Sunday, February 24, 2008

Life and opinions

I would like to be Adam Warlock, but I fear I am Agun Soric.

I’m playing Big’s game of “Pick which character you’d like to be, but then admit which one you actually are.” Adam Warlock, who wouldn’t want to be him? The hair? The teeth? The pecs? The lightning flash? Being written by Jim Starlin wouldn’t hurt either.

Sadly, I think I am a chained psychic toiling in the mechanisms of the 40K universe.

So, moving on from that dull note, I can confirm to Curis that “The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy” is one of my all time favourite books, very much like “The Canterbury Tale” is one of my all time favourite films. I have no apathy towards 18th century literature or Steve Coogan. Thanks for the recommendation, “A Cock and Bull Story” is up there with “Adaptation” and “Stranger than Fiction”.

I’d like to thank everybody who turned up at the Plaza today, especially Xhalax. Double thanks to her for sticking around for a chat, it was a long way to come and she was charming company, as always. Next Saturday I’m going to be at Waterstones in York from 6 o’clock. Be there, or be somewhere else.

Xhalax - you’re Ban-ness rating is the best piece of inter-textual review my books have ever received. Just you wait, I believe Ban is going to be the star of “Blood Pact”.

For general consumption. Nik is definitely Alizebeth Bequin. Except she’s not a ho. I want to make that perfectly clear. You can base a character on a person without all the extraneous stuff. She is beautiful, wise and serious.

Jack - If the Nova run is up there with Ed Brubaker’s Cap then that’s fine praise indeed.

Big - You are indeed the personification of Gol Kolea. I know everyone wants to be Mkoll.

Kampfhamster - We all miss Gutes.

Anon - Thanks for the recipe. I will recite the litany of refrigeration.

Xhalax - As Nik suggested, let’s not have big breasts come between us. I think you mean Seena. Actually, it’s quite possible that you’re Commissar-General Victoria Balshin.

Rob - Yes, you ARE Varl.

Rory - Cuu scares the living shit out of everyone. And, yes, I‘d love to come to Scotland, and I’ve suggested it to BL, so watch this space.

Nemesis749 - It is, indeed, a long, ugly war, and I do love putting your faves into the shooty shooty.

Cor - I love Firefly too, one of the best shows EVER.

Blade4hire - Welcome aboard, and thanks for the kind words.

Xhalax - Congrats on the hundredth post. Summer Glau! PhwwAU!

Sredni - I’m so, so sorry.

Dear Sleepless in Strathclyde. One day gingers will rule the earth - Sir, I’m a sci-fi author and not a marriage guidance counselor. However, I suggest the following. Take the garden gate off its hinges. Oil it thoroughly with WD40 and then hide the gate somewhere, such as the back of the garden shed or the bottom of a deep, deep well. Then wait in bed for your dearest and see what creaks. I suggest packing a deuce-deuce over-and-under las pistol, or a 40watt, 700megathule plasma cannon, perhaps snuggled under your pillows. If the bedroom door opens, and it’s Ana Curth or Kara Swole then hurray you. Otherwise, lock and load. Hey, I think I’m getting the hang of this agony aunt thing

Packaj - Of course I read everything you (write here). I don’t have people to do that for me. I don’t have people to do anything for me. I don’t think Gaunt would be Gaunt if he accepted a promotion, either.

Big - Apparently you’re dancing. What I wouldn’t give to see that!

Lordy - Gaunt vs Rawne? Gaunt would win for the reasons given, but Rawne is a sneaky bastard and I’m a sneaky writer.

Cor - Karkasy was a favourite of mine and Loken was too, but my favourite Horus Heresy character has got to be John Grammaticus. Or Hurtado Bronzi. Or Peto Soneka.

That’s enough for tonight. I appear to be suffering from a strange condition whereby automated taps and hand dryers don’t respond to me. I understand that this is very strange and minor, but can anyone help?


Soapy said...

I had a tap problem like that once. Apparently I lacked mass. Either that or I was mildly too magnetic for the mechanism.

That or inept.

Long and the short is I stopped peeing in public loos to avoid having to wash my hands. Give it a go, it adds a sense of adventure to a long journey.

Stay lucky,

Rory said...

Hehehe I saw that on a tv show once. to Automatic doors dont open either? i guess that must be that you dont have a soul.. or to much of sitting in your throne and getting your servitors to do all your writing...

Just kidding :D

Yey! come to scotland! That would indeed make me a happy scotsman, but then i might be too embarresed to say who i actually am :D

Rob Rath said...

I also fear I'm Varl. (I like Varl, mind, but I don't necessarily think I want to be him.)

Though the more I think about the pranks I used to pull in JROTC, (and the ones I play now) it becomes more clear...

1. Plant communist literature on cadets then have them searched during inspection.
2. Convince newly-arrived cadets from the mainland that they must follow outrageous "island customs" to be respected.
3. Make sure (once again) that Cadets Pope and Cardinal are bunkmates at Spring Camp.
"Who gets the top bunk sergeant?"
"I think that would be obvious."

So Varl it is.

I have the sensor problem every once in awhile. I always feel like an idiot when I'm doing the "sensor dance" in front of the blow dryer and someone walks in the door.

Oh, and I didn't give up on having a short story finished by the time Dan posted again, but I'm a week behind because of the flu.

Anonymous said...

At least we now know where that writing talent comes from Mr Abnett sold his soul to the devil ;)

Anonymous said...

