Wednesday, April 25, 2007


So, let’s see now...Seems the Alpha Legion book, my next Heresy opus, will be called (drum roll) Legion. Which may confuse the arse off anyone who knows me for my DC work, but stuff happens.

Just now been writing a couple of episodes of the Kingdom strip for 2000AD. Kingdom’s first run was a hit, and I’ve heard very positive things from the readership. Most of that is undoubtedly due to Richard Elson’s amazing artwork, but the strip does seem to have something. You can’t beat a bit of hack and slash heroic fantasy dressed up in a post-apocalypse milieu. And, oddly (seeing as I’m absolutely a cat person), I seem to write good dogs.

All of which, on reflection, will make no sense to anyone who hasn’t read Kingdom. So let me just add... it’s so very easy to subscribe to the Galaxy’s Greatest Comic (Ker-ching! Oh, my pleasure, Tharg!).

So Ian Edginton, my ‘other’ partner in crime (‘other’ as opposed to Andy, yeah, yeah, I’m a collaborating hussy). Let’s leave aside for a moment the fact that the Warhammer 40K comic Ian and I are co-writing for Boom! (“Damnation Crusade!”) is selling like a hot selling thing, and our follow up Warhammer comic (“Forge of War!”) is about to launch (available, like Damnation Crusade, from all good comic shops, not GW stores), the thing I really want to mention here is that Ian has just got himself nominated for TWO Eisner awards.

TWO. Tuh-woo.

And all I can say is, it can’t have happened to a nicer, more talented, more deserving person. I’ve plugged his work with D’Israeli for Dark Horse before. That’s what he got his nominations for. Go find it, buy it, read it.

The Angel of Coincidence has been round my place again, as usual. I’ll spare you the boring the details. But I am growing worried about my ghost. Not a peep out of him in a fortnight.

Maybe I should leave some food out. What do ghosts eat?


Anonymous said...

"What do ghosts eat?"

Uhm... souls?

Well, shame, you sold yours already to some devil (god?) of good writing, so he will be a li'l bit disappointed, though... but maybe one of the clones still has some sparkling bit left? Worth a try, ain't it?

Anonymous said...

I believe that I addressed that issue here

Bodjo said...

I am still a bit shellshocked from the ending to Hereticus. I don't mean to sound like sound like some praise-spewing fanboy, but Eishenhorn was awesome in almost every respect. The first person exclusive writing style would be my only real issue with it, but it's beautifully done anyway. It was as good as everyone said it would be, which is high praise considering what people here say and the reviews on, say, amazon.

Ravenor Rogue - need to get my hands on that now and then I'll begin the long wait for OiD. Kudos, Dan/Mr. Abnett/Mr. Clone/whatever you prefer to be addressed as, Eisenhorn was wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Good news on the Damnation Crusade sales. Hopefully we eventually see a bunch of spin offs with some long story lines.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone else refer to white polystyrene packing peanuts as 'ghost farts'?

Anonymous said...

@ Nik:

That's quite interesting... But I won't answer that before consulting my mental health specialist...

Toymachine said...

They drink "the scara".

Oh, thats totally gonna come up in a later book isnt it?

Bragg Lives On!!!!

I keep thinking brostin and Bragg look alike in my head... Though thats only natural seing as he kind of replaced Bragg (Awful as it sounds!) Brostin actualy became one of my favourite characters over night! I only really noticed him once bragg was gone and he started to say "ho ho ho now i have machine gun - i mean, auto cannon." Or "chain-smoking iho sticks." you can't make that feth up.


Jesse said...

Nik is right, we always called the little packing peanuts 'ghost poop.' Does that mean that ghosts eat raw, unfluffed polystyrene? Or is it that at some point in the spectral digestive process, ghost food is converted to styrofoam?

Wow, I just got an image in my head of ghosts being force-fed in some South American sweat-shop to keep up with the worldwide demand for box padding. I need to get more sleep.

Anonymous said...


Everyone likes pie.

Rob Rath said...

There was an interesting article about that in the Honolulu Star-Bulletin recently:

Though Pele is a goddess, not a ghost...

Generally we also put out rice for a noisy spirit, an East Asian tradition. The food is never gone, since the spirit "eats" the essence rather than the physical food. Another Chinese tradition involves burning "Hell Money" to keep a spirit's pockets full in the afterlife.

lordy said...

Legion huh? Sounds interesting.

*puts it on to buy list, along with most of BL*

Do you know when exactly Forge of War will be out? Next few months/end of the year ect?

Anonymous said...

Ooh, it's gone very quiet in here!

Bodjo said...


