Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Pauses to blow own trumpet

This just in, and I must say I’m chuffed. Horus Rising, by yours truly, and False Gods, by Graham M, have both been nominated for Origin Awards. BL got three nominations over all. So there’s lovely. The BL website will, no doubt, have details as to when the actual awards are announced. It’s nice to be thought of.

A reminder that I’ll be at Forbidden Planet AND GW Oxford Street on the 19th to promote Brothers Of The Snake. After that, I’ll be at GW Bromley on the 26th, and Conflict London on the 3rd of June. That’s verging on the ubiquitous.

Aside from the next Horus book and Nova, I’ve been working on some ----------- for ----------, which I’m not actually allowed to talk about. This is a shame, because ------------- is quite an interesting challenge, and quite different to my usual stuff. You have to think in really different ways when you’re ---------- for a ------.

So don’t say I never tell you anything.


Anonymous said...

Ok so first post on this blog (and first of this particular entry yay me!). Two things...

SPOILER WARNING Armour of Contempt

Just finished reading t'other day - i've never been closer to losing my mental innocence than when the rebels lead Gaunt up to the cairn with MkVenners name on it..... i damn near threw the book away lol.


Second thing. Congrats on the nomination Mr A and am now waiting with baited breath for Snakes, Legion and OiD ..... also entering into the short story competition for BL... anyone else going into this?


Soapy said...

Congratulations on the nominations.

This week I be mostly ------- for ------- and as a result I've got------- all over my ---- so you're not the only one.

Stay lucky,

nemesis749 said...

What successor chapter do the Iron Snakes originate from? I have been looking forward to picking up this book but dont know much about them. Also, has anyone thought about writing about stories in the 31st Mil, like the Age of Apostasy? This is almost as mythical a time as the Horus Heresy. Just spinning my wheels here. Thanks for all the great work you do DA, but when do you sleep?

Anonymous said...

Age of Apostasy is M36, shame on you! ;)

Dan, these are the moments I'm nearly loosing my temper... it really sucks to live on this side of the North Sea sometimes... but I will be at one of your signings someday in the future. It HAS to be!

*grumbling something and starts to collect his bunch of Xenology CEs from the BL birthday*

Richard Cooke said...

Congratulations on your nomination and good luck!

Toymachine said...

That really answers all our ------, Dan!!! Thanks for -------, and being so ------- descriptive and elaborating and ------ feth.

Anonymous said...

To hell with ---------. I want Nathun DAMMIT!

And after teasing hint on what to expect in the Inquisitor guidebook (for lack of a better phrase).......I'm starting to want blood. Or Nathun.

But congrats on the nominations all the same.

Jeff said...

Congrats on the nominations. Just burned through Ravenor Rogue last night. Damn! Now that was one fine piece of work.

"The things you know"

Looking forward to The Snakes book next!

Toymachine said...

Feth me, where are my manners?
Congrats. No one deserves the nominations more.

Bodjo said...

Congrats, Dan! You da man!

Will Wright said...

I heard a rumor that D-- -----t
was working on ----k online.
I hope this is true.

one question that nags me if pattern thimble is based off a thimble to protect again small stabbing attacks.
What in the world does pattern Crusable mean?

Bodjo said...

^^^^^ Agrees with Xhalax, Inshabel would make an interesting new story arc.

Anonymous said...

Isn't Inshabel dead? He was killed in Heriticus by Glaw... allegedly.

Bodjo said...

Well, maybe he did die then, but there's still plenty of his life as in Inquisitor/Interrogator that hasn't been documented. Plus, ther circumstances of his death are so...hearsay that it wouldn't be much of a loophole to say "no wait! he IS alive!"

Soapy said...

What a good day! spent the weekend at warhammer world taking part in the Warhammer Historicals campaign weekend. I won the campaign I was taking part in and was crowned Byzantine Emperor. The best bit was that as Warhammer Historicals is part of the Black Library the prizes were particularly to my liking.

I won a copy of Brothers of the Snake! A total suprise seeing as I only went along to make up the numbers.

Right, I'm off for a read.

Stay lucky,

Bodjo said...

*grumbles something about the later release dates in the US of A*

Soapy said...

It's not even out here 'till next month.

I'm so happy!

*Strolls of looking smug for another read...*

Jesse said...

*Plots to mug Soapy and take his copy of Brothers of the Snake*

*Comiserates with saberrox*

Oh, by the way, saberrox, where does your handle come from? Are you a fencer?

Bodjo said...

Haha, I'd love to have the Ibram Gaunt skills with a saber, but no actually it's quite a departure from that: Baseball has a new school of thought when it comes to evaluating players using new stats, and the birth of this movement was called "sabermetrics" due an acronym that practically no one uses any more. If you look at my own current blog, you'll see mainly what I do on it is analyze baseball using stats analysis to make my points...

Hence "saber" for "sabermetrics," "rox" for "it's good." Sorry if I'm boring you. :P

Jesse said...

I learn more cool stuff thanks to this blog. . .

I'm sorry that you aren't a fencer. It's been an eternity since I last had a good bout. Yet, I respect baseball (I have to, I'm a Padres fan), and anyone who can use the word 'sabermetrics' in a sentence.

I'll make you a deal: you bring a baseball bat. I'll bring my saber. We'll go find soapy and 'convince' him to let us 'borrow' his book. Whaddya say?

Bodjo said...

I'd say that, from a statisical standpoint, we'd stand a very good chance of getting our hands on that book. ;)

Padres fan? Red Sox myself, though I think the Pads are the best team in their division this year and I've always been a fan of their GM, Towers.