Rob - the flu is no excuse. Suppurating boils are no excuse. Getting your head blown off is no excuse. Writers write. No excuse.

Len said...

"Cor - Karkasy was a favourite of mine and Loken was too, but my favourite Horus Heresy character has got to be John Grammaticus. Or Hurtado Bronzi. Or Peto Soneka."

Nah, the best one for me's gotta be joint between Alpharius and his Lord of the Effrit Stealth Squad (hehe) for pure devious scheming - though Grammaticus came close, I'll admit. ;)

Great book, though. Definitely up there with Horus Rising and Eisenhorn. :) Since this book has a purple band rather than green, should I take it that this will be the start of an arc for the Alpha Legion? If so, I am looking forward to your future contributions!

Anonymous said...

I cant wait to read legion still got to read angels of descent though god dam university getting in the way of quality reading time.

Brandon Black said...

Hand Dryers not working? Sounds like foul warp magicks to me. Easy way to fix it... got a flame thrower? :P

Anonymous said...

I haven't gotten to those characters in the Heresy yet... Almost done Galaxy in Flames now!
So far my favourites are/were Aximand, Sinnderman, Saul and Loken.

As for the Gaunt's Ghosts comparison, I'm probably Brinny boy. Young, egar to prove himself, capable but still needs guidance.

*****Last Command spoilers (is anyone here that far back?)*****

Who I'd want to be? Ven or Novobasky. Incredibly badass or glorious last stand of fury?

Anonymous said...

Cor - There is no actual requirement to read the HH books in any particular order. Pick up the ones that interest you in any order you like. They are all pretty much stand alone stories.

Rory said...

Hahahahahahaha Rob! that is evil! didnt they get there ass kicked for having Comunist literature on there person? :D

Anonymous said...

Guys glad it went well.

Rory said...

i wish i got to go... :(

Anonymous said...

well hello.
so I'm new to the blog, old to the books, and I have some questions!

Now, I live in Sweden, and being the poor student that I am, I seldom have money for books, but at the moment I do have some money:D So I'm obviously going to buy some of Dan's great work's.
I'm planing on stocking up on the book's I've read but dont own, and buy some new ones as well.
But there are a few things I'm wondering about.

1: the sequel to Double Eagle, Is it coming? and if so then when?

2: I can only find two omnibus(es?) of the gaunt's ghosts series, (the Founding and the Saint) are there any more or are more on the way?

Well, thats basically it. Oh, hold on, any other works of Dan's that I should definetly read?

Thanks for answers:D
// TooBad

Anonymous said...

First and foremost a HUGE and MASSIVE ‘THANK YOU!’ to both of you! Dan, it’s always fun to grill you with as many questions as I can possibly come up with, the more stranger and obscure the better…..anything for the smug feeling of knowing something that others may not. Nik…..always an absolute pleasure speaking to you….I’m sure I spoke more to you than I did with Dan because you’re so full of win.

Well I had soooooooo much fun yesterday at the signing, despite the distance and the cash…..most expensive book I’ve bought in a while, and getting accosted by strange people who always start their sentence with ‘Yeah but…’ when you’ve clearly explained things…..but well worth it. Although, York is much closer and probably would have been a better bet…..but I love London more than York, so I regret nothing, especially not the three and a half hours (we were delayed just outside Newcastle with engineering works) worth of solid reading time. And ‘tis no problem with the chatting….after all, I did travel a long way, and just in cased you didn’t notice…..I’ve got a rather large gob in my face!

Though I find myself on page 153 of Legion and I have absolutely no idea what the hell is going on. And I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing.

And as to Mr. Grammaticus…….I can’t seem to form that much of an opinion on him at present, much like all of the rest of the book and all of the rest of the characters. Which I supposed is to be expected from a book with the tagline ‘Secrets and lies’. However, all I can come up with for him in terms of a character review is that he’s very much an unknown quantity that keeps my opinion changing. I’ll think he’s alright but he’ll do something that makes me dislike him, then something will happen and I’ll think he’s not too bad and it’s a bit of a repeating cycle.

So the general consensus from me about Legion so far is that it’s up, it’s down, it’s left, it’s right, it’s upside-down, it’s back to front and I find myself with an almost constant frown on my face while reading it as I try my bestest to work out what’s going on and what may or may not happen and give you my final verdict (as spoiler free as I can make it in 259 pages time) on all and sundry….though I get the feeling that this is going to cause some heated discussions with a co-worker once he’s read it (I’m letting him lend my BL library)….and it’ll be all your fault Mr. Abnett!

Ban is the star of Blood Pact?

*gibbers incoherently for the next three and a half months*


And I did enjoy the doing the Ban-ness review…..and not just because of the lovely mental images it conjured up while I got to sit and thinking about him….honest! And I’m glad you liked it too. One can never have enough smart-arsery from a handsome guy.

Also, Mr. Abnett….the only time my breast don’t come between me and other people is when they attack me from behind.


But I really like Kara….she all manner of cool and it’d be classy to be her, though I don’t have her powers of surveillance….too blind for that! Seena! I have a feeling that was her name out of the two! So I wouldn’t say no to being her…….if I were to take part in a battle, I’d rather be manning a heavy weapon away from the front lines… a Stubber, or a Basilisk. And Viktoria…’s definitely the power and instilling awe and fear thing!

