regulars who I know read the BL novels.

Will I be be able to deliever?

And I'll expect Nathun's account of his adventures to be as refreshingly witty as Eisenhorn promised it would be if we had the clearence to read it. You can't make Eisenhorn out to be a liar....well any more of a liar than he already is.

*eats popcorn with pack_master while we wait*

Kampfhamster said...

I started reading all the GG books again. I've read them so many times, they are falling apart and there is no page left without a dogs ear. :) I just wanted to ask: Is there any possibility that Mad Larkin has another encounter with that guardian Angel of him? I really loved that part.

Toymachine said...

Dan - why not make a book called Ban instead of Ven for xhalax?? XD

Anonymous said...

Now this is what i like Blogging hard and fast.
Four black cats!
Four?...I dont think thats good luck Dan .In fact even with all my prestidgious C.Q.P. and C.Q.B. talents getting you to the breakfast table is gonna be a task,F**k taking u shopping.
Four black cats?
Reminds me of a line from Braveheart "God says he can get me out of this mess,but he's pretty sure youre f**cked" ha aha

Ven the book,man thats super cool.In fact if it was on the top gear wall, it would be in the ice box!

Roy She. what a shame R.I.P..His character in Jaws ,Chief Brody remindends me of my old man.
"Show me the way to go home, im tired and i want to go to bed,i had a little drink about an hour ago and its gone right to my head, de bom bom bom"

Actually not many men, real or otherwise are actually in the same leuage as me when i have had my 3 weetabix in the morning.So for Universal and global peace, therefore sometimes i am forced to eat the smaller variety.

For the good of the world you understand!....
And of course lets not forget the sprinkles.

Rory said...

Yea, Do the Horus heresy books have any Order? i Know Horus Rising is the first one.... Im alittle confused.

Anonymous said...

Nik ,and The Hammers of Ulric
That and r.o.t.d. are my favorite one off warhammer novels.
you go Nik!

Anonymous said...

Do I detect a little flirting between Toy and Xhalax? Maybe it's just me.

Anonymous said...

I think the Heresy books are meant to be read in the order they were released the first three follow on from each other after that the events overlap.

Im upto Fulgrim its as good as the others just seems to be taking longer to read not sure why

Rory said...

haha Toys about my age nik.. its abit of an Age gap ;) haha

Rory said...

Oh. and what order were they Released? :O

Toymachine said...

*Agrees with Rory*

*Eyes Nik sceptically*

Anonymous said...

Who? What? Why? Where? When? Huh?

And make me sound so old.

Anonymous said...

rory as far as i know the order is as follows:

1 - Horus Rising
2 - False Gods
3 - Galaxy in Flames
4 - Flight of the Eisenstein
5 - Fulgrim
6 - Descent of Angels

Rory said...

heyy! i didnt say it was a BIG age gap.. it only be what? 6 years or somthing? :)

and ive got to read all that before Legion? rawr rawr

Anonymous said...

Im trying to read through Fulgrim and Decent of Angels before Legion is released. I got far too many books for christmas both Gotrek and Felix omnibuses, the enitre Horus Heresy series and five Discworld novels and with uni restarting i aint had much time to read unfortunatly

Anonymous said...

Whoops! So, it's nice to see people being sweet to eachother. I can't help being a romantic.

Anonymous said...

6 or 7 years his senior is about right.

God I feel so old.

Knew I should have continued on playing Devil May Cry 4.

Anonymous said...

You wrote Gilead's Blood as well, didn't you Nik? I still need to get that and Knights of Ulric signed - whenever I get books signed by Dan, you've always just gone off.

Who was it that was talking about Dark Heresy being rare btw? I found a copy yesterday in my local gaming shop, so snapped it up there.

Rory said...

Hehe DMC4... Me thinks Xhalanx may have an Xbox? :D

Oh dear.. theres a big festival in Mote Park, Maidstone.. That park will be screwed for the next few years. xD

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't worry too much about Mote Park. It can take it.

Anonymous said...

xhalax - His Last Command, only a 4 on the Ban-ness scale?

What about the bit near the beginning when Novabazky (tied for coolest commissar ever with Gaunt, Hark and my mates own Commissar Chaos, he has a mighty fist - don't ask) comes over to Daur's G Company and they aren't shooting (I'm paraphrasing here)?

Novobazky - "Why aren't you shooting?!"
Daur - "Because they're shelling us."
N - "So why aren't you shooting?"
D - "Because they're shelling us, that means their guns are about four or five times out of our range, and assuming the archenemy aren't stupid enough to shell their own men that means the infantry are well out of our range as well, so we're conserving our fire for when they are in range."