*pin drops*

*bug crawls*

*tumbleweed passes*

Would anyone like to contribute to the 'buy Saberrox Ravenor Rogue foundation?

Anonymous said...

Well, not much to discuss about some pics, I'm afraid. Nice ones, of course (I like to have that horns as drinking horns for my mead) :D

Bodjo said...

I'm awfully clever but I also forgot my other main reason for posting. Having finished Eisenhorn, I'm wondering about the fate of Inquisitor Inshabel. Seemed like a very quiet way to go for such a good character. Any chance we see him again/he survived and went underground? I wouldn't rule it out, as his demise was very...curt. Not at all appropriate, IMO. Kind of like a certain Tanith Colonel's death.

Toymachine said...


He didn't die! Your wrong! Your all wrong! Hes dragging on numerous and various cigars as we speak as his secret double life on Herodor under a descrete assumed name...!

May the warp take you, and never Corbec!!!!

Bodjo said...

I was just sayin' that Corbec deserved a more heroic death. I think you'd probably agree if you'd stop condemning me to the warp.

Though if the warp must take me, it will take me in an Eisenhorn-like fashion. Can I have my own daemonhost?

Anonymous said...

You know what... people die. They just die. It doesn't matter how much you love a person, how heroic, honest, fascinating, intellectual or funny he is... sometimes people just die. How many people do you know who had a heroic, wonderful death. Death is never wonderful or heroic. No one wants to die. This is the Imperium and people die. Get used to it.

Anonymous said...

BTW I've now read Dan and Graham's back to back short story specials for the Horus Heresy. Lovely stuff.

Jesse said...

Nik, never were truer words spoken. Heroes have gone down to dusty death unrecorded. I've seen it happen. Idiots who never cleaned their weapons and were captured alive are made into national celebrities. The world is a rather uncaring place and the 40K universe more so by orders of magnitude.

What makes Colm Corbec so special? What makes his death more lamentable than that of Dermon Caffran? His rank? His personality? Corbec's family died on Tanith. They will never have to deal with his loss. Caffran was a solid NCO building a family with a woman he loved. Both men died pointlessly. Which is more tragic?

Soapy said...

**Spoilers** (Although this may be a bit late...)

I still maintain that Caff ain't dead.

Last rights were just a precaution, she delivered the pin because he is recouping in the infirmary.
Yeah, Kolea put the hex on Caff by giving him the pin but Caff ain't dead I tells ya!

I reserve the right to a large slice of humble pie when I read OiD likewise a shall crow long and loud if I'm right. (It's the kinda guy I am...)

Corbec died right. Fighting, leading, avenging, keeping people alive. Maybe that's a bit of a fanciful notion of honour and heroics but I like it.

Stay lucky,

Boom said...

Atleast Corbec got a Nalwood coffin...I hope.

Anonymous said...

I liked Corbec better than Caff so I felt his death more. That and found AoC to be easily the worst of the GG books, so by the end I found I just didn't really care.

Bodjo said...

Nik - I'm quite aware that people die, no matter how heroic they are and such. However, since this is a book series and since Mr. Abnett tends to give people rather realisticly forlorn deaths, I would've liked to see Colm Corbec go out firing rockets from the hip. That's all I was saying.

And maybe Caffran ain't dead, but between the two, I always liked Corbec more.

Toymachine said...

True, Nik. I blooged a while ago saying how people have to die in war and why i didn't feel Caff as a big loss because of this. I agree Corbec deserved a better death. It happened so sudden, and so brutal. A single las-round in the head.

Doesn't mean hes dead though, because hes NOT!!! It was a set up to put him in to hiding...

(Wonders how long he can remain clueless to the possibility).

Toymachine said...

Saaaaaaad thought. The three losses i felt most were Bragg, Muril and Corbec.

Who can see what they have in common?


Bodjo said...

Yeah that Cuu sure was a great guy, eh?

Unknown said...

~~Spoilers ho!~~

Aye, Bragg was the first death I took very hard. Muril and Corbec both caused similar anguish.

I think perhaps the most shocking/upsetting death for me, though, was Bequin in Eisenhorn. Just so sudden, and she was far and away one of my favourite characters. Let's hope they find a way to cure her.. It was nice to see ole Liz mentioned in Ravenor.

Oh and I'm also of the "Caff ain't quite dead" camp. I won't be too surprised if he does turn out to be dead, though.

I'm not one to complain about how characters die. It's always nice to have them going down and a blaze of glory, and of course upsetting when they go Muril-esque. That's the way it goes though, I suppose!

Bodjo said...