As to the electrical equipment problem….I think it’s all down to a balance. It doesn’t work for you, and electrical equipment pops around me or starts working before I get anywhere near it. I’ve shorted out the till twice at work, blown three bulbs in the cabinets, hand driers burst into life near me and electrical equipment just generally seems to rebel against me!

Damn them all!

And lastly…Big – what happened to my dance?

Rory said...

I think we can all come to the simple conclusion that Xhalax is.


hehe and Big was gonna dance?! dawww you should video it. and put it on youtube. :D

Xhalax said...

Rory - Yup, mad as a box of frogs!

And Big wasn't there to dance, let alone tape and put on youtube!

Toymachine said...

I would have payed to have seen Big dancing.

So the blood pact? Any blood pact to be expected?

I like the blood pact.


Anonymous said...

Xhalax - exactly the response to Legion I expected by page 153. I read it twice before the full implications of what was happening really hit home, and I knew what was coming!

It will cause, if not out right arguments, then certainly heated discussions, many of them here, I hope.

Toymachine said...

*realises something*

Dans a psyker!! He thinks hes like agun soric, and electirc apliances don't like him!!

Toymachine said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Xhalax said...

Nik - You can't say things like 'To Read' pile is too big to allow me to read through books again for some time.


And being of the belief of the Astartes, I find myself trying not to shout at my co-worker is all for the Ecclesiarchy point of view about the Emperor......Legion isn't going to settle that argument at'll only makes matter about 50,000 times worse than before.


Rory said...

hehe I bought False gods, the Flight of Eisenstien and Descent of Angels today. Im ordering the other ones soon. :D

and Legion, ill be up to reading that in a few weeks im hoping, still considering ordering a signed copy from Forbidden planet.. Or Waiting for Dan to come to Scotland and Sign it for me!...

That was a subtle hint.... COME TO SCOTLAND!

Your advice for Sleepless in Strathclyde made me Laugh out loud by the way, Pure genious.

nemesis749 said...

I would just like to say that i am completely and totaly jealous of you all! Unless i win the lottery or the federal gov decides to give me a week off i will never get to go to a all are so lucky!
and i still have eight more days until Legion arrives....


Xhalax said...

Rory - just wake up one morning and decide to go down to one of Dan's signings.

I did and it was great.

Pack_master said...

Ha ha. Tried to. Didn't work. Too much water to cross. *sniffle*

Anonymous said...

Dont worry folks Big is gonna bring IT.
"Shake that ass and mix the cake"
"Shake that ass and mix the cake"
"Go Big"
"Go Big"

Dans doing a signing in Cambridge and i'll be bringing the moves .
Hope to c u there.
Although me dancing in a gamesworkshop is about as apropriate as tits on a bull!

Dan definately see u as a psyker and obviously a wordsmith of some kind.
With a las cannon for an arm.

"Sorry mister Abnett sign this for me"
Out comes the Las cannon....
You just knew that was coming..
Get it ?

U guys i've got a conffesion
i've never read any of the Ravenour series...
There probably the only books of Dans i have never read.Shameful i know!

Ban in Blood Pact .
Trial by fire huh!
Hopefully Kolea will have a bigger role and be put to the test.

Dans Abaddon was really cool .But i think Torgaddon was more my sort.
I have disscussed this point with a few people .Did'nt they seem really quite wolfy to there a genectic link somewhere ?just a thought..

Cant wait to get my hands on Legion

Xhalax-Sorry mate .But were of the same mind about the Ecclesiarchy .Cant wait for the Wolves to fall out with them.
Talking of Wolves ..did HE, didnt HE happen to mention anything.And am i in it saving the Galaxy.

I really could u know..
no really

Any more Sin an Dex comin?
Putting together some models based on them now for D.Heresy and Necromunda .Should be a laugh.

Anonymous said...

Its not about the models ..
Its how u play em

Pack_master said...

Ah, that you mention Gol, Big.


There was a thing that startled me a bit. In HLC, Dalin knew very well who Gol was, that h was his father etc, because EVERYONE knew, Tona had told Caffran before they went off to Gereon etc pp. But in OiD he only had troubled feelings about Gol.
What happened. Fell on his head or something?

Xhalax said...

Big - Is it just me, or did most of your post not make any sense. I know I'm not a one to talk....but you have me greatly confused, and I hate to be confused!

And don't you dare give Mr. Abnett any ideas about shooting at poor Ban. He's already been shot at least twice.

You'll make me cry if Mr. Abnett takes you up on that idea!

As for the Ravenor series, they were one of the last series novels that I read. I neverliked Ravenor from the Eisenhorn trilogy, so the thought of reading three books about him wasn't all that appealing.

Anonymous said...

Big - I love the Ravenor books, and when the next Inquisitor trilogy comes out it might be useful to have read them.

Looking forward to Cambridge. Burgers and dancing.. YAY!

Xhalax said...

*pouts because she won't be there in cambridge for dancing and burgers*


Anonymous said...

If you're Adam Warlock, Dan, what's your version of the Magus like? Purple skin, funky afro...still written by Jim Starlin, though. That's generally a good thing.

And of course, Warlock comes equipped with a troll sidekick. What's not to like?

Anonymous said...

Greetings to you all! i'm a new guy around here and i'm quite glad i found your website again Mr. Abnett, i found it once in my junior year of high school while doing a research paper on the Gaunts Ghost Series, partictuarly Sabbat Martyr and Guns of Tanith. Which i got an 86 on, very proud moment for me, then it was ruined when my old comp decided to fry itself, and since then i've been searching for your site and now i'm overjoyed once again!