You gotta admit Xhalax, thats some rock solid soldiering right there, in my book that rates a 6 at least on the Ban-ness scale!

nemesis749 said...

I laughed my fool head off reading His Last Command...."Foofoo Frigwig Fofobris .. the foofortieth fighting for the Golden foofrigging Throne. What a foofirst class arsehole....i had tears in my eyes.

But seriously i would like to see more of Wes Maggs. Not only is he one of the "chosen" scouts but he cracks me the feth up with his smart mouth.
And a book about McVenner...common that was the worst kind of tease! Now you will have to deliver!

And as far as DMC4 goes, well my thumbs are screaming at me right now! I admit addicted....until Crisis Core comes out.

And as far as the age thingie goes...well im 30 (smirks sheepisly) so im fighting age tooth and nail!

....cause ill shoot you!

Rory said...

Nik - they said that about Camperdown park in dundee (near to where i live) when radio1 was let loose there it ended up looking like there was a Mass genocide of paper cups and pint glasses.

it still hasnt really recoverd hehe.

So, DMC4? i havnt got round to buying it for my Xbox yet.. I still love Call of Duty 4 too much!

Anonymous said...

All this talk of ages and what not has got me thinking,guys i may never meet any of you.
Now ive met Kampf (hi kampf)but i didnt now xhalax was a (fenrisian)lady until Dan told me!.
So the point is iwould like to have a picture and character of you guys in my mind when blogging.
With me so far?
So i would like to suggest an exersise to do this with u all still keeping ur details private!

Right (for anyone who wants to join in)
choose a superhero (or character from Dans books)who actually represents you (say from the marvel universe,perhaps the big names from D.C. or even big sci fi films)
Then choose a character who u would like to be!
EG. i would love to be Venom ,but im actually more like your ever lovin blue eyed thing etc.
Answers on a post card please!
This way i will have a picture to the face of who ever im blogging ans so shall we all!

Rory said...

Well, id Say, id like to be like caffran. But im more like peter parker, before he became spider man.

I Love the start of Heriticus by the way,


Anonymous said...

I am Alizabeth Bequin, and if you don't believe me, you can ask Dan.

I'd like Patience Kys's looks, Kara Swole's cajones and Tona Criid's attitude. This time of year, and this time of night, after a long dinner and a game of cards, I'm probably more Sholto Unwerth.

Pack_master said...

Sorry Nik, but I had a really good laugh on that one^^

Hum... I think I picture myself like Nahum Ludd, or Brin Milo. You're somehow big score, but no-one wanna swap with ya.

Wanna be like Viktor Hark sometimes. Badass AND successful.


Anonymous said...

Since I seem to be one of the Comic Guys here (not that I don't love your 40K work, but I would never have bought Xenos if I hadn't thought "Hey, that's the guy who wrote Death's Head II, I loved that comic!") allow me to say that I wholeheartedly agree with your assessment of the late Steve Gerber. Gerber was so far ahead of his time that, in some ways, I'm not sure the industry ever caught up with him. Awesome writer.

And of course, I have to say WOOF to the idea of getting Cosmo in the Guardians book. Can't wait for that to hit.

Pack_master said...

Oops, forgot that: take that one for starters, Steve.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, I loved the daylights out of Nova Annual #1. The updating of the origin sequence was well done, and the future scenes made me want to see the battle that came next. Right now Nova is pretty much my favorite book on the stands (okay, it's tied with Ed Brubaker's Captain America, but hey, that's pretty good company in my opinion.)

Anonymous said...

yeh but jack who do you see yourself as?

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Uhm...I'm not sure I follow. See myself as what?

Anonymous said...

Steve Gerber died :o

I know a few people who would be disappointed in that :S

*reads up on man-thing and others*


Anonymous said...

Jack-read the previous blogs mate,espesially my one ,all its for is to get a picture of u in our heads.(just a bit of fun).

Rory-Caffran ,Peter Parker thats the spirit,
Nik- Alizebeth Bequin i can c that,i think if anyone was using psycic powers u would just ingnore them(though you have always made me feel comfortable around u)Tona Crid i can definately c that!The tough Mum.

I think if i was gonna choose a Ghost it would have to be Gol Kolea.He is a dad like me .He was a hard working guy,led the guerilla war in Necropolis(i am also from the city) ,hes tough and doesent act like a pompous twat.
Yeh he is also a big fella,and definately one of my favorite Ghosts,(or Vervenhivers).
I would probably love to be Ven or Mkoll........of course.

Anonymous said...

Pack master - The bright young hope eh!Their good characters we have all seen develope,their a couple of good examples!