Bah, Bragg was the first death that hit you hard? No love for Sergeant Blane?

Anonymous said...

I hated the way Bragg died and I cried when it happened coz out of all the possible deaths he could have had I didn't expect THAT!

I could have handled almost anything else other than THAT.


Unknown said...

Aye, I was obviously sadden at the deaths of Blane, Baffels and numerous other poor Ghosties prior to Bragg popping his clogs, but he was the first "major" character to go, I suppose. The way in which he went made it all the more saddening, as Xhalax points out, too. Also, I found Bragg easy to identify with for some reason (though I'm neither big nor -that- clumsy).

Bodjo said...

Yeah I know what you mean, Blane was cool, but he wasn't really a main character...didn't last long enough. His final stand against Brochuss and the Patricians is hardcore, though.

Toymachine said...

I too found Bragg easy to relate to, because bragg was "strongman". In films theres always one in "the team" with a mini-gun or a rocket launcher etc. Bragg was the heavy weopan guy, but he had a heart of gold. Bragg was the first main character to go, even though his rank was only a trooper!!

(tissues pass round)

Still, as much as I hate to say it, GG wouldn't have been the same without Lijah Gakking Cuu, either. Despite him killing my favourite three characters. No joke. Bragg, Muril and Corbec were my favourites. Why the Feth, Dan?

Bodjo said...

(blows nose)

Yes, the big lug was all heart. All busted Cuu in hlaf after he was stabbed in that big heart of his, too.


Bodjo said...

That last post's spelling illustrates why drugs are just not good for you, kids, if it it's sudafed we're talking about.

Jesse said...

Mr T. says: "Don't do school! Stay in drugs!"

"Or something like that!"

"Anyway, I pity the fool!"

Anonymous said...

War is hell, i'm pretty sure someone said that once.
What you've gotta remember is that this is the Imperium of man and there is only war. It ain't pretty and it sure ain't heroic. Its messy and its bloody and it sure as hell don't like you.
Blane, Bragg, Muril, Corbec, Caffran (he is dead, you don't give out the last rites for no reason) and all the rest died in a way that is endemic in war, stupid messy deaths - leave the heroic stuff to the Astartes, thats what they were made for afterall.
That the Tanith/Verghastites/Belladon are heroes, is not in doubt, but heroes die too. Just take a gander at what happened to Captain America.

Bodjo said...

Aye, they be heroes, no doubt about it. The regiment needs more Belladon characters, in my opinion. After all, it was Wilder's unit that absorbed the First and Only, not the other way 'round.

Anyhow, what I mean to say about Bragg was that he "almost busted Cuu in half" despite having already been stabbed in the heart.
Unfortunately, Sudafed does things to my brain. :P

That Cuu-is-a-serial-killer was a good subplot, but I sure am glad I no longer have to worry about Larkin getting stabbed in the back. Hlaine's always been one of my favorites, damaged psyche or no. I, also was upset when poor Muril was killed. The sick part of it was that she would've kicked Cuu's arse if it weren't for...was it an explosion that knocked her weapon away? Anyways, Cuu got lucky when he killed her. Bragg and Corbec, he just had the drop on them.

Toymachine said...

Losing your favourite shemale from the tanith first hurts. T'was an explosion. Then she spins fast as any scout had done or ever done before. And becomes a human pincushion.

What really annoyed me was Cuu could have been convicted and killed about three times. Yet he managed to stay and kill all my favourites!!!

Eh, at least Varl and "shogggggy" domor escaped his temper, sure as sure.

Bodjo said...

I do remember that part about how fast Muril spins. God, so many good characters in these books. And so many killed by Cuu. If you're monitoring these posts anytime soon, Dan, have you ever given thought to the Ghosts becoming a TV/DVD series? Just wondering.

Love Varl, Love Shoggy. Varl helps keep the spirit of Corbec alive in the regiment, Shoggy is just 'the man.'

Jesse said...

War is hell. Absolutely. I hate it with all my heart. I would love, LOVE to be unemployed. Just sit back and collect a government check because my services are no longer required.

I post this tonight because I just found out a few minutes ago that a buddy of mine, SGT Vandling of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania was killed January 1st by an IED in Iraq. I'm partly in shock and part horribly pissed off at my other friends in his company that I'm just NOW finding out. Services have been held and he's been in the ground for months and nobody even bothered to tell me.

There is a special place in hell for people who make bombs. It's right between racists and child molesters.

Anonymous said...

Jesse - taking a moment in silence for SGT Vandling.

Toymachine said...

Deepest sympaties, Jesse.

Thats Life, I guess. It sucks.