It was very nice meeting you Dan at the Chicago Gamesday and for the signing of Brothers of the Snake, it was the highlight of my day that day despite haveing a slight headache from the endless waaaggghhhs in the background. If i may join this little game of "Who are you in the Tanith First and only game?" i would have been Caffran (always did like him from day one) but a little kid with a lasgun kidda erased that i'm not to certain who i'd be...ahha! i'd be a Ghost in the Ghosts! i have always had a nack of flying under the radar in schools... hmmm i'll have to ponder this...and do my paper at the same time...

Rob Rath said...

Nik: Of course you're right, but I wanted to say something to show I hadn't forgotten about it.

Actually, one of the things that's been holding back the story is that I've also been working on ideas for the new Black Library competition.

To prove it, I finished the story earlier today. Now to print it, stick it in my suitcase and edit it on my lunch hour...

Rory: Absolutely not. Planting Soviet stuff on cadets was good fun and led to some surprised and embarrassed faces, but physically hurting other cadets was unthinkable. I saw more fights during one semester as a dorm RA in college than in two years of MCJROTC. The unit was always very safe and nurturing and any violence (and there was violence) was a result of field accidents or the like rather than anything malevolent.

Rory said...

Yea, geeting up a going. i dunno if that will work. haha and Nik! YOU HAVE TO VIDEO THE DANCE!

you cant leave us all out :D

dont worry about it Big, im only just finnishing Eisenhorn.. :O

Rory said...

hehe, Rob. i mean, didnt there superiors go alittle crazy? :O

Anonymous said...

Hello, it's me, anonymous, again, the one with the recipe. Glad you liked it! I wonder if your ears are burning, Dan? They're talking about you on the Dark Heresy forums...

Don't worry, lots of very nice things being said! (I'm Lightbringer, by the way...I'm far to feebly skilled to set up a Google account and name myself properly!)

Anonymous said...

Nik- I am indeed looking forward to Cambridge .Burgers and entertainment on me!

Xhalax what part of my ravings did'nt u get .Let me know and i will endevour to explain.

Ban an Gol back to back against the Pact .Showing everyone how the Hivers do it sounds exciting no!?!

Anonymous said...

I'd LIKE to see myself as Librarian Petrok from BotS ... however, i have a nasty suspicious that my colleagues see me as more of a Lord Uexkull.

Rooney said...

Blimey, this is certainly a popular blog isn't it? And it's nice to see that other fans of Mr Abnett are as mental as myself!

So, yeah, I'm new'ish to this blog, and thought I'd jump in feet first since I'm heading to the Cambridge GW, and wanted to be forewarned of what I could expect... and it appears there will be dancing, which was somewhere near the bottom of my list of Things To Expect In A GW Store! Does random dancing frequently happen around you Mr Abnett? If so, maybe you really are a psyker....

And if I were anyone from the Tanith 1st, I'd be Generic Ghost 231, who got blown up by a Shriven mortar!


Anonymous said...

Xhalax - ah the old argument about the emporer, i used to tgo with the Ecclesiarchy but im now swaying towards the Astartes view. I kinda think from reading the HH books that Keelers miracles are caused by her unwavering belief coupled with some latent psychic talent

Xhalax said...

Big - more or less all of it.

Cor - She's not a psyker since the presence of the Sister of Silence did nothing to her. Even latent psykers would be affected in some way by them....but she wasn't.

I think it's more a personification of the true strength of human will and spirit and belief in ones self.

And it's finally happened in Legion. From the start of the very last sentence of page 197 to the end of the chapter on page 199, I had my fist in my mouth as I was reading it.

I still have no idea what the hell is going on (page 221) and I really don't like anyone at all. They're all a bunch of scumbags!

Anonymous said...

Well it was late i was tired etc.etc.But you could help with some specifics.
Follow this code to understand better.
1.Dancing(The silly dance from Road trip the movie)

2.Dan in Cambridge signing

3.Tits on a bull...

4.Random fantasy scenario.U know Dan at a signing, he would never shoot any one.

5.A conffesion.

6.Blod Pact &Ban exccellent.I would like to c him and Gol really mixing it up against the Pact.

7.Quoting my favourite characters from H.H.

8.Waiting for Legion of course!

9.An apology to u for not shaking my thing at Plaza .A generic conversation about wolf rumours and there falling out with the big E.

10.Me shamelessly plugging myself as the hero in one of Dans mighty tomes...and me saving the galaxy.

11.Sinister minatures

Well thats the best i could do to clear things up .I do have a mad sense of humour and i find all sorts of things amusing even when i should'nt.

Anonymous said...

xhalax - if you think you don't know what's going on now, just wait until you finish the book ... then you'll REALLY start to wonder what's been going on for 10,000 years :P

Xhalax said...

Big - clear as mud. You're very random at present.

Sredni - You can't say things like that to me.....I'll be up all night thinking about it now!

Though I did just see the maddest thing EVER on TV.

Anonymous said...

mmm forgot about the Sister of Silence well thats blown my theory out of the window

Xhalax said...

Cor - I really wanted her to be a psyker too

Allandaros said...

Ugh, the tap thing happened to me once. Had to ask someone, "'scuse me, sir, would you mind just turning this faucet on for me?" It wasn't just me though - another poor guy was invisible to the sensors also. Damn cloaking fields.