Anonymous said...

Oh, if it's who you see yourself as, that's easy: Ludd. Somewhat hapless, pushed into a position of authority way too soon (I'm thinking OiD here) yet somehow manages to get the job done.

Who would I like to be? Mkoll. Man is bad to the bone.

Toymachine said...

I dibs Varl...

...cos i'll shoot you. :D

nemesis749 said...

I guess if i wanted to emulate anyone it would be Garvial Loken with his loyalty and ideals... but in reality i would be more like Merrt. To be right up there at the top of things and have life pull the foofriggin rug right out from under me :)

Kampfhamster said...

I think I'd be Gutes. If anyone remembers him. The Cook guy who dies in a chair. I always loved Gutes, even though he only appears two times or so.

Ah yeah, here is me and Dan:

Big Steve and Dan:

And here we've got the whole bunch:

Kampfhamster said...

Aw C'mon! Stupid pics...


Ad this behind t299/

Anonymous said...

nothings comin up kampf.


Anonymous said...

Rory - DMC4 for the Xbox? Me?

You've obviously mistaken me for a real gamer. For those that game hard and game well seek soliace in the Xbox.

Gimmick merchants seek out Nintendo and it's Wii. Something for a hour or so of fun once in a while but with not massive longevity and no major love of graphics that are so good they give you a nosebleed.

I'm all for all round I've sold my soul to Sony and am currently murdering christians in the Crusades via Assassins Creed.

Long live the PS3.

Ross - the score of Ban-ness is based on a mix of things that greatly includes airtime rather than just what happens or is said. If his words and actions were to speak louder than airtime......Straight Silver would get the perfect 10 because I laugh myself stupid ever time I read that part.

Nemesis - Everything between now and Final Fantasy time is merely filler.....DMC4, Assassins Creed, Heavenly Sword, the lot.
Crisis Core comes out....I squeal.
FFXIII and FFvsXIII....I fall over.
Kingdom Hearts 3....I think I may have died.

Big - Online, loads of people mistake me for being a guy, I have no idea why though. In the flesh, I'm hard to mistake. There are one or two things that make that apparent.

And here's the pic you asked for...and yes, I have a dodgy right eye, which is very much shown on this pic but 'tis the best one I have.

Characters I'm most like/would like to be?

None spring to mind that I see aspects of myself in. Definitely none of the female ones anyway.

Male characters............drawing a blank there too.

Oh well, guess I'll just have to go with a one I've created myself.

Anonymous said...

Ok, stupid link didn't work. Try this one.¤t=Picture001.jpg

Though if all else fails, the same picture is on my myspace page which the the link attached to my name here. Check that out instead.

Anonymous said...

Ok....third time is a charm....the first link was merely missing .jpg....bloody typical.

Anonymous said...


I hate photobucket!

This is all your fault Big!

Anonymous said...

Hey Dan - I thought that on behalf of the Dark Heresy playing, Dan Abnett reading contingent, I'd drop you this lovely recipe as a peace offering between the two communities before anyone starts calling anything else "pulp" again...

Corpse starch ration enchilada casserole
12 oz can CS rations - any brand 4 eggs
1 small onion chopped 2 cups whipping cream
1 small green pepper, chopped 1 tbsp all-purpose flour
1 small tomato, chopped 4-oz can diced green chiles
2 cups shredded Cheddar cheese 1/4 tsp garlic powder
8 7" flour tortillas Picante sauce

Place CS rations, 1 tablespoon onion, 1 tablespoon green pepper, 1 tablespoon tomato and 1 tablespoon cheese on one side of tortilla. Set remaining cheese aside. Roll up jelly-roll fashion; place seam side down in greased 13x9" baking dish. In small bowl combine remainin ingredients; blend together with wire whisk. Pour over ehchiladas. Pray to the Emperor.

Cover; refrigerate overnight.

Recite the litany of refrigeration.

Heat oven to 350, taking care not to offend the spirit of the oven. Bake, uncovered, for 40 to 50 minutes or until egg mixture is set. Sprinkle with remaining cheese. Return to oven; bake for 5 minutes or until cheese is melted. Serve with picante sauce. Remember to screen diners for visible signs of corruption.

(Enjoy! All the best - Lightbringer)

Anonymous said...

I'm having a bad day at work, but "recite the litany of refrigeration" just cheered me right up. Good one.

Kampfhamster said...

Hmmmm I hate it when things don't work... So, how do we do this then...

Lets give it another try...

Anonymous said...

The thing is with this exercise is not just what u look like but how u see yourself .Its lets us know something about your character!
And i spent half an hour typing in the addresses given to get blanked by photobucket ,my alter ego Russ almost orderd an orbital strike ,followed closely by a drop pod assault on the photobucket H.Q..

Lordy u still watching who would u be fella!

Anonymous said...

Big - Bravo you. Keep digging away at them, because I think the whole 'who are you' thing is fascinating, and my answer made someone laugh, which is always cool. Come on, guys, who are you (in Gaunt terms at least). Come on Xhalax, you can do better than that... I think you're a little like Kara Swole - physically at least :-)

Anonymous said...

Nik - Yeah, the shortness and the big breasts are similar.

Damnation....I've had the vast majority of my hair cut off too (some of it is red, left over from the purple dye). I'm sure Kara has short hair when she first appears.

Shame I can't manage the backflips.

And if I was going to pin a Gaunt's Ghost character on myself, it'd have to be either Seena or Arilla, the stubber team. I can't remember which loads and which fires....but I'd definitely be pulling the trigger.

Or possibly Commissar-General Viktoria Balshin.

Anonymous said...

Nik - You remind me of Ana Curth from the Ghost series.

Don't know why, just kinda popped into my head while I was mincing through my GG books thinking who I might be like and having to force myself to choose someone who may share some characteristics with me.

Kinda unfair for us girls, since the vast majority of characters in books are guys.....guess that's why I came up with Freya, my (text-based RPG) Inquisitorial character.

Anonymous said...

Xhalax - I like the Ana Curth thing, but I'm not sure I'm that pragmatic. Check my earlier answer - guy characters are not necessarily verboten.

Rob Rath said...

When I was in Marine Corps JROTC in high school (please, no laughing) I swore that I was Ban Daur.

I was really efficient and smart, came into the unit late as a Junior, and had longish dark blond hair ("It's just within regulation 1stSgt., three inches, I swear, checked it this morning...")

But more than that was the fact that, like Daur, I pushed hard for the cool jobs... I volunteered for riflery team, Recon Team, operations, the outdoor physical stuff.

Of course, (like Daur) I was not that physically talented but very smart and thorough, meaning I got an important job that I could do better than anyone...

S-1: Staff Administration Chief. I wound up with this winner of a position when I agreed to run administration for my platoon in the hope that I could show my worth and get promoted. All the other admin guys, including the Chief were slacking, so I did all their jobs... next thing I know I'm the Admin Chief, have my own huge metal desk and find myself asking, "Hey, um, look, I was only doing this admin thing because I wanted to be a Platoon Sgt or something, so..."

By the next year I had turned into Varl. With a job that didn't interest or challenge me, I fell into my role as the company cynic and practical joker. I can't believe I got away with half the things I did. Some victories have become unit legends. I really miss being greeted as, "the guy who got his Gunny flogged for mutiny" when I visit.

Wow, that's a long answer. Anyway, I felt like Daur in being used for what I was best at, rather than what I wanted to do. (Of course now Daur does get combat duty.) I also get compared to Davan from Something Positive a lot. Not too sure I like that.

Rory said...

i wish i could be as cool as one of the ghosts. but i dunno, i seem to be abit of a quiet person, but loud around my friends.. Im physically unfit. Hence my Pre spiderman peter parker idea,

Id want to be like Milo, or like Caffran. =D or larkin, hes crazy.. im alittle crazy i suppose. :D

Anonymous said...

Rory - im not one to dish out advice or anything but..
If your reading Dans stuff and posting here ,then your part of this club my friend and that makes you cool brother!

What would make u cooler is to be a Space Wolf Player and ask Dan whats happening with the Invasion of Prospero,u could even suggest to him that basing a character on me would probably be one of the better things he could do,for the sake of the imperium of course!(ha ha ha )nudge nudge wink wink..

Xhalax_ i was gonna say to you commisar Balshin

nemesis749 said...

In retrospect to my earlier answer on the character of choice... i would almost say Major Rawn. He is certainly my favorite character of the Ghosts and i think i have his demeanor kinda have to where i work. And in OID did i detect a little softening up towards the end?...

Anonymous said...

I'm still here Big. I think I'd probably Rawne. Not in appearance - though I do have black hair - but in personality.

I wish I was exagerating, but even my closest friends think I'm evil and soulless. I'm not really sure why.

Anonymous said...

Nik - I guess being pragmatic is part and parcel with being a surgeon. Though I'm sure you have your moments of it too....when the Ana in you shines through.

And if I was going for male characters....I'd have to be Bonin!

Good old Mach 'Lucky' Bonin, that's me. Should have killed myself a hundred times over, but I'm still people should trust in me more than they Bonin.