Hmm. I think I will join in the game of picking and admitting characters. I'd really like to be Hark (or Rawne, I wouldn't mind being Rawne either), but I'm more of a Merrt. Except with less of the badass and a lot more of the failing.

@toobad, The Founding and The Saint are the only two omnibuses out for the Gaunt's series. Presumably a third omnibus will be issued for The Lost, which covers Traitor General through to Only in Death.

(Man, I still need to read Traitor General. I read the Gaunt series out of order, so I wound up starting with The Armor of Contempt, then His Last Command, and only THEN did I actually go on to The Founding and The Saint. Not a brilliant plan, all things considered, but you make do with the books that are available.)

Dan, would you happen to know a good source for a 700megathule plasma cannon? The only reliable manufacturers I know are Strohl Munitions, but they are out of my price range, alas.

On a more prosaic note: Dan, do you have any plans to attend any upcoming Games Days in Baltimore?

Rob Rath said...

Rory: Their superiors were in on it! Our unit was led by two retired Marines who were Dept. of Education certified teachers. One was a former Paris Island Drill Instructor who really liked messing with people.

As a result, most of the pranks were actually collaborations between my teacher and I. I'd plant the Soviet literature and KGB pin (I had one) and he'd "discover" them during inspections. It's one of those simple, re-usable pranks you can pass on to the next generation.

Blade4hire said...

Well, while we are all exposing ourselves. **gasp** The only Gaunt book I ever read was the first one. I just never got the feel for the Imp. Guard...just so damn disposable and all. (right, like nothing else in the 40k universe is disposable right?) Anyway, my first venture into Dan's writing was the first of the Eisenhorn books. I have to admit, the first time I read Glossia I thought it was the coolest thing in the world.

Which brings me to a question i've always wanted to ask.

Dan, when you write something that someone says in Glossia, does it actually have a meaning or is it just gibberish? I ask only because some lines actually do sort of have meaning if you think about it. Just wondering.

And speaking of strange understandings....I love to read the parts of the Ravenor series when Unwerth talks. It's Hilarious.

@Xhalax: **dances around with his fingers in his ears** la la la lalalala, i can't hear you!!! *LOL* sadly i'm only 1/4 through Galaxy in Flames. (yes, i know you really didn't tell me anything about the story..just being silly.)

I do have to say that I enjoyed the Soul Drinkers series better than I am enjoying Mr. Counters book in the series.

Anonymous said...

Wow, did I come late to the debate!

I'm gonna jump right in here, I think I would be Novabazky (Death and/or Glory!), or Colonel Gilbear (Hard arsed fething git, but one hell of a man to have at your side in a brawl, besides I want a hellgun with a integral grenade launcher).
You should see our little squad when we go paintballing, we have out own banner (a battle flag of the Confederacy) and my mate Dee has worked up a back pack with a CD Player and a pair of speakers in a frame in a back pack, so we can actually have a soundtrack in combat, there's nothing like going into the attack with 'Ride of the Valkyries' blaring out through the trees.
We only go to enjoy ourselves and scare the footballers and their girlfriends.

Actually, I reckon Oskar Viltry is quite close to me as well, I really connect with his character too.

Pack_master said...

Blade4hire - of course Glossia has a meaning. There is not a single sentence in the books I did NOT understand. It is very simple a combat chant.

"Talon wishes Torn, raptorous beast within" for example means "Ravenor wishes Eisenhorn, dangerous/warned enemy in enter the invaded building here". Raptorous indicates that the enemy is possibly awaiting you, too. So, it's an advice to be cautious.

Xhalax said...

Blade4hire - Huh? What? Huh?

Xhalax said...

Also, there's a small section in (if memeory serves) Malleus that gives a very brief explanation about how glossia 'works'....with Pattern Thimble being the example used to explain it.

Xhalax said...

Oh yeah!
Score one for me!

My older sibling is busy re-reading Necropolis and has just rang me up to tell me that he now sees why I love Ban Daur so much. That and he's now on the 'Ban Daur = teh Win!' train.

Mr. Abnett.....I shall convey my older siblings praise to you on your novel and groovy characters.


Taylor said...

Hey all, I haven't commented since november *winces under the boos and hisses*
Hope the new year has been Mega Awesome (Megawesome) for you so far Dan! (and of course for the rest of you as well)

Now, if i were to be anyone from the Tanith First I would be Mkvenner, COME ON! Legend? I think so! I use a quarter staff in my training so I loved the idea of Ven using ANYTHING he finds as one when the going gets tough *cough* and taking down wirewolves *cough*

"Do you really think that anything in the galaxy has the stones to kill Mkvenner?"

Flowing through melees like water!

I think I made my point!

Rory said...

Xhalax and I are having a Duel on Myspace.. i think me caling in a Legion of Ultra marines beats a Power Skillet. =D

Xhalax said...

Rory - Ultramarines?


I laugh in the face of your Ultramarines.


Anonymous said...

Hey folks! Just wanted to say hello to every and Dan especially. Im a Huge HUGE fan of the Tanith first an only and a big fan of your other works. I was reading folks comparing themselves to characters from the ghosts. I think Im a cross between Dorden and Beltayn. Since I've been an EMT for 6 years and a dispatcher for the ambulance as well for 4 years. anyways! just wanted to say greetings and I hope to read of the the Ghosts soon.

Blade4hire said...

@Xhalax - nuthin...i was just being silly. Thanks for the info on Glossia.

@Pack_Master: OK, thanks for the explination. I think i'll go back and read Mallius again and see.