Big - I'm intrigued.....why were you going to suggest Balshin for me?

Also, stop scaring me with the thought of a book based on the Fall of Prospero!

Rory said...

Yea, I guess in Ghost terms. Im like Ban when he first joins the ghosts, Eager to prove himself.

And Ah! Assassins Creed! BEAUTIFUL GAME! i love killing Crusaders.. its all, Ninja like!

but my current love is Guitar hero 3... you cant get much cooler than dancing around the room with a plastic guitar making a complete and utter Retard of yourself while playing good tunes. I love it!!

And Big, Cheers buddy! Im afraid im an Imperial guard player, although i havnt played ina year or so. i love the games though, Dawn of war is good :D

Kampf, worked for me. :D Dan looks really sly and laid back.... =D
And also, i love the picture of the Bath of beer. its awsome :D

If you want to see what i look like, then go onto my Myspace.

I hope this tag works. haha


Anonymous said...

Now now their was no softening up in O.I.D. unless your talking about the softening up of Gaunt!hee hee
And the Blood Pact let him go so we could shout things like
"Eye Eye Gaunt " an stuff

Rory - i to am a guard player .Albeit a treacherous and evil one!

Lordy -nem749 Rawne ....who do u think would win between Gaunt an Rawne if they ever truly fell out?

Xhalax -The whole strong women i get the feeling u could be right ruthless if u wanted to be.

Long live the Pact!

Anonymous said...

Rory - I especially love the Leaps of Faith into haystacks. So so so much fun! Have GH3 for the much fun. Got Heavely Sword yesterday and danced.

Big - Fair dos. And more or less similar to the reason why I suggested her. I can be exceptionally ruthless and take no prisoners whatsoever (although I'd rather pull a Cain).

That and I don't suffer fools or cowards at all.

Hand me my plasma pistol and chainsword....I have men to dive into battle to their deaths and their wounds must me at the fore!

Rory said...

Yea, I love it when beggers come up and are all "give me money, pleeease" then your all *STABBY! YEAAAA!* =D

I play WoW somtimes.. :D

Anonymous said...

Rory - But you're not supposed to kill the innocent. That's breaking the first rule of the Assassins you lose syncronicity so when the Templars show up and aren't happy about you killing one of might last longer in a fight.

And I resist WoW with all of my might, because if I fail, I shall have no life!

Rory said...

yea.. i go on WoW Binges. haha And i know your not, but that old bag.. normaly you just Punch them and they bugger off.. i love killing guards on rooftops..

swinging onto a ledge then pouncing on an unsespecting guard. :D

Anonymous said...

I love free stepping, despite how much attention it draws to you.

Though I've only just started the 2nd memory block so I still have a long way to go.

Oh, and Mr. Abnett.....a slight problem.
You say you're signing til 12pm, but BL say you're signing til 2pm.

Which is correct?

Rory said...

yea i dont play it much.. i think im on the 3rd target? = / haha

Anonymous said...

Rory - I'm not surprised if you're punch out beggers and knifing those that are innocent!

Pack_master said...

So, a Cuu kind of guy? ;)

Nik, did you just write "verboten"?
Ha, that's really funny for someone like me^^

Rory said...

i dont do it alll the time! i just dont play it very often.. i find it alittle repetative.. i hope they will bring out a Warhammer RPG game.. like Oblivion or mass Effect :D

Rory said...

nooo cuu scares the living shit out of me.

Verboten.. means forbidden right? wow, standard grade german has a use!

Anonymous said...

Pack - never be afraid of language, not your own and not anybody elses. 'Verboten' exactly expressed what I meant, just as deja vu might. I'm glad it made you smile.

Pack_master said...

Aye ;)

I'm always a bit amused when anybody here uses words like Zeitgeist, Wunderkind or the like.

Anonymous said...

Rory - it literally means 'forbidden', but choosing words alters the impact of the meaning. It's subtle stuff, which is why Dan has invented so much successful language. What else would you call a vox or a comm-bead?

Pack_master said...

And hey - it's always funny when Kampfhamster and I start chatting in english, because the english words come easier to mind than the german ones... shame on you, Dan, we read too much of your stuff ;)

Anonymous said...

But the english language is such a wonderful thing that gets squandered every day.

Rory said...

hahaha, yea, I actually learned that froma bill bailey sketch when i saw his live show a few months ago.. :D

Anonymous said...

Xhalax - I'm sure Dan will stick around for as long as he's needed.

Pack_master said...

Bring chocolate. Sure he stays as long as possible then... ;)

Rory said...

nik, can you get dan to send one of his clones upto scotland? would be cool to meet him... considering he has so many clones. does he sit in a throne in your Loft in a giant throne with Neural implants to control them all? like a Very powerful psyker :D

Anonymous said...

Rory - I kept Dan in the loft for a while, but he's in the basement now, plugged in and working long and hard.

Never mind the clones, I'm dying to get up to Scotland to see some relatives and visit the alma mater (a bit of latin for you, Pack). I'm seriously hoping to get him up there some time this year, probably when the weather's at its best, whenever that might be. Keep asking and perhaps someone at BL will read this and take up the cause.

Anonymous said...

Big - your turn!

Anonymous said...

Chocolate you say pack_master?

He'd have to fight me for it!

And nik - saying things like that out loud, in a public domain of fans would probably mean he'd be there for about three and a half days!

Rory said...

yea, where ever you go to. ill try and get to it. i live quite near Edinburgh, just a quick train journey. but id travel anywhere to meet you guys. it would be like meeting my hero!, Dan's deffonatly (sorry for the spelling) upthere along side Mr.T and Anthony keidis in my books.

Pack_master said...

"When the weather is best"? ;)

Been in Scotland once, for a week. And at the Military Tattoo. I love bagpipes, wanna learn to play (yeah, another point for me being Milo, figures).
Well my point: weather at its best in Scotland is, when you can't see a damn thing! When we wer eat the tatto, it was raining buckets - AND it was misty, I haven't seen something like that im my life! Not more that 50 feet line of sight - even the torches were swallowed completly! I love fog!

Nik - I'm sorry, had had french for 3 years, no latin ;)

Rory said...

pack, you were in edinburgh im guessing? i LOVE that city, so many diffrent people so many cool shops. theres a Forbidden planet there. i spent 2 hours in there just looking through the comics.

Gotta Love Scotland :D

Anonymous said...

Xhalax - Go you, you beat Big to the hundredth post!

Love Scotland. Lived there for four years, and my Mum's a proper pict. There are, of course, only two types of weather in Scotland: It's raining, or it's about to rain.

It's still the country with the best of everything that matters, as far as I'm concerned. Sadly, I couldn't tolerate the low light levels, and so will probably never live there again, unless I could do it for the summer months, and keep a separate home somewhere warm for the winter. Chance would be a fine thing.

Pack_master said...

Oh, well, as I'm a bit troubled with fierce light (als well as summer heat - in the middle of the year shades a glued to my eyes) scotland is a nice place for me. really wanna live there.

Aaaaand there's good things to drink... :)

Rory said...

Im 16, and i can get drink Anywhere, theres even a Pub down the road that a friend of mine whos alittle taller than me can go into and get served. we love our drink we do!

Where about did you live Nik? :D

nemesis749 said...

Big- the fight between Gaunt and Rawn would have to be epic..but it would seem tragic as well now that they have survived all they have been thru together. When Corbec passed on i almost pitched the book across my apartment so i just dont know how i could take losing Gaunt,Rawn,Mkoll,or Daur...but its a long, ugly war and so forth.
Dan does love putting our favs into the shooty-shooty :)

Pack_master said...

Well, in the end it will get to everyone, sooner or later. It's all about who you can beat on the way to the Happy Place, as Dan wrote it so lovely in OiD.

(no kidding, I really love this description)

Anonymous said...

What the feth!
I leave to watch to watch Reaper an ER and we go over a hundred blogs already!?!
Now thats what im talking about!

Damn i missed the hundredth blog

Nik u better send the real Dan to Scotland otherwise their will trouble ,more likely another invasion.The highlanders can smell a fake a mile off!

Hey just finished watching the first episode of the Sarah Connar Chronicles (Terminator series).River from Serenity (Firefly) is the female terminator ....not sure if i liked it yet.

Four black cats and over a hundred bloggs ...Somethings awry!

Anonymous said...

Damn did i miss the 100th blogg!

Anonymous said...

firefly one of the most underated sci fi shows, shame it got cancelled

Blade4hire said...

Ok, couldn't stand it any longer. I've been lurking in the creepy shadows of this place long enough.

Hello everyone, great to be here.

To Dan, thanks so much for the incredible work you do. I always look forward to reading anything new, by you, that comes my way.

I'd just like to say that i've really enjoyed the Ravenor Series and the Heresy books but, Gregor Eisenhorn will always be my hero.

Looking forward to chatting with you all later.


Anonymous said...

Go me for the 100th post....didn't even realise that i made it, making the victory all the sweeter!

Big - I'm still undecided on the Sarah Connor Chronicles too. It was as I excepted (underwhelming). Though that's some padded bra they have on Summer Glau!