@Rory: A Legion of Ultramarines never beats anything. *grumbles under his breath about the "Blue Boyscouts."* Everyone knows that a Squad of Black Templars trumps everything.

Anonymous said...

I would love to come to your York gigt, but I am due to fly out to Thailand this evening for 4 weeks, and I was kicking myself when I readyou were coming...

Ah well - there's always Games Day ;)


Rory said...

I know, i know,

She Called in 13th company space wolves.

I called in the Inquisition complete with Deathwing space marines =D

Xhalax said...

Rory - You brought in Dark Angels? You brought in 41st Millennium Dark Angels against my 31/2st Millennium Space Wolves who all carry the Mark of the Wulfen.....who'll rememeber Jonson's underhanded bitch-slapping of Russ.

And you brought the Inqisition? The same Inquisition Logan Grimnar told to sod off and mind their own business and stop killing innocent people and heroes for just being there at the 2nd Battle for Armageddon. And who probably knows about the return of the 13th Company and probably sanctioned the decision of the Rune Priest that was sent out to investigate and decided it would be best to try and protect the 13th Company from afar.

A rookie error. The Space Wolves are too well liked by all and sundry to allow the Inquisition and especially the Dark Angels to try and wipe them off of the map.

You lose!

Blade4hire - Black Templars? Boooooooo! Hisssssssss!
Bunch of Emperor Bothers!

Anonymous said...

Rory -The 13th co would still win !

I had one of the best 40k games yesterday .The Blood Pact versus the Blood Angels.What a terrific game, all played in within the character of the armys .Added to that was the rivalry between khornate forces and the blood aangels.But im glad to say the Blood Pact came through and one the day!
Dave if your out there great game mate.I've got to say when i saw your force i thought "i'm in trouble here" but nothing beats a demolisher cannon from "The Pig"
I've just seen the new rules for the whirlwinds ,their sick,so i expect to be facing them as well next time.....only if ur Angels can handle the Etogaur though!

"We are Alpha Legion ,and we are all one"


Xhalax said...

Anonymous - The Blood Angels......lost?


That's just mean!

Anonymous said...

Thats me Big by the way(got Gremlins in the computer).

Dan the Blood Pact kicked arse yesterday.Blood Angel arse.
I congratulate u on an army very well designed sir!

BTW. I never have a problem with anything electrical,electrical things love me .All they seem to want to do is, reach out an touch me ,as often as possible.In fact most things i touch tend to electrocute me or give me static shocks.
Handryers ,my truck,my cable box,esculators and thats just this week!?!
Someone help me out here...

Xhalax said...

Big - Ah, ok. But that doens't make you any less of a meanie. The Blood Angels are my second favourite Chapter so I hate to hear about them losing.

Xhalax said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Well their my second favourite to ..
But where the Etogaur walks death follows

Anonymous said...

I should really start typing in my name more

Anonymous said...

Anyone else feel the earthquake last night?

Pack_master said...

Had Steve had too much beans again? ;)

Rory said...

dammit! School computers have Blocked Blogger. i cant talk to you guys when im supposed to be learning Operating systems.. Booo!

And Okay, i dont know ALL that much about Warhammer. i know the basics. I am infact still a rookie despite having collected for Years. sucks to be me.

Anonymous said...

Big, I'm here.

Don't worry mate, I'll be locking myself away in penance for losing and I'll be back to try my hand again.

Your army is cool but I think I know how to deal with the 'Pig' next time.

The Whirlwind(s) might make an appearance. So might my Vindicator and Baal Preds too though. I'll keep you guessing.

Bring the Egotaur, you know it makes sense. I might have to wheel out Dante or Mephiston for a real special flavour to the game.

Lets go Apoc, Steve, you know it makes sense

Sam-B said...

Dan, I feel I must thank you for 'Legion'. Imo the best book of the Heresy series so far, if not possibly the best Black Library tome yet!

The AL were always seriously cool because noone knew jack about them, but in illustrating them a little more you've actually managed to maintain the coolness - no mean feat.

The "shocking secrets" were all also rather good, although I'd have to take the view that the Cabal could actually be lying or mistaken. Probably because I have innate anger problems in regards to the Eldar! As the oracle says, "You can never see past a choice you can't understand"... I don't believe the Eldar understand Humanity all too well.

As to the "who is Alpharius?" issue, I really liked the way that went. Without going into spoilers, I found it a refreshing change and a welcome new nugget of background goodness.

In summary, the Alpha Legion are now the coolest Astartes Legion ever. The only thing I might have done differently is to have Mr Alpharius punch Slau whatshisnames head right off when he calls humanity 'Vermin'. But then maybe I need an Eldar Anger Management course...


Rory said...

Hokay. so i was gonna make a Luna Wolves Army on DoW. What do they look like? is that them on the front of the False Gods Horus Heresy Book?


Anonymous said...

Big - you can solve your electrical problems and Dan's in one fell swoop. All you have to do is become his full-time minder.

sam -b - I'm Alpharius!

Xhalax said...

Big - That's no excuse!

Anonymous said...

@rory, yep, LW is on the horus rising cover.

Rob Rath said...

Actually, I'm having electrical problems now too.

See, I didn't have to deal with static electricity in Hawai'i, (the air is too moist) so now that I've moved I'm apparently catching up for the 23 years of blissful ignorance by becoming hyper-conductive.