She's such a sweetie!

Also big, since you have said the immortal words...does that mean you're Beltayn?

Kampfhamster said...

Bring chocolate? tststs, geez Pack... You can't just bring chocolate! You have to bring genuine swiss chocolate! only the best of the best for Dan and his crew. :)

Stupid photobucket, but whatever. Yes Gutes. I don't know every time I read his name or read his description I think of me. He has just a micro part but still... Ah yes, Now I've got it: Gutes with Bonins luck. :) I survived everything that the World threw at me.

Anonymous said...

a shiny new copy of Legion crept stealthily through my front door this morning. I predict an EXCEPTIONALLY unproductive day at work.

nemesis749 said...

ok now i get to hear all about Legion a whole foofrickin month before it gets shipped over here! Im so jealous of you all. I guess ill just watch Blue Harvest (family guy) for the 30th time and play Lego Starwars to kill time....

Uncle Truth said...

Dear Dan, please help.

My wife and I have been experiencing friction, (not the good kind) in our marriage for some time now, but it was not until recently that upon my arrival home after a hard day's work I began to interrupt some - quite blatantly - passionate telephone conversations between her and some as yet unnamed party. In addition - my suspicion piqued - I began to notice subtle changes in her appearance and manner.
Initially, I noticed that she had begun to spend a considerable amount of time at the home of her sister, Margaret who lives an overnight journey away in Dumfries. This in itself was not unusual, until I noticed the hotel bills on her Visa statement, (quite by accident, I assure you). When I questioned her about this, she advised that her sister wasn't home and had moved to Dulwich, making it necessary for her to rent the double penthouse suite at the nearby Aston hotel for three nights, Friday to Monday.
The straw that broke the camel's back, (if you will permit me this brief, crude metaphor) came three weeks prior to this communication whereupon our garden gate commenced a nightly 'creaking' in the wee small hours that woke me from my sleep - now being conducted on the living room settee - and disturbed me so thoroughly that I could not return to my otherwise blissful slumber.
It wouldn't normally bother me overtly, but the creaking gate is obviously having a similar effect on my wife's sleeping pattern. I can hear her from my place on the settee; tossing and turning in her bed, moaning in consternation for some time after the initial cacophony from our garden's point of ingress has subsided.
I'm not a stupid man and I'm not blind, but I am weak willed and afraid to look at the truth that resides so visibly before my eyes and those of my neighbours, friends and family. There is only one course of action to remedy the sad turn of events that my life has taken.
I must replace our garden gate for a less noisy one.

In your capacity as a comics and alternative Science Fiction writing legend, I was hoping that would it be possible for you - given your expertise - to recommend a less squeaky, durable garden gate? I really am at my wit's end!

Yours faithfully,

'Sleepless in Strathclyde'

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone, just a newcomer in this comment business. i wonder if Mr. Abnett reads everything that people write or just skims through... Anyway, i begun reading Gaunt's Ghosts not to long ago and i was hooked like a fish on a hook. I search and devoured (figuratively) all of the series i could find and i can't wait for the next installment. And Patrick (mizta25), no disrespsct, but i don't think Gaunt would be Gaunt if he accepts any promotion (military wise). Though i wonder if there is any promotions in the Commisirat that might interest him? Hmm...just my random musings. question for Dan (if i can call you Dan), that did you shed a tear or even have second thoughts when you put Agun Soric in his inevitable fate? i have to say, it was a really touching moment between Hark and Soric...i felt my eyes water bit... (damn dust)...i guess i wish Soric didn't end up that way, it wasn't his fault that he had pysker powers.

Rory said...

Im not sure if that was meant to be funny... but i had abit of a chuckle.

And another scotsman! Whey!

Anonymous said...

Rory - I was in Stirling for four years, studying for my Englisn/History degree. My family hails from Dundee.

Packaj - Welcome! I can assure you that, so far, Dan has read every comment on the blog since its inception. Now that they're running to the hundreds, we usually sit in bed, late on a Friday night, and spend a couple of hours reading the comments and composing the next blog. (BTW if you didn't already know I'm Mrs Dan Abnett)

Plaza - This was scheduled for 11am til 12 noon. Sadly the publicity forgot the '1' before the '2' for noon. Dan will be as flexible as he can be, but if you could arrive before noon that would really help him out.

"A Cock and Bull Story" Dan and I have just been discussing this, and it is, of course, an adaptation of "The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy", one of our favourite reads of all time. Funny, clever and always relevant.

Rory said...

Funnily enough. THats where i hope to go to uni, but isntead of english/history. im going to do English/education.. hope to be an english teacher.. god knows why. :D

Dundee, haha thats a cool city.. i live in Fife. the bit inbetween Dundee and edinburgh.. more specificaly glenrothes.. i hate living here.. No comic Shops! no Book shops! not even a HMV! :P

Anonymous said...

Go Xhalax ,Go Xhalax
(At this moment big jumps up danceing ,shakeing his ass and mixing the cake)

Xhalax if we bump into u at a signing i'll do the dance,i promise.

And of course i'll do it for u too Nik?

Is that the girls name who plays River in Firefly (Summer Glau)?. If so she is kick ass.
Cor- Firefly was really underated mate, i thought it had loadsa potential and Serenity was a cracking little film which i know had a few admires among us...
"I am a leaf on the wind . I am a leaf on the wind"

Anonymous said...

B.T.W. that was me Big .(posting above)

Damned computer!

Anonymous said...

Big - Yup, that's Summer Glau, she played River Tam in Firefly and is Cameron in The Sarah Connor Chronicles....she's also in The Unit and played a Ballerina in an episode of Angel.

And Firefly was an absolutely brilliant series and I curse the american nature of being stupid and getting it cancelled.

Senerity was good, but when you hold it up against the series, it pales in comparison (I sat and watch the whole series and then watched Serenity straight afterwards and you can see the difference between the two quite vividly)

And feel free to say 'Hi' Big....same for anyone else that's coming to the signing tomorrow. It might take me a few moments to register and recognise how/where/when....but I'll get there in the end (a 5:30 start for me). And I look forward to the dancing too!


Anonymous said...

for all of you fans of serenity theres a firefly novel by Steven Brust its been realeased for free online and can be found here:

Havent had time to read it yet though i plan to when i have some time.

Just wondering who everyones favourite characters are in the Horus Heresy series mine have to be either Nathaniel Garro or Graviel Loken

Anonymous said...

Big - "Lordy -nem749 Rawne ....who do u think would win between Gaunt an Rawne if they ever truly fell out?"

Well...I don't know. Gaunt is the better fighter, and does own the power sword, so he's got the advantages...but I Rawne would definately fight dirty, and get him from behind (or some other method).

So - in a straight fight Gaunt, in an actual 'falling out', Rawne.

@Rory - you were being sarcastic when you wished for a warhammer MMORPG, weren't you?

Blade4hire said...

Favorite Character from Heresy series, Targaddon. Then again i have only read the first 2 books so far.

@cor: Firefly was the best show of it's time. It was such a shame that the suits didn't like it very much and let it die the agonizingly painful death it did.

A moment of silence, please......

long live Capt Reynolds!!

Rory said...

Yea. Age of Reconing comes out soon..

Anonymous said...

The original Warhammer online had alot of potential, age of reckoning doesnt look as good somehow so i probably wont be getting it if i do id have to quit WoW and ive invested far too much time in that game :)

Oh and i second Blades comment
long live Capt Reynolds!!

Rory said...

yea ill see what people think before i switch. i prefer the dawn of war games...

nemesis749 said...

in my spare time at work at 3am in the morning i was thinkin....

~Warmaster Gaunt~
Rawne's Rogues
The Further Adventures of Gaunt's Ghosts

i mean common...down the road IF they actually survive this crusade this has to be the natural continuation.....right?

and if i might venture an opinion Xhalax how about Jagdae as a character


Anonymous said...

Favorite character from the HH books? Easy one, Loken, though I really liked Ignace Karkasy as well...for the books he was in at any rate.

Rory said...

Question for dan :D

Have you ever based a character on someone who posts comments on your Blog? =D

Anonymous said...

Yes Karkasy was a great character i wonder if Dan has a favourite Horus Heresy character?

Anonymous said...

Dan Nik hope u had a great day

"i've seen things... you people wouldnt belive" R.H.

Man he delivers that line....

Anonymous said...

And the prize for most crazed and crazy fan who comes off as a weirdo stalker goes to......ME!

Le Yay!

Rory said...

Well, today im going to Invade Borders and Waterstones with vouchers. Time to buy Books and comics by Mr Abnett me thinks :D

(i only have about £20 worth.. but im sure that can get me somthing...)

Anonymous said...


The other day he said it would be amazing to meet you.
I want to encourage his writing and when he said that, after finishing one of your books, I thought.....'This is maybe something that I can help with....'
He is 31, 3 march and
Maybe maybe there might be a little chance to be able to arrange a meeting with you a some point...that would be an amazing birthday present for him!
Hopefully you will read this and hopefully you might have the time to answer my little unusual blog comment. I would be so happy!
You can reach me on
stinafrost at

All my very best,