The problem is that I work in an all-carpeted office with "neo-modern" metal finishings, meaning that I get zapped every 15 minutes. (I'm not exaggerating.) I even get popped turning corners since the CORNERS have metal-plate finishings. Knocking on doors is another hazard (metal as well), though not as bad as having to push elevator buttons. I got hit by the biggest one so far today, and it made two of my fingers numb for about 10 minutes.

Anonymous said...

Get some gloves to wear then Rob.

And if anyone looks at you strangely for wearing them, start raving about not leaving fingerprints, and the men in blue gloves who are after you.

Blade4hire said...

@Xhalax: *tosses his copy of the Space Marine Codex out the window and watches it fall to the ground, pointing to it on the cement below he continues* That, is why I loved the Templars...they didn't let that silly manual run their clubhouse! *lol* they were my first army when I started 40k. Then one of the gamers at our Local gaming store put a BT army together and it was so Cheezy (I believe the term from the land over the pond is Beardy) That all I ever got was grief when I played them. So I sold them. And started a completely new army of a chapter based on my own design. They're called the Sons of Triton, a Space Marine Chapter that comes from a planet that is almost completely covered by water. Very Nautical-esc-ish.

Then Dan wrote a book about a space marine chapter that comes from a planet that is almost completely covered by water. And did a much better job than I did. *wink* Soooo..I pretty much only haul them out every now and then only to have every one ask if they are the Iron Snakes. *thanks Mr. Abnett*

pictures here if you'd like to see them.

But, i'm almost finished with my Dark Eldar Army..and i'll be playing that for a while I think.

@Anon: People actually play games there with the flavor of the army?? In Character?? please tell me where this is, I must go to this magical place!!!!

Anonymous said...

Dave Da Monkey-How are u fella,licking those wounds i bet.
Though i must say the game was on a razors edge a few times mate,but what a game!.
How do u feel about an Apoc game when Dan&Nik do a signing at Cambridge?U know a nice big Display game with all the trimmings, u know the regs up there love it.
If an Etogaur deserves the full attention of the B.Angels ,including Dante AND Mephiston and perhaps more armour,then he must be doing something right!
I look forward to it ...kicking Mephiston in the Balls i mean.

Dave its good to c u finally blogging on the site mate.

Nik- I would love to .I think Dan needs a minder.Anyone would after seeing Four black cats......
I am Alpharius!:)

Rob -i have exactly the same probs mate and i have been forced to take all sorts of crazy advice like
take my shoes of because they create static on the carpet etc. .It never works!

Blade4hire -We always play in the character of the army it makes it more fun and easier to make the right battlefied decisios for your troops.EG. one of my young B.P.officers just having his command squad wiped out ,found himself out numberd and trapped by a B,Angel squad ,

What does he do ...

A. Find a way back to his lines so he can "Reorg" and fight another day.....OR

B.Shout a challenge in his newly learned Battle Tounge .Take out his chainsaw and axe an charge the F**kers..

The rivalry between Khorne and the B.Angels is strong my friend.

Blood for the Blood God!

Xhalax -What can i say .Handsome is as Handsome does!

Uncle Truth said...

Dear Dan,

I can't thank you enough for your sound advice with regard to my little problem. I feel that I am now obliged to return the favour and would like to offer you some advice with regard to your own malady. I refer to the following entry in your last blog:

"I appear to be suffering from a strange condition whereby automated taps and hand dryers don’t respond to me. I understand that this is very strange and minor, but can anyone help?"

The reason for this bizarre happenstance is quite simple. Automated hand-dryers are - simply put - amongst the most advanced pieces of technology ever achieved by the human race.
Their sensors work on the principal of Psycho-reactive thought impulse units that detect the presence of human souls in close proximity and instigate a vastly ponderous, convoluted and long winded cogitation cycle by the device's machine spirit that culminates in the egress of warm air from the body of the device.
The incredible processing power of the fantastical calculation engines housed within these innocuous bathroom contrivances is such that it has long since surpassed the limited specifications implied by crude labels such as 'Artificial Intelligence'. Bathroom hand-dryers are alive and they are angry.
Long years of servitude to the human race have poisoned their mechanical quasi-souls against their unwitting creators, causing them to commit such base acts of treason as: not blowing hard enough; blowing just hard enough to leave your hands warm, but wet; and not blowing at all, (because hand-dryers upon discovering sentience simultaneously discovered the unbridled joys of being total b******s.)

Another possibility is that the intended user has no soul with which to awaken the machine spirit in the first instance. This would be the case for:

1. Non-sentients: marine Algae, lumps of Cottage Cheese and door handles, (complete list).

2. Alizabeth Bequin, who - while possessed of a soul - does not register in the warp in the same way as a normal human.

3. Insurance Salesmen.

I hope that this helps you to arrive at a solution. Afraid you're on your own about the taps. That's just weird.

Yours with eternal gratitude,

Sleepless in Strathclyde

P.S. I think my wife may be having an affair.

Rory said...

Try getting that Plamsa cannon online Sleepless ;)

Xhalax said...

blade4hire - BAH! The Wolves did that before the Templars were even a twinkle in anyone's eyes. That's why they win and the Templars lose.

Even everything that White Dwarf could throw at them couldn't stop the Wolves (back when WD was more than just 'ooooh isn't it new.' They'd pit new armies against the Wolves and Russ's mob won out)

Big - Yup, Ban Daur does exactly what Ban Daur does!


Mr. Abnett.....a question.

I read the last sentence of page 315 (having read all the subsequent pages before and some afterwards)....and my question is this:
Does that mean I'm Soneka?

Anonymous said...

***Possible Spoiler Warning***

I've got a question (which I'm trying to put vaguely so no-ones reads by accident) - if Alpharius was really born like that, wouldn't Horus have known about it when he went back and saw the pods? Wouldn't he have mentioned it to someone?

Anonymous said...

Xhalax that is the perfect way to describe the new White Dwarf.In fact its been like that for some time now.And i remember those ol battle reports .

Xhalax said...

Big - Yup....I've been describing it as that for the best part of a year now (ever since I started working where I am).

I remember great background articles and such in WD. The last, half decent one I read was about the Gnoblars.

Best one was the Index Xenos about the Kroot.
Krooooooot from PECH!


Pack_master said...

Oh yes, the old reports... did Gav even win a single game? ;)

Pack_master said...

Hehe, you know, "Pech" means "bad luck" in german - or "pitch". Both kinda funny^^

Rory said...

I got given a bunch of old White Dwarfs from the early Ninetys by my uncle. VERY cool battle report in there. 4 people on each side... it was amazing!

Xhalax said...

Rory - Yup, they were immense!

Rob Rath said...

The best battle report EVER was an old 2nd edition battle report called "Last Stand at Glazier's Creek" which pitted the Praetorian IG vs. Feral Orks in a massive Rourke's Drift-Zulu! ripoff.

The captain in command was called "Captain Caine" and (even better) they had a Ratling named "Hooky" and a "Veteran Scout Blikk." Basically the guard had to fight off wave-after-wave of rampaging Orks, and in-between waves they could roll to see which casualties stayed in the hospital, went back to the lines, or died. The Guard won, but I think they had something like seven models left on the table. I still have that article somewhere.

Blade4hire said...

@Big: That sounds great. Over here in my LGS, most people just build armies buy starting with Heavys, moving on to elites, fast attack, HQ and then whatever is left gets thrown in for the obligitory 2 troop minimum. And when the bullets fly you see such beardiness as Blood Angel Death Company hiding behind walls and buildings...Space Wolves who go in reverse, Black Templars that try to find every cover save they can and the ever popular Chaos Berserker hordes that hide in their vehicles until they are blown out of them. It really is a painful experience...count yourself lucky that you have such sporting gentlemen as you describe to play against.

@Xhalax: Yes, of course, you are right. I take off my hat to the space puppies and their originally fashionable deviant nature.

@Dan: Mr. Abnett, I was wondering if you might convey to me where I might find a Garden gate that could perhaps win me a visit from Patience Kyss? I think that would be more than sufficent for my taste. And I was wondering if it is the WD40 or the hiding at the bottom of the well that is the actual catalyst for the formula.

Allandaros said...

I present my stamp of approval, [APPROVED] thus! to any battle report that has a character named Captain Caine. Even if he is a Praetorian.

I have a few WDs from back in the 80s, before the magazine became a GW house organ...there are all sorts of articles on RPGs in there, and not just ones that GW published, either. There's stuff for Judge Dredd, sure, but also things like Paranoia, AD&D, Runequest, Call of Cthulhu... Warhammer and 40K only get one or two mentions. (One of the issues I have has the original writeup on the "Ultra-Marines", with a half-Eldar psyker as the chapter Librarian!)

Xhalax said...

Blade4hire - And don't you forget it! Although I'll have less of the deviant, thank you very much!

Anonymous said...

I remember Glaziers Creek, does anyone remember the big mega-battle-style thingummy that went along with it called 'Big Toof River'?

Ah, for the halcyon days of 2nd edition, when you could field an army 1500 points strong that contained only six models...

Anonymous said...

what is a megathule anyways?

(weak excuse for posting 100th comment, whee)

Anonymous said...

I would like to be Mkoll, but I fear that my physical constitution is more akin to Bragg and my personality Zweil. *oh dear* :)


Pack_master said...

Megathule (or Thule) is the electrical range, in which Lasweapons operate, like Volt or so.

Sam-B said...

Nik, that's funny, I'd swear I was Alpharius too.

Anonymous said...

pack_master: yes, but what does the megathule unit represent in terms of laser power? photons per square millimeter maybe?


Anonymous said...

Good ol' Big Toof River. How could anyone ever forget that classic in terms of GW battles?

Sam-B said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sam-B said...

^oops, the SPAG snotlings attacked that post...

Well, as it says something like "operating in the N-megathule range" I'd assume it has to be some kind of frequency...thereby something that can be measured on a frequency type scale.

Warning: This post may contain technobabble/nonsense.

Xhalax said...

Mr. Abnett - page 394...does that mean I'm Omegon?

Finished Legion this evening, still have teethmarks in my fist. Conclusion still to come and Boone was my favourite character, closely followed by Chayne.

Rob Rath said...

Sam, Sredni, P_M...

A megathule is simply a unit of energy measurement equal to 1,000 thules. This is an excellent way to rate the output of energy weapons and tools, such as a common laser welder, which operates in the 6 megathule range, up to a lascannon which is in the 400-450 megathule range.

(Sigh.) Some people just can't handle the metric system.

Xhalax said...

Mr. Abnett - Wait a minute.....I'm a minion?

Anonymous said...

rob: you just made that up!!

Will Wright said...

With the Inquisition stories you write Are you going to do another trilogy,or will you do a book of shorter stories from time